Essential Design Meets Ambient Lighting

A selection of exquisite chandeliers, wall lamps and floor lamps with a minimalist design and striking use of materials - simplicity in the form of bronze, iron, copper and brass - objects that seem suspended in the air but at the same time have a regal and stately look.

MM Lampadari
Leaf Chandelier
MM Lampadari
Balloton Disk Chandelier
MM Lampadari
Leaf 4 Lights Chandelier
Kitami Chandelier
MM Lampadari
Arch Straight Floor Lamp
Zanaboni for Borbonese
Fil Rogue Floor Lamp
Paolo Castelli
Anodine Floor Lamp
MM Lampadari
Baloon Chandelier
MM Lampadari
Leaf Sconce
Tubo Luce
Baloom Ceiling Lamp
MM Lampadari
Tubo Luce
Slim Pendant Lamp
MM Lampadari
Sass Wall Lamp
Edizioni Design
36 Chandelier
MM Lampadari
Sass Large Wall Lamp
Bassanio Floor Lamp
Opinion Ciatti
Lalampada Gold Floor Lamp
Edizioni Design
27 Brass Floor Lamp
Zanaboni for Borbonese
Fil Rogue Chandelier 1
Ghidini 1961
Kaleidos Small Wall Light
Tubo Luce
Slim 180 Lampshade
MM Lampadari
Sky Wall Lamp
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