Interiors with Micro Patterns

Explore an inclusive collection of furniture, lighting, wallpapers, and decor with 'patterns that give the eyes a place to go'. Drawing inspiration from micro elements, precise geometric patterns, and textured details that add visual interest to space in a sophisticated way.

Micropatterns are suitable for any environment: commercial or residential: from contemporary kitchens and bathrooms to spas and vintage-looking restaurants. Micropatterns can be characterized by a touch of dynamism noticed at first glance. Explore an exciting range of intricately patterned furnishings and decor pieces by ​Extroversofresh silhouettes with geometric patterns that add an accent to bedrooms, entryway, or studio.

​Edge Table Lamp by ​Grilli is a statement piece that initiates a concept for interiors, through its material, finishes and sculpted appearance. The ​Yor​k Chair featuring refined mustard yellow fabric with an ivory-colored geometric pattern is a sophisticated piece that adds great charm to a private studio.

An internationally renowned brand, MissoniHome has a wide offering of micropatterned functional decor that creates a harmonious atmosphere but also adds flamboyance into a room. Explore patterned walls by Fabscarte, vintage brass, gilding, flowers, antique rugs and flashes of red are all elements of the style, along with a mix of materials and patterns.

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