The Exceptionals

The craziest, most extraordinary home decor pieces on Artemest. Discover our curator's selection of Artemest's most exceptional pieces, those that your guests will never forget about and that will make your home REALLY special.

The sophisticated ​Blue Moon Coffee Table designed by Teresa Luni and meticulously crafted by Giordano Viganò.​ This living room table features a top upholstered in blue shagreen with its distinctive rough texture. The top is embellished with a round insert in azurite stone within a larger round in parchment whose outer profile is highlighted with a brass ring. The base consists in two crossing semicircles featuring the same colors as the top. A functional art piece.

The minimal ​Pensando Ad Acapulco Copper Chair by De Castelli. Inspired by the iconic Acapulco chair that has its roots in folk design, modernism, and Hollywood glamour, this version designed by Ivdesign is reinterpreted in metal to harmonize ergonomic comfort with retro-modern aesthetic form. The cone-shaped seat is made of three copper wedges supported by three black iron legs. A special process is used to increase the brightness and lightness of the metal, adding a unique shiny finish. A true classic, this chair will be a striking focal point in any decor.

The precious​ Florea Cabinet was designed by Giovanni Luca Ferreri for Arte Veneziana and it is entirely handcrafted using wood, murano glass and mirror. This striking piece effortlessly combines a classic design with and modern allure thanks to its minimalist structure in solid spruce wood with an antique finish and a carbon-black color, and to the exquisitely elaborate decorations that expertly combine beveled and hand-engraved mirror. 

The Sakura 2018 Sculpture by Simone Crestani, a poetic ode to the ephemeral and striking spirit of spring, this superb sculpture was made by hand exclusively for the "Stranger Pinks" event presented by Artemest at the Fuorisalone for Milan Design Week 2018. Inspired by the cherry blossom, master glassmaker Simone Crestani designed this bonsai-inspired sculpture, evoking the refined elegance of Japanese culture and the continuous cycle of life and rebirth in nature. This unique decorative piece features four branches adorned with tiny pink flowers that will add a charming touch to any decor.

​​The Pupil Sculptural Mirror N°6 by Gianluca Pacchioni is meant to represent the pupil of an eye and is made out of plated aluminum that has been glazed by hand and finished with a soft graphite hue that gives it a cool, elegant hue. The boarder of the piece is in brass with a bronze finish. The sole copy of this unique piece is signed and certified.

The majestic ​Sterling Silver Penguin Ice Bucket by Fratelli Lisi, playfully modeled after a penguin. Its true-to-life quality is remarkable and makes it a very unique protagonist of important dinner tables. The piece is handcrafted with long hours of work and skillful use of traditional techniques by master silversmiths, the Lisi brothers, in Florence.

The beautiful ​Iris Murano Glass Chandelier made by master glass blower Alberto Striulli on the island of Murano in Venice. With 8 lights and a cascade of long leaves and multicolored irises, it evokes a wild garden. In antique smoky green glass, each light shines downward. The top canopy echos the theme with an array of flowers and leaves. Each chandelier by Striulli can be customized, is signed by the artist, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

The elegant Red Fun Coffee Table designed by Teresa Luni for Giordano Viganò is inspired by an ancient kimono and is carefully handmade using wedge wood, stone and brass. The table top is decorated with a precious fan in stone. The sticks highlighting the fan and the edges of the table are in brass with an orange peel finish. An incredible furniture piece that will add sophistication to your interiors.

The Golden Horses Book by D'Oro Collection, this exquisite 203-page book is part of an exclusive series of 1999 numbered volumes entirely hand-made and printed on a 220 gr/mq paper. The binding is executed by hand using red-dyed leather and the finest Italian silk. The covers are in leather with a central hand-made bas-relief in copper with a gold finish. Every page is illuminated with precious gold decorations and 15 paintings made expressly. This unique book focuses on the horse and its relationship with human kind and history with essays, poems and legends in English.

​The majestic ​Madia Intagliata by Giuseppe Rivadossi. This 2.5 meters high four-door chest is made out of a single solid block of Linden wood and has been fully hand-finished in full relief with a chisel in Giuseppe Rivadossi's atelier. The striking effect of the geometrical pattern of the decoration complements the gentle shape of this unique sculptural furniture piece.

​The majestic ​Tondo Doni Mirror by Daniele Nencioni, a ring made of grey lime wood finished in gold. This museological copy is a piece of fine workmanship, rich in details and carved patterns. This unique object depicts heads of saints and mythological figures, and is crowned by a representation of Christ. It comes with a mirror with an antique finish.

​The unique ​La Bellezza Mosaic by Traversari Mosaici. This is among the most significant Florentine mosaics by Traversari due to the great amount of time, patience, and talent needed to achieve such a perfect and detailed inlay. The background is in black Belgian marble, while for the original floral design were mainly used lapis lazuli and malachite.

The exquisite ​Capri Trunk by Royal Trunk is an elegant multifunctional living center. The structure is in poplar wood with wheels at the base for easy mobility and the exterior is covered in leather. The interior has a microfiber lining and features a left space with foldable table, a bottle storage and an exclusive iPad dock the right space contains a drawer with a leather tray, a shelf for glasses and an hi-fi corner lined in black fabric. All the handles are in full brass with gold and nichel finish.

​The huge ​Rock On Ice XXXL Vase by Corsi Design. A stunning piece of décor and a one-of-a-kind objet d'art that will make a statement in a contemporary or modern home. This extra-large vase was designed by Gaetano Pesce in 1995 for the Fish Design collection. It is a unique sculpture that was crafted using soft resin and shaped like a huge goblet, with a large mouth featuring irregular edges. On its surface, a myriad of mosaic-style tiles give the texture a mesmerizing pattern that enhances the deep blue coloration of the vase and creates interesting effects when placed next to a light.

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