Mediterranean Charm

Amazing home décor pieces inspired by the colors of the Mediterranean coast. Shades of blue meet coral red, yellow accents, fish designs and more to create one of a kind objects. Discover a range of ceramic vases, table lamps, handmade tiles, and exquisite sculptures.

Mediterranean lifestyle often conjures up the images of whitewashed houses lined on steep cliffs and the blue waves lapping the coast, and it certainly continues to inspire home decor internationally. By adding a touch of the easy breezy Mediterranean style of décor to your home, one can immediately get a sense of the most beautiful vacation spots in the world.

Award-wining Tuscan Bottega, ​ND Dolfi, ​artfully dresses up living spaces with their Indigo Maiolica vases and marine life sculptures. In a similar spirit of celebrating marine life, ​Pierfrancesco Solimene, a ceramist from the Amalfi Coast, decorative wall plates, centerpieces bringing coastal allure onto the table.

Lovely blue handpainted tiles by ​Francesco De Maio and ​Ceramica Pinto make sweet wall décor for summer houses especially. Soak yourself into the ‘warm’ influence of the Mediterranean style home, through decor vases, sculptures, and interesting tabletops by ​Ruboli​Mario Bottiglieri​Fornace Mian and many more.

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