Budri presents Bangle

Discover the new collection Bangle presented by Budri for Artemest Virtual Craft Week, designed by Cristina Celestino. With color-block marble contrasts and stacked layers, the six vases and a tray bridge the gap between décor and jewelry pieces creating stunning home accessories.

    ​Budriis an acclaimed Italian company renowned the world over as an Haute Couture Atelier for marble and semi-precious stones, with over fifty years of experience. The company has an unparalleled experiece in marble inlay, that has established Budri as "Maestro dell'Intarsio". With exhibitions and the Milan Triennale, Art Basel and Philadelphia Museum, Budri's international diffusion spans from customized projects to private villas.

    For Artemest Virtual Craft Week, Budri presents the Bangle collection by Cristina Celestino, a series of vases and a mirror inspired by vintage custome jewellery. Each piece draws influences from the playful bakelite bracelets of the 60s and 70s, with marbles alternated between veined materials such as Rain Forest Green, Rosso Barocco and Azul Macaubas with a “colour block” effect such as Giallo Noce and Nero Assoluto, combined in turn with semi-transparent onyxes.

    With Bangle, Budri amazes us once again with a line of design accessories made with fine materials and through the combination of high technology and skilled craftsmanship. “Marble processing is a long story involving many languages. Marble speaks to us through its wonderful nature and it is up to us to understand what it wishes to communicate” comments Alessandra Malagoli Budri, the company’s Art Director. “Each collection is a story in itself, one of the many expressions of what this material can offer us, and Bangle is one of them.”

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