Exotic Touch: Cacti Décor

Fill your homes with cacti inspired décor: a symbol of the Mediterranean landscape. Discover magnificent terracotta cacti by Cerasarda, lively tabletops by Taitù, glass cactus sculptures crafted by Vetreria Morasso, conceptual cacti inspired ceramic décor by Paolo Paronetto and more.

The succulent green cacti are amazing décor items that can be used in many ways! Whether used for its silhouette, or as a decorative motif, it instantly adds a prickly fun element into living spaces. Fill your homes with unique cacti inspired marble seasting and tables by ​Federico Sigali or with playful cacti poufs by ​Baleri Italia. If you are looking to add greenery on your table, check out ​Casarialto's cactus glasses, bowls and pitchers and ​Vetreria Morasso's glass cacti sculptures that are delightful marvels. Explore the loom made ​carpet by ​Mariantonia Urru that interprets the roughness of the cactus thorns through beautiful fabric manipulation techniques over the soft base and more unique furniture and decorative pieces crafted by a selection of Italian artisans.

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