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Explore this month editor's picks: beautifully designed objects crafted by some of the best Italian artisans. From furniture to lighting and décor, discover the Gesto Vase by Massimo Micheluzzi, Alfabeto Tiles by Ninefifty, the Heron Table Lamp by Mmairo, the Carl Coffee Table by Laura Meroni, Gò Tapestry by Anna Paola Cibin, the Antonio Dinner Table by Biancobianco, the Aura Orbis Totem Container by Paratico and the Arabesque Vase by Serena Confalonieri.

Gesto Pink Vase

​Massimo Micheluzzi’s pieces are never empty. They contain transparency, silence, air: precious things that must be preserved with care. ​Gesto Vase is the evidence of how craftsmanship can be the main character of production. Its organic and minimalist silhouette is given by the natural collapse of the glass due to heat that creates smooth, irregular curves. Exquisitely handcrafted and mouth-blown by Murano master glassmakers, its body boasts an alluring tone of pink with amethyst purple shades, the whole splendidly enhanced by a final patina whose iridescent quality creates mesmerizing reflections for increased style and chromatic vibrancy. The delicately rippled texture evokes the signature beauty of Venetian canals. 

Alfabeto Tiles

Designed by Margherita Rui for ​Ninefifty​Alfabeto Tiles Collection is the representation of attention to regional culture and know-how, investigating new expressive and material forms. In this way the tiles become manifestations of a new aesthetic language that finds its uniqueness in imperfection. Inspired by the ceramics of Caltagirone in a modern interpretation that transforms signs and symbols in clean geometric lines, this exquisite set of 44 tiles flaunts a striking architectural charm that will effortlessly adorn any wall of a modern interior. Handcrafted of ceramic painted in a cream white hue, it is enriched with eight different geometrical decorations in red and purple shades. 

Heron Table Lamp

Lightness and vitality. Bec Brittain’s study of weights and proportions was aimed to make marble an everyday material. Designed for ​MMairo with its inner light, the ​Heron Table Lamp glides over the desk or table in an elongated, slightly angular shape reminiscent of the bird it draws inspiration from even in its colors. Indeed, herons and their delicate color palette inspired the sculptural design of this table lamp. Sitting on a luminous brass base, its elongated body consists of a tubular, sculpted frame combining white Michelangelo and pink Egyptian marbles for a feminine shell diffusing the light radiating from within. A side, flat element in Fior di Pesco Carnico marble - distinguished by gray and green veining - seals the look. 

Carl Coffee Table

An innovative and sophisticated design characterizes this smart and functional ​Carl Coffee Table designed by Cesare Arosio for ​Laura Meroni. With its strong personality, in a perfect balance between art and design, this modern design piece proudly represents the main brand philosophy: be different, be unique. “Surface design” is the term coined by Interni Magazine to identify Laura Meroni products such as Carl coffee table. Featuring a Guatemala green marble base, a circular satin brass frame and bronzed glass top, the deluxe element is a light that illuminates the glass table at the end of the brass structure, activated by touch sensor.

Gò Tapestry

Superbly crafted and painted by hand using techniques of the Venetian tapestry tradition and natural materials, the exquisite ​Gò Tapestry designed by ​Anna Paola Cibin is part of the Velvet Lagoon Project exhibited at the Venice Biennale. Assembled on a wooden frame, it features a silk velvet canvas decorated with color pastes and mouth-blown Murano glass details, and depicts a group of catfish on an azure background. The technique used by Anna Paola Cibin is painting on velvet, linked to the ancient tradition of tapestries. The artist paints and works with tools of her own invention, revising the sophisticated Venetian printing techniques. 

Antonio Dinner Table

From the Numerouno collection by ​BiancoBianco, the iconic ​Antonio Table features a precious metal structure and a characteristic body made of typical Venetian Terrazzo stone. The simple lines and elementary shapes give life to an imposing table capable of providing any type of environment with immense character. The main peculiarity of this design piece is undoubtedly its material which makes it unique, a real main actor, very fashionable and sought by design lovers. 

Aura Orbis Totem Container

Aura collection is a series of one-off, ultra-decorative furnishing accessories, in which the materials and shapes are loaded with an almost primordial, archaic energy, and the arts of jewellery-making and sculpture seem to live side-by-side; Part of the Aura Collection designed by Raimondo Sandri for ​Paratico​Aura Orbis Totem Container will add a luxurious element of interest to a modern and contemporary interior. This piece features a large cast brass-plated metal ring with burnished finish in the front and polished in the back, resting on an irregularly shaped, flat, polished brass base. To complete this work of art, an unfinished rock of hand-broken Verde Foresta marble, placed in front of the ring. An exclusive combination of balances between clean lines and visual “weights” of fine materials, luxury at its best, with the charm of jewelry and the expressive power of sculpture.

Marco Polo Bar Cabinet

Merging Venetian artistic tradition with Oriental decorative inspiration, ​Marco Polo Bar Cabinet is the cult piece of the Transition Collection by ​Arte Veneziana and features a two-door cabinet framed inside a tubular metal structure finished in antiqued and burnished brass. Its name is a clear homage to the famous Venetian traveller: Marco Polo. A fearless merchant who rediscovered the precious and luxurious Silk Road, famous since Romans. The wooden structure is covered with black glass panels decorated with an enchanting, silver-finished, engraved landscape depicting pagodas and figures in traditional Oriental attire. The interior is equipped with LED backlight and includes a mirrored back with two extra-clear glass shelves and a central unit with two drawers finished in antiqued brass.

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