Veneto, Italy - Glassmith
Andrea Dotto founded Purho in 2012 with the intent of combining the centuries-old tradition of mouth-blown Murano glass with a contemporary aesthetic that is bold and elegant. Mixing the poetic and ethereal quality of glass with clean silhouettes that are at times rigorously geometric and at times ethereal and fluid, the master glassmakers at Purho create unique objects of functional décor where color stands out in 21 intense hues.

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Each piece is unique, expressing a deep inclination for beauty, mixing craft and design, tradition, and innovation. Purho


Purho – with its Italian soul mixed with an international character – is a new protagonist of Italian Design, a research that has lasted for years. Founded in 2012 by CEO Andrea Dotto aiming to turn into reality the potential of the marriage between Murano glass and contemporary design, Purho is now capable of marketing products stemming from solid research based on the observation of current tastes and new creative languages seen through the lens of the Murano glassmaking tradition.

The result, comparable to a synthesis exercise in which few are the exceptions left to decoration, is a range of thematic collections of Murano glass items characterized by a clear-cut design, with only a few decorations, and forged by great master glaziers: what stands out is their curvy as well as markedly geometrical lines featuring colour in its purity as a main trait. Indeed, there are twenty-one special colours and a selection of special nuances that make up a dense energetic palette available for personalization and bespoke products.

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