Caltagirone Ceramics

Discover handcrafted ceramics from Caltagirone, Sicily's ceramic district, and the story of its ceramists. From the renowned Caltagirone heads to the Sicilian pine cone sculptures, explore the stunning works of Alessandro Iudici, Crita Ceramiche, Alessi Ceramiche, Nicola Tomaselli, Verus Ceramiche and more talented Sicilian ceramists that continue to shape and preserve this ancient art.

Ceramics have been a protagonist of Sicilian craftsmanship for centuries, particularly focusing around the area of Caltagirone in southern Sicily. Historically, experts have linked the rise of ceramics craftsmanship in the region to the Muslim conquest of 827, when the Arabs imported the art of pottery and craftsmanship. Later, the Middle Ages contributed to the rise of the art thanks to the production of clay of excellent quality, and the famous quartares that contained honey became known and exported all around the world. The tradition continued into the 1600s, where Master Ceramists such as Francesco Ragusa and Luciano Scarfia were among the hundreds of active craftsmen in the area.

Today, we can recognize a number of different style clearly distinguishable in the local production: from the geometric tiles strongly featuring whites and blues in their intricate designs, to classic dining plates where hand-painted scenes and characters follows one another, to the antropomorphic heads used as vases or sculptures.

​Modern ceramics from Caltagirone follow the same artisanal traditions preserving this ancient art, often passed down from generation to generation, and the legacy is mantained by numerous regional institutions such as the State Institute for Ceramics Art and the Regional Museum of Ceramics, where the public can admire the history of this inspiring and authentic national treasure.

Discover our selection of Caltagirone Ceramics handmade today by the best Italian artisans, including works from Alessandro Iudici, Crita Ceramiche, Alessi Ceramiche, Nicola Tomaselli, Verus Ceramiche and more other artisan that decide to produce their ceramics in Sicily to shape and preserve this ancient art.

Alessi Ceramiche

​Giacomo Alessi founded Alessi Ceramiche in his hometown of Caltagirone, home to an ancient ceramics tradition. His pieces carry an unmatched traditional flair combined with constant research for new materials and techniques, resulting in colorful, one-of-a-kind handmade pieces with great visual impact.

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Alessandro Iudici

Alessandro Iudici represents the ninth generation in a family of ceramists, carrying the illustrious tradition of the craftsmanship art since a young age, taught by his family and inspired by his own creativity. His classic ceramics décor pieces are featured in his collections that includes anthropomorphic and zoomorphic shapes in stunning colors.

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Ceramiche Verus

​Founded by potter Filippo Vento and entrepreneur Francesco Alparone, Verus encapsulates the historic ceramic patrimony of Caltagirone with innovative ideas on lustrous accents and juxtapositions of matte and glossy. The Virus team toys with details and eclectic styles, blending elements in a never-before-seen elegance, concentrating on the use of special glazes and both mono and two-toned themes.

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Nicola Tommaselli

Nicola Tomaselli is an artist and ceramist from Biancavilla, Catania, that discovered the thousand-year-old traditions of ceramic-making during his apprenticeship following master ceramist Giuseppe Coco, and began creating his unique pieces. Combining modern majolica techniques and archaic pottery making, his creations feature artistic shapes and nature-inspired designs.

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Crita Ceramiche

​Crita is the Sicilian word for clay, that inspired friends Davide, Livio and Matthias to found Crita Ceramiche in 2016 in Caltagirone out of a desire to explore new forms by tracing back clay-making traditions and techniques to forge vibrant and evocative objects. Infusing each work with a clear Baroque style, the young brand is able to combine millennial mastery and modern aesthetics.

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Les Ottomans

Founder Bertrando di Renzo explored Turkey and the South extensively before founding Les Ottomans, and creates today stunning décor pieces and tabletop accessories that combine eastern and western traditions. His ceramic heads, typical of the Southern tradition, both Arabian and Sicilian, are a modern reinterpretation of the ancient classical piece and are crafted by Caltagirone based artisans.

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Waiting For The Bus

Germana Scapellato was born in Sicily and studied in Milan at the Institute of Design. In 2013 she founded Waiting for the Bus, a project that mixes  the joy of traveling and the concept of home as the place of the heart and the foundation of hospitality. Scapellato is inspired by traditional Caltagirone ceramics that she reinterprets into modern décor.

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Inspired by architects and designer all over the world, Abhika creates collections of modern furniture focused on the creations of bespoke pieces. Additionally, the brand embraces Sicilian tradition by crafting stunning ceramics moore heads and vases in captivating colors and features, all crafted in Caltagirone.

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