Hosting with Style

Whether you're hosting a family dinner or a fancy sunday brunch, you can always add a touch of sophistication to your table by choosing precious table cloths, colorful glasses, elegant serveware set and artisanal wooden trays. Explore our curated collection of handcrafted pieces selected to make your gatherings special and unforgettable.

​From the planning of a great menu to the excitement of a guestlist, it's always incredibly satisfying to host a gathering for your friends and family. Setting the table with care and entertaining your guests can be a truly rewarding experience, and with our collection you can explore different creative ways to give the perfect, glamorous party.

Plan your seatings with unique marble placeholders by ​Marmolove, serve your meals on elegant iron trays with gold finishes by ​Mason Editions, add a touch of color with yellow Murano glasses by ​Purho and upholst your table with striking carafes by ​Gilberto Arrivabene; with these fine pieces handcrafted by Italy's best artisans, the possibilities are endless.

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