Affreschi & Affreschi

Puglia, Italy - Wallpaper Designer
Founded by Dario Roselli in 1997, Affreschi & Affreschi is the first manufacturer of frescoes with plaster-based support in the world, made possible thanks to the innovative, sustainable and certified materials. Designed to add a sartorial effect to any interior with designs customizable in color, dimension, subject, and style, all wallpapers are made on durable sheets that feel and look natural. Located in Minervino di Lecce, the brand promotes frescoes not as mere decorative objects, but as an expression of style, fashion and the modern Italian design tradition.

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Walls exist to protect our daily lives, therefore they lend themselves to being transformed into beauties that represent the language of our soul. Affreschi & Affreschi

Affreschi & Affreschi

In 1997 Affreschi & Affreschi began the long journey to become a unique reality in the world. Born from the intuition of its founder Dario Roselli, Affreschi & Affreschi has revolutionized the world of wall decorations, becoming the first manufacturer in the world of frescoes with plaster-based support to be applied on the wall; this was possible thanks to modern decorative materials made through processes that combine the value of design with the charm of craftsmanship.

Affresco & Affresco's objective is to see the fresco not as a mere decorative object, but as a real means of communication, an expression of trends, fashion and lifestyle.

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