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Reproducing timeless, ancient works of art in stupendous dinner plates, empty-pocket trays, textile accessories, and other items of home decor, Pulchra Imago (meaning “beautiful image” in Latin) reinterprets the past in an elegant and precious contemporary key. With a digital archive of over 70,000 images, the subjects decorating its products are inspired by ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance oeuvres. Customizable upon request, each piece is a singular objet d’art of sophisticated allure that will effortlessly enrich traditional and modern decors.

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Pulchra Imago was born from a love of art. We are attracted to past works of creative minds, often anonymous and forgotten. Pulchra Imago

Pulchra Imago

Pulchra Imago means "beautiful image" in Latin and is a brand of handmade home decor, entirely Made in Italy - or rather Made in Milan. Latin was chosen for the name, the language that dilates time because it evokes and embraces Italian roots, it comes from the remote past but is not dead.

An archive of over 70,000 images preserves and recovers the charm of the past, which is transferred into the present with a creative interpretation. Images were taken from ancient volumes, dusty and forgotten, preserved in museums, picture galleries, libraries, and international archives, from old art houses or anonymous collections. A true wunderkammer of wonders that can live again on plates, pillows, placemats, shirts and t-shirts. Products are characterized by antique prints taken from an eclectic archive, ranging in different themes and historical periods of rare beauty and modernity together. 

It was so-called "The cut-out mania" in vogue at the court of Versailles, similar to decoupage. This is where Pulchra Imago gets its inspiration for the creation of glass and crystal homeware. Poticomanie, as it was called at the court of Versailles, is a very old decoration technique. Similar to decoupage, it has very distant and ancient roots. This pastime was very popular during the last moments of pomp at the French court, during the Ancien Régime, before the Revolution.

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