Unique Jewelry Boxes

Explore beautiful jewelry boxes for your precious items. Choose from a range of styles, marvelous colors and finest materials including leather, walnut wood, and hand-cut crystal. Fitting effortlessly into both traditional and contemporary decor, they make wonderful gifts for any lover of fine jewelry.

A magnificent range of handmade jewelry boxes and cases, each one carefully crafted with exquisite materials, that organizes all your treasures and keepsakes. Explore the charm of detailed crystal boxes by Baldi Home Jewels that never ceases to amaze. The ​Rolan Box in African malachite & bronze is designed to adorn your vanity table and place your jewels in a case worthy of their beauty.

Beautiful pieces by Agresti in mahogany wood evoke their Florentine heritage and mastery, while fine leather boxes by Pinetti are timeless choices for gifts.

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