Alice Corbetta

Tuscany, Italy - Artist
Art courses through the veins of born-and-bred Milanese Alice Corbetta. After pursuing painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, her career took off following a series of original engravings made for the “Lunaria'' book by writer Antonio Mercurio. In the ‘90s she gravitated towards textile design, collaborating with renowned brands in the fashion industry. After several years of curating rug collections, she moved to Tuscany in 2007 to conduct in-depth research on surface and matter. Her experimental pieces are showcased in public and private exhibitions and art galleries.

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My works represent worlds "above" but not for this reason superficial, because they come from the depths of my soul. Alice Corbetta

Alice Corbetta

Alice Corbetta's work is not proposed as an aesthetic theorem whose result is definitive, certain, invariable. Like all creative processes of experimentation, it is, on the contrary, a fluid and possible idea, which through complex phases of work finds its final expression with which it is ultimately delivered to the public. In past years Alice has worked in the field of textiles and fashion, then recovered his past at the Academy of Brera in Milan, fascinated by the work of some great artists (from Antony Tapiès to Alberto Burri, just to name two of the most beloved) began his artistic journey in the name of precious abstract material.

Looking at Alice's work, we are faced with a stratigraphic universe, rich in phases and veils, in which subjectivity becomes her main resource. Dense and material surfaces, the first thing that meets our gaze is their epidermal aspect, recalling emotional geographies. A world of multiple aspects, of worlds "above" but not for this reason superficial, since they come from the depths of his soul, and that if anything in their perceptive deceptiveness, become complex, elusive, and for this reason attractive.

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