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Meet Italy's finest artisans and explore their handmade creations

Meet Italy's finest artisans and explore their handmade creations

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Lombardy, Italy


Distinguished by an unconventional aesthetic, Extroverso uniquely interprets artistic visions through the lens of trad…
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Annibale Colombo

Lombardy, Italy

Furniture Maker

From a small bottega producing artistic furnishings, Annibale Colombo, founded in 1812 by Filippo Colombo, is now…
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Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH (GTV) – Wiener GTV Design

Piedmont, Italy

Cabinet Maker

Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH ("GTV") is part of the Viennese-style furniture tradition. It has re-edited a series of Vi…
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Missoni Home Collection

Lombardy, Italy


Missoni is a luxury lifestyle brand founded in 1953 by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni. A promoter of a lively and optimist…
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Marche, Italy


Manifestodesign was founded in 2006 by highly experienced industrial designers. The word “manifesto” signals the profo…
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Emilia Romagna, Italy


In 1987, Maurizio Leo Placuzzi founded Sicis in Ravenna, a town where artistic mosaics have flourished since the fall …
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Dale Italia

Veneto, Italy

Cabinet Maker

Dale Italia, in the province of Verona, harmoniously mixes artisanal tradition, industrial experimentation, and custom…
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Laura Meroni

Lombardy, Italy


This brand creates tailor-made solutions for customers who look for elegant furnishings with strong character and a pe…
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Tuscany, Italy

Furniture & Lighting Maker

Marioni is a modern and dynamic company that offers customers high quality products and collaborates with the best arc…
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Micheluzzi Glass

Veneto, Italy


An intimate and creative approach to glass unites the Micheluzzi family. Elena and Margherita Micheluzzi…
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Liguria, Italy


In 1939 the Bagnara family started producing household items, and began specializing in high-end pieces starting in 19…
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Paola Paronetto

Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy


Born in Pordenone in 1965, Paola Paronetto has dedicated her life to pushing the boundaries of ceramics, both as a med…
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