La Vie en Rose

When shades of dusty pinks, meet faded grays and terracotta brown tints, it culminates into rich and sophisticated interiors. Immerse yourself into a selection of pastel furniture, glass-blown floral chandeliers and decorative marvels that infuse a poetic charm into interiors.

​La Vie en rose, a French phrase that translates as “Life through rose-tinted glasses”, leaves subtle notes of exquisite tastes, somewhat poetic. Taking cues from the style, immerse yourself in the curated collection of wonderful chandeliers, floral armchairs, intricate coffee tables that diffuse a special atmosphere in the room.

Magnificent Murano glass chandeliers by ​Striulli Vetri d'Arte, are characterized by their unique structure and trims, add a vintage flair to the interiors. Explore fascinating creations by ​Valentina Giovando that evoke nostalgic allure into modern homes.

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