Materia Ceramica

Umbria, Italy - Ceramist
The story of Materia Ceramica is told through glimpses of rolling hills and bucolic Umbrian landscapes where Maria Antonietta Taticchi minutely hand crafts and paints fine pottery. Taticchi opened her own workshop in 1986 in Perugia’s historical center after learning pottery secrets from master artisans in Deruta. In 2015, she was joined by her daughter, Caterina Aquinardi, to create abstract designs inspired by nature and dominated by earthly palettes.

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A journey into the world of ceramics to discover not only the stages of processing clay, but also places of historical interest and landscape Materia Ceramica

Materia Ceramica

Materia Ceramica is part of the long and ancient Umbrian ceramic tradition, famous all over the world thanks above all to the ceramics of Deruta. Umbria possesses a patrimony of competence in the field of ceramic workmanship, unique and important, which is continually enriched thanks to research and innovation.

When Maria Antonietta Teticchi paints, she loves to mix colors to obtain multiple nuances. Being able to paint the infinite variations of green in a forest is a challenge for her, and adding a touch of fire red gives life to her ceramics. For decoration, she uses earth and metal oxide powders mixed with water, which create color. 

Today she performs freehand decoration at the tip of the brush with immediacy and spontaneity: Maria Antonietta's hand flows moved only by creativity. Her handmade ceramic creations tell the story of Perugia and Umbria: the history, the culture, the villages and the nature that distinguish that beautiful territory.

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