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The craziest, most extraordinary home decor pieces on Artemest. Discover our curator's selection of Artemest's most exceptional pieces, those that your guests will never forget about and that will make your home REALLY special.

Want to gift someone special with one of our exceptionals, but you are worried it won't be crafted for you in time for the holiday season? Order your Exceptional gift now and and we will send the lucky recipient a specially crafted box with a greetings card and pictures of their exceptional piece in the making. Other pictures will follow in order for the recipient to appreciate all the manufacturing phases of their piece until its ready to ship and to take up a special place in their homes.

The ​800 Mosaic Table La Bellezza is one of the most important Florentine mosaic creations by Traversari Mosaici, not only for its precious stone inlay, but also because it is a vintage piece dating back to the late 19th century. The black Belgian marble slab is embellished with a masterfully-executed central flower motif for which were used different semi-precious stones. The marble piece comes with its luxurious, handcarved wooden support finished in 23.75k gold leaf.

This showstopper 80-inch-tall Huge Murano Glass Tree with Seven Macaw Parrots is handmade by the master glass blower Zanetti on the island of Murano in Venice. Remarkably animated and colorful, these birds are made of solid glass and perch on a clear glass branch pedestal with green details in the leaves. The birds have small built-in rods that rest easily in a metal seat on the pedestal and the tree is in 3 sections for easy assembly.

The beautiful Iris Murano Glass Chandelier made by master glass blower Alberto Striulli on the island of Murano in Venice. With 8 lights and a cascade of long leaves and multicolored irises, it evokes a wild garden. In antique smoky green glass, each light shines downward. The top canopy echos the theme with an array of flowers and leaves. Each chandelier by Striulli can be customized, is signed by the artist, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

​The majestic Tondo Doni Mirror by Daniele Nencioni, a ring made of grey lime wood finished in gold. This museological copy is a piece of fine workmanship, rich in details and carved patterns. This unique object depicts heads of saints and mythological figures, and is crowned by a representation of Christ. It comes with a mirror with an antique finish.

The Paradiso Pink Coral Bracelet in 18k rose gold by the historic Neapolitan house De Simone was inspired by the idea of heaven or paradise. The bracelet is decorated with hand-carved leaves made of angel skin coral, as well as emeralds and diamonds - a combination which results in soft yet striking femininity.

The decorative Diana Venetian Glass Mirror by Ongaro e Fuga is distinguished by intricate and colorful and Murano glasswork giving it a Venetian baroque atmosphere reminiscent of 16th and 17th century Venetian mirrors. Set upon a wood mount, the mirror also features glimmering floral and geometric motifs, entirely etched by hand with sandstone turners, that imbue the piece with resplendent verve.

This superb ​Mai Tai Bar by Pier Luigi Fighetto is a cabinet bar with a supporting structure made of an array of stainless steel elements with a gold finish. The wood cabinet has a high-gloss dark blue lacquer finish outside, while the inside is upholstered with white leather and features an antique mirror and a sensor-activated LED light system.

The majestic Sterling Silver Penguin Ice Bucket by Fratelli Lisi, playfully modeled after a penguin. Its true-to-life quality is remarkable and makes it a very unique protagonist of important dinner tables. The piece is handcrafted with long hours of work and skillful use of traditional techniques by master silversmiths, the Lisi brothers, in Florence.

The Re Sole Venetian ​Mosaic Mirror by Ongaro e Fuga, featuring elaborate Murano glass mosaic that embellish the frame of this expertly handmade mirror, inspired by the lavishness of Louis XIV. The elegant mosaic patterns depicting flowers are consummately handcrafted by master Murano glass artists following 16th century Venetian traditional designs. Beside the mosaic, the undisputed protagonist of the piece, the mirror is also decorated with Murano glass rims and flowers in resplendent light blue and gold.

The lovely​ ​Fiorita Chair​ by Giuseppe Rivadossi featuring a structure in maple, assembled with visible joints and pins. The seat and the back are cut from a solid block of wood, whose natural color is kept by a special finish. The striking decorations in the back are two real privets evocative of nature even indoors.

​The regal Drammatica Murano Glass Chandelier in antique Murano glass with 12 lights. The dramatic detail of each tier was entirely handcrafted by Alberto Striulli using ancient glass blowing techniques. This type of chandeliers create a timeless elegance, sure to lend a special atmosphere to any home, whether traditional and modern.

The Bubble Flowers Giant Chandelier by Roberto Cambi featuring white glazed ceramic in different shapes recalling bubbles, flowers, fruit, plants, and eyes hang upon suspended steel cables, while descending spherical lamps cluster around the bulbs. Handcrafted flawlessly, this eccentric but majestic lamp exemplifies the playful elegance of Roberto Cambi's art.

The exquisite ​Milano Trunk by Royal Trunk is a one-of-a-kind work center. The structure is in poplar wood with wheels at the base for easy mobility and the exterior is covered in leather. The interior has a microfiber lining and features a leather desk with storage compartments, a magnetic board, and a precious seat in microfiber fabric. All the handles are in full brass with gold and nichel finish.

This outstanding ​Rezzonico Murano Glass Chandelier made by master glass blower Alberto Striulli on the island of Murano in Venice. Rezzonico chandeliers are distinguished by the particular richness of details, which can only be achieved by expert and talented glass blowers. This chandelier features 9 lights individually supported by Rezzonico arms, characterized by the beautiful opaque glass flowers made out of hard paste and the ruby details throughout. Each chandelier by Striulli can be customized, is signed by the artist, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

White Carrara marble Venere Sculpture replica of the famous Venus of Cyrene, consummately carved by the skilled sculptors lead by Raffaello Romanelli in his Galleria in Florence. The original dates from ca. the 3rd century AD but it was itself a copy of a model representing the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra as Venus, accompanied by the goddess' favorite animal, the dolphin. The marble used for this sculpture is extracted from the same quarry near Carrara where Michelangelo and other famous Renaissance artists used to go for choosing the blocks of marble to work. White Carrara Marble is extremely precious and rare because of its color and because it is one of the few that can be carved to achieve pieces like this one.

The Golden Horses Book by D'Oro Collection, this exquisite 203-page book is part of an exclusive series of 1999 numbered volumes entirely hand-made and printed on a 220 gr/mq paper. The binding is executed by hand using red-dyed leather and the finest Italian silk. The covers are in leather with a central hand-made bas-relief in copper with a gold finish. Every page is illuminated with precious gold decorations and 15 paintings made expressly. This unique book focuses on the horse and its relationship with human kind and history with essays, poems and legends in English.

The precious ​Diamond Claws Topaz Ring by Florence-based jewelry designer Kathaline Page-Guth. The striking design features a large round-cut London blue topaz, around which brown and white diamonds are flawlessly set on 18k white gold feline claws that give a modern twist to this extremely precious piece handcrafted by skilled goldsmiths in Italy. Following your purchase, our Concierge will contact you to make sure you receive your perfect ring size.

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