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With over twenty years of experience, Nice2Have is built on an exquisite blend of passion and creativity rooted in masterful design, communication, and marketing prowess. At the height of the pandemic, the brand teamed up with a renowned design studio to launch the “Nice2Have Global Commerce” project, a line of first-rate, modern lighting fixtures. Entirely handmade in Italy using artisan methods, the pieces feature precious materials such as Carrara marble, Volterra alabaster, and certified sustainable LEDs, fusing tradition and modernity in a singular aesthetic blend.

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In order for an everyday object to not only be efficient but also give visual appeal, aesthetics and design are necessary in modern manufacturing. Nice2Have


Nice 2 Have is the project of a team of professionals that for over twenty years has been combining passion, professionalism, creativity, and expertise in communication and marketing strategies and in the creation of events. There are many national and international events that involve the activities of Nice2Have, not least the G20 summit held in Rome on October 31, 2021. At the head of the marketing department we have a great lover and connoisseur of 20th-century Italian art who has also developed a particular affinity with the world of design and during the first pandemic of 2020 has submitted to the company the Global Commerce Project with the main purpose of promoting that Italian cultural identity permeated by aesthetic taste, humanistic and conceptual culture, high manufacturing capacity, traditional quality craftsmanship, originality, but also refractory to the concept of mass production.

The Nice2Have catalog is constantly evolving, which is why many products evolve quickly. The materials currently used are various and very different from each other. From alabaster to Carrara marble, from Corian® to carbon fiber, Swarovski crystals, titanium, aluminum, cobalt-chrome, processed and crumpled Plexiglas and a thousand other materials and processes that will take shape in the near future.

Each creation in the Global Commerce N2H catalog is intended to be a unique piece. Even if the item has been designed to have a specific size, color and finish, the use of natural materials such as Carrara marble, for example, will always be affected by the veining generated over thousands of years and which will give a unique and unrepeatable identity to the object itself.

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