Maximalist Office

Refresh your office style and get back to business with a Maximalist interior. Uniquely-shaped furnishing and bold colored décor make for a great combination, creating a maximalist space yet essentially functional.

​Get back to your daily business with a maximalist interior design, decorating your office space with bold modern furniture and unique pieces of art and décor. With warm hues, bold colors and unusual shapes your work environment. 

Replace your ordinary guest seating area with the ​Molletta Bench by ​Luce di Carrara, an extravagant bench shaped like a clothespin ("molletta" in Italian) will effortlessly capture the eye in any contemporary decor thanks to its whimsical look tempered by neutral tones.

​In order to design a productive and creative space is important to include some sculptural and artistic pieces also in the office. For example, the ​More Clay Less Plastic Red and Green Bottle by ​Gaetano Patrizio Sbriglioneminutely reproducing a detergent bottle, this design is an iconic artwork that can be used as a bottle, bud vase, or decorative accent.

Lighting has never been more revolutionary than the ​Ossicle Table Lamp by ​Giobagnara. This design piece is crafted with a carefully selected range of leather and marble colors and finishes. Its shape references the "Jeu des Osselets", which has roots dating back to ancient Greece and Rome, reinterpreting it according to a modern vision and a sharp humour.

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