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Gathering Nights by Rabah Saeid

Be transported into a world of understated luxury and discover this exquisite collection of Italian design pieces with a Middle Eastern flavor curated by Rabah Saeid. Browse our exclusive Gathering Nights collection to celebrate cozy nights in, in a relaxed and sophisticated setting.

Rabah Saeid is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and the founder of ​Styled​ Habitat, a Dubai-based interior architecture studio with a simple motto: Great design is a luxury for all. Rabah's career began in the US and eventually led her to the Gulf region for a range of commercial, retail and hospitality projects spanning Houston, Aspen, Marrakech, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. She takes pride in creating a design narrative guided by the core values of inclusion and design excellence and specializes in highly original, custom solutions for clients.

Rabah curated an exclusive collection of Italian handcrafted pieces inspired by cozy nights in, exploring design from a wide range of cultural influences and styles that come together in a unique and intimate atmosphere. Discover her approach and design vision through this open conversation with Artemest.

Warm hues, opulent details and striking color accents are your choices for this uniquely curated collection. Where did the inspiration for Gathering Nights come from?

As the global pandemic continues to impact our relationships, lifestyle, and work, it is evident that our personal space has become more vital. Subsequently, our attention shifted to reflect who we are and how we want to live — our surrounding becoming a canvas for expression. Our Gathering Nights concept is about cultivating a unique collection that channels our experiences, memories, travel, nature, architecture, fashion, graphic design, and art. Allowing us to explore the interiors from a wide panel of cultural influences and styles that come together in an atmosphere that is both relaxed and sophisticated.

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Why did you choose Artemest for this collaboration and which of its values do you identify with?

Craftsmanship, range, and accessibility. At Styled Habitat we value the artisan behind the products, Artemest gives a glimpse into this world of the artisan and craftsmanship and tells their stories. Who does not appreciate variety? Artemest is a great resource for a wide range of styles, budgets, and the ability to customize is fantastic! Accessibility and ease of use are critical for any design studio. We can use the site as a starting point to gather ideas, collaborate. And share seamlessly with clients our product selections.

A deep awareness of proportions, harmonious shapes and a meticulous attention to detail are the main elements of your design approach. What is the philosophy behind your soulful spaces?

At Styled Habitat, we love to design environments for people to expand their experiences within. I have an endless curiosity regarding textures and materiality, I love the challenge of adhering to a tonal color palette, contrasting raw with refined, layering textures and incorporating diverse periods of furniture to achieve a curated well-lived space. We employ a thoughtful merger of form and function, with respect for scale and hierarchy within a space to achieve balance. It is also important to recognize the value of editing in order to achieve a contemplative space that is elegantly effortless.

In your interiors, every detail is designed to perfection to evoke unique sensory atmospheres. What is your approach to tactile finishes and lighting?

Intelligent use of materiality and a juxtaposition of styles creates a sense of depth and character in space. Drama and mood are executed through a well-studied lighting design. Lighting has the power to transform well-designed rooms into memorable environments that evoke emotions. At Styled Habitat, we collaborate with brands and lighting designers to execute the best lighting plan and curate the suitable fixtures that highlight the architecture as well as the different functions and moods with space.

Your low-key luxe interiors are world-renowned thanks to their emotional design. How would you describe the creative process behind Styled Habitat's projects?

As most designers, we respect the power spaces and how good design can stimulate, comfort and excite. Design is also an intuitive, fluid, and emotional process. I think about how someone wants to feel and use the space. At Styled Habitat, we are after an atmosphere, a feeling that lingers after leaving the space. Capturing an alluring story that allows the space to unfold piece by piece, material by material while creating quiet moments for the eye to rest and absorb what is surrounding it. The alchemy of blending contemporary, custom, and vintage pieces from a variety of periods, while aligning style with substance and style with context facilities warmth and weightlessness. Our pursuit of both simplicity and refinement creates personal intimate spaces. Simplicity is the ultimate luxury.

Styled Habitat is committed to Design for Good, working pro-bono for individuals, community-led organizations and small business. How did it all start?

We truly believe in “Design is a luxury for all”. We believe in fostering learning and enriching the UAE’s design community. Design for Good sees Styled Habitat as a platform that champions education and learning, offering job shadowing, internships, and training opportunities for young designers and business mentorship for young entrepreneurs. In addition, Styled Habitat provides pro-bono work for community-led organizations and start-ups with the aim to create empowering spaces.

In a desire to channel collaboration I co-founded the Design Dinner in 2018 - an invite-only dining experience gathering the UAE's design community for an intimate evening. Its mission is to connect and empower discerning designers, architects, artists and editors who have an unwavering commitment to originality, quality and good design.

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