Black & White Minimalism

Discover a selection of minimalist, monochrome pieces in black and white that will add a subtle but decisive touch to any interior: from white marble to dark vases in black concrete, follow the latest interior design trend with our collection of stunning pieces handcrafted by the best Italian artisans.

​With the rise of the minimalist trend in everyday life, born as a reaction to the bold and bright maximalist tendecy of the latest years, the design world soon followed through adapting to this new mindset: first with bright, airy and fairly empty rooms where white space was the protagonist, then by producing a number of elegant pieces that echoed the need for "less is more". 

Our collection explores the different possibilities of a total black and white design, with monochromatic pieces that never feel boring or repetitve but instead allow artisans and designers to focus on shapes, lines and materials leaving the color fixed.

Rounded velvet sofas by ​Tato, sleek ceramic pieces with effortless silhouettes by ​Picta, concrete vases with a natural pitch black finish by ​Stefano Pugliese, moon-inspired marble table lamps by ​StoneLab Design: discover our selection of minimalist black and white pieces handcrafted by the best Italian artisans, and add a sophisticated touch to your interiors.

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