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Discover this month’s editor's picks: outstanding pieces crafted by the finest Italian artisans. Get inspired by the crystal-encrusted San Marco Stool by Michela Nardin for Casarialto Atelier, the wavy Vogue Cabinet by Monica Gasperini, the playful burgundy and orange Palm Table Lamp by Maioni, the elegantly art deco Fluxus Table by Sicis, the stylish Oblò Cabinet by Matteo Zorzenoni and the waterfall Gravity Chandelier by Badari.

Atelier San Marco Stool by Michela Nardin

Inspired by the natural gray shades of Venetian stones, the sculptural ​San Marco Stool effortlessly combines style and functionality in a dynamic silhouette. Mounted on a ceramic base, it is entirely covered with 7000 glass mosaic tiles masterfully hand-cut in irregular yet elegant shapes at the Orsoni 1880 furnace in Venice.

Gravity Chandelier

This outstanding chandelier by​ Badari will be an imposing decorative element to showcase in a large living room, above an opulent dining table, or in a stately entryway. Aptly named Gravity for the cascade of elements that make up its structure, this piece is a superb addition to a modern or contemporary home. Its round base supports a multitude of brass rods with pendant decorations at their ends. This unique silhouette hides eight lights and functions as their one-of-a-kind shade, creating intriguing effects.

Fluxus Table

The luxurious ​Fluxus Table by ​Sicis is characterized by soft and elegant Art Deco lines: a sinuous play of full and empty spaces, and a refined play of proportions. This table, made of precious marble, recalls the idea of movement, fluid and enveloping

Oblo' A Cabinet by Matteo Zorzenoni

Pairing effortlessly with modern and contemporary decors, the ​Oblò A Cabinet offers a fashionable storage solution. Characterized by boldly rounded sides creating an overall oblong silhouette, the white-lacquered ash wood frame features two doors with circular and oblong holes covered in smoky glass recalling a ship's porthole. 

Palm Medium Burgundy and Orange Table Lamp

A striking showcase of craftsmanship, this table lamp flaunts a superb combination of refined materials in an innovative, geometric design. Marked by a spherical satin glass shade, the piece flaunts an eye-catching body composed of three truncated cone-shaped ceramic elements alternating burgundy and orange hues.

Vague Cabinet

Showcasing a refined silhouette of sculptural flair, the ​Vague Cabinet will make a charming addition to a modern decor. Composed of delicate and harmonious lines, it is fashioned of turquoise-lacquered wood enriched with gold-finished brass details. Its pleated surface reminds of ancient Greece tunics and conceals a precious interior marked by two drawers and clear glass shelves, adorned with a bright background mirror.

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