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Founded in 2021 by a small group of interior decorators and architects, beWall draws inspiration from the idea that a wall is a place for self-expression and experimentation. In-depth research into materials, technological innovation, and sustainability merge to create singular wallpapers that dress the space with politeness and personality and make them a mirror of the inhabitants. Natural landscapes, geometric compositions, lights and shadows, faraway places, and other motifs distinguish each piece.

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Enter a world where wallpaper dresses your spaces in a unique way. Elegance, aesthetics and technology are the engine of our research. beWall


BeWall wallpapers are the ideal covering for any room, as an accent element on a style detail or on the entire wall. From the children's room to the bathroom, beWall can be the characterizing element of the space.BeWallwas born in 2021 from the experience of the interior decorators and architects and by their passion for the stories to tell through environments to be interpreted with personality and that know how to dress with the atmosphere.

A new Young and dynamic brand, completely Made in Italy, that sees the wall as an experimentation place freedom and interpretation. The assiduous research, in both materials and creative process, talks about aesthetic elegance matched with a technological innovation that brings beauty to daily life without forgetting sustainability. A wallpaper that is practical to live with, that dresses the space with politeness and personality, giving the surfaces a special soul and making them a mirror of who lives in the house, through a style detail or an entire wall.

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A contemporary mood that adapts to every style and personality, from the relaxation of a sea landscape to rarefied and evocative urban environments.

A mysterious forest, a waltz of light and shadow, the soft lines of a landscape. BeNatural is an elsewhere where boundaries are canceled in a precious indoor-outdoor game. The wallpapers of the beNatural line dress the rooms with a contemporary mood that adapts to every style and personality: the discretion of soft colors, the relaxation of a seascape, or dense foliage that invites you to travel. Urban panoramas alternate with natural landscapes poised between past and present then plays of light that seems to enter through parted curtains or half-closed Venetian blinds. The line is conceived and interpreted by Margherita Fanti, Paola Lattarini, Silvia Musetti, Vita Paustian


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