4 Charming Italian Country Houses

Explore three enchanting 'Masserie', the traditional Apulian farmhouses immersed in the breath taking countryside of the Italian region of Apulia. Discover how many of these have now been converted to luxurious estates with rustic finishes that make these retreats surrounded by scenic olive trees and vines, the favorite retreat of many people.

Masseria Cimino

Masseria Cimino
Interiors of Masseria Cimino

​​Masseria Cimino. A magic farmhouse immersed in the countryside of the Apulian region, Masseria Cimino, is characterized by a 18th century red tower, which stands out against the intense blue of the sky and the beautiful sea. The simple, white interiors give the farmhouse that fresh and familiar atmosphere that only an Italian hideaway could have.

Masseria Critabianca

Masseria Critabianca. Photo by Adriano Bacchella
Masseria Critabianca Interiors. Photo by Adriano Bacchella

​​Masseria CritabiancaLocated in the ancient and picturesque countryside of Cutrofiano, in the centre of the lively land of Salento, Critabianca is a peaceful oasis with antique austere furniture, intimate and welcoming spaces, stones, sweet-smelling flowers and enveloping lights, everything designed following the country house’s original structure.

Masseria Potenti

​​Masseria Potenti. Within an estate of about one hundred and thirty hectares, and, in the countryside of Manduria, rises the sixteenth century Masseria Potenti, located in a smooth landscape which gently rolls towards the enchanting Ionian sea, among endless olive groves, vineyard and Mediterranean thicket. 

Masseria Le Fabriche

Masseria Le Fabriche. Photo by Adriano Bacchella
Masseria Le Fabriche Interiors. Photo by Adriano Bacchella

​​Masseria Le Fabriche. The estate called Le Fabriche covers about 20 hectares of grapevines, centuries-old olive trees and Mediterranean Maquis. From the panoramic position of the “Serre Tarantine”, the 17th century farmhouse, overlooks this rural amphitheater designed by nature and by men over the centuries.

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