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Meet Italy's finest artisans and explore their handmade creations

Meet Italy's finest artisans and explore their handmade creations

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Sicis Jewelry

Emilia Romagna, Italy

Jewelry Designer

Founded in 1987 by Maurizio Leo Placuzzi in Ravenna, SICIS is an internationally sought-after leader in Musive art. Dr…
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Calabria, Italy


TRAME is a homeware brand that seeks to convey the beauty of Mediterranean landscapes in its exquisite designs. Each c…


Campania, Italy

Wood Carver

Caiafa Studio has an illustrious family tradition dating back to the 1600s when the Caiafa’s were renowned carvers in …
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Tenda In

Apulia, Italy

Furniture Maker

Born over 30 years ago, Tenda In planted its roots in Apulia, a region of Southern Italy steeped in history and ancien…
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Vito Salerno

Sicily, Italy

Wood Designer

Il ragazzo del legno is the brainchild of Vito Salerno, a young Sicilian artist based in his native town of Chiaramont…
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Tuscany, Italy

Furniture Maker

Founded in 2015, Design-Italiano or D-ITA is a young furniture and consulting firm proposing luxury, curated design so…
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Fornace Masini

Tuscany, Italy


Specialized in garden furniture, namely vases, boxes, statues, and fountains, Fornace Masini has been producing artist…
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Effe Vetreria Artistica

Veneto, Italy


EFFE Vetreria Artistica’s story began in 1985 on the historic island of Murano. The atelier crafts all its pieces usin…
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Mati Casa

Umbria, Italy


Founded by Mauro Tinarelli in Perugia, Mati Casa is a ceramic atelier borne out of a desire to create and showcase ori…
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Lombardy, Italy

Furniture Maker

LOOPO is a Milan-based home decor brand founded by Marco Lupo, a play on the English pronunciation of his last name. T…
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Tuscany, Italy


Xeniadesign is the brainchild of entrepreneur Monica Stramieri, who wished to create functional pieces encased in a un…
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Francesco Bellazecca

Marche, Italy


From the beautiful town of Pesaro on the Adriatic coast, designer Francesco Bellazecca is the Art Director of Moe Desi…
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