Fluid Forms & Shapes

Discover a selection of fluid furniture pieces with soft curves and elegant designs. Futuristic and warm: the slender shapes create a right balance between rigid contemporary ideals and curved lines for interiors spaces with no barriers.

​Embrace fluid lines, soft curves, and organic shapes to create an inviting space that has a strong visual impact but is also extremely cozy and comfortable. Here is an exciting collection of sofas, lounge chairs, stools, shelves and many more that looks ethereal in any setting.

 Elegant sets of armchairs and sofas by ​Dema are extremely sophisticated pieces of furniture characterized by their curved lines and slender shapes, perfect choice for every modern and classic decor style. ​Tacchini​'s range of intriguing furniture is a celebration of the Italian crafting tradition, with futuristic designs and materials.

Discover the timeless ​Tableau Shelf by  ​Mingardo, a contemporary piece designed by Sara Ferrariorganic that effortlessly adds harmony and order to the room.

Playing with slender lines, the chairs by ​Ivano Redaelli are futuristic in its materiality, versatile and stylish. Bronzed glass top table by ​Pacini & Cappellini adds a touch of charm and elegance to any space.

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