Monica Gasperini presents New Design Furniture

Discover the new collection presented by Monica Gasperini for Artemest Virtual Craft Week, a selection of different pieces inspired by the fluidity of velvet, with unique designs such as a swing, an ottoman and an armchair in deep colors and saturated hues with a retrò look. Including six additional cabinets, the collection is a tribute to feminine and strong shapes.

    ​Monica Gasperini founded her own furniture line after studying architecture in Florence and collaborating in many design projects across Europe and USA, from contract spaces to private homes. Her line features timeless pieces of exquisite artisanal craftsmanship that are sophisticated and modern, inspired by the Art Deco style, and supported by endless research behind every piece.

    For​ Artemest Virtual Craft Week, Monica Gasperini presents her new collection of design pieces, unique furniture designed to give an accent to any interior. Ondulé, the first piece, is a stunning swing that doubles as a work of art, as art itself is the starting point of every piece of the new collection. Inspired by Italian Renaissance and from the iconic work "The Birth of Venus", the piece features velvet drapes and precious textiles in a charming combination. The Bleu Armchair and the Bleu Ottoman feature the same distinctive traits, with the softness of the fabrics and their flow create harmonious and delicate designs; the lines are elegant and essential in the bright colors of the shades of blue that evoke water and its reflections. The collection also includes six different cabinets in various color combinations, each reflecting Monica's passion for Art Deco style and giving every interior a touch of retrò.

    The Collection

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