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Discover this month’s editor's picks: beautifully designed objects crafted by master Italian artisans. Take a peek at Lui 5/A Armchair by Fratelli Boffi, Aurae Throne by A&B Living, Coralli Table Lamp by Les First, Franza Table Lamp by Chendù and Sinuosa Floreal Chair by Vetrogiardini.

Lui 5/A Armchair

Designed by Philippe Bestenheider for ​Fratelli Boffi​Lui 5/A armchair is a stunning piece of design. Standing within the icons of their production, the armchair embodies the typical style of the early 1900s, reimagined in a futuristic way: the wood and Vienna straw are worked with traditional techniques, practised with faithfulness and mastery, while the use pentagon modular elements celebrate the rigor and harmony of geometry. From the pentagonal seat stem two armrests and the backseat that open up like a delicate flower and expand to create a comfortable headrest. This piece is characterized by a strong visual impact, making a real protagonist of every room. 

Apollon Cabinet

Inspired by the passing of time symbolized by its hourglass shape, the elegant ​Apollon Cabinet designed by ​Capel Petrassi is entirely made of lacquered wood and aluminium and handcrafted in an antique Italian woodworking factory. Its sculptural shape results from an hybrid visual process at the border between art, design and craft. Apollo is a unique piece of furniture inspired by Art Deco aesthetic but made contemporary by the use of reflective surfaces, a distinguishing mark of Capel Petrassi’s futuristic vision. 

Aurae Throne

Part of the first ​A&B Living capsule collection, the ​Aurae Throne is a striking seat designed by Marco Sorrentino. This object is halfway between a design piece and a work of art: with a pure geometric shape, finished with marqueterie de paille and liquid metal, it represents an aura that frames its guest. The choice of brilliant shades of pink and liquid brass metal make this throne a perfect addition to a modern interior, with a strong neoclassical look in celebration of perfect geometries and artisanal mastery.

Coralli Table Lamp

In celebration of a reimagined antiquity, made of myth and a cult of beauty, ​Les First creates the sumptuous ​Coralli light sculpture: ceramic coral branches glow on top of jewel-toned amphorae, immersed in a bright halo. Mythically born from Medusa’s blood turned to stone, for centuries coral has held a place of honor in every Wunderkammer in the courts of Europe. Les First reworks this tradition creating a black and gold piece entirely hand-crafted from superior Nove ceramic (Vicenza, Italy). The amphora-shaped pedestal offers an intriguing contrast to the charmingly real-looking gold covered ceramic coral branch. 

Franza Table Lamp

Portoro marble makes the ​Franza Lamp an elegant and one-of-a-kind object. Designed by ​Chendù this design piece creates a conversation between light and the nobility of the material generating a game of full and empty spaces with measured weights, ideal for enhancing its qualities. Franza lamp appears to be from other planets with its attractive and scenic presence: its pyramidal shape is the result of a majestic handmade work on the marble.

Sinuosa Floreal Chair

The ​Sinuosa Floreal Chair is entirely made of fine glass and enriched by 24 carat gold leaf drawings, combining a precious contemporary design with natural suggestions. ​Vetrogiartini desgned it to be made of extra-clear tempered and laminated glass - the most durable glass in the world - the chair is made with cutting-edge technical solutions and is incredibly resistant. Sitting on this chair gives you the sensation of being suspended in the air surrounded by soft sinuous shapes in a comfortable environment. 

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