Crafting the Future

Don't miss the incredible exhibition "Crafting the Future: Stories of Craftsmanship and Innovation" open to the public from the 21st of September to the 13th of October at Mudec (Milan Museum of Cultures). Celebrating the art of Made in Italy in the fashion world with a tribute to the excellence of Italy’s artisan heritage.

View from above - Courtesy of Studio Stoppini

Craftsmanship, Heritage, Innovation and Sustainability are the values that stand at the heart of the exhibition Crafting the Future: Stories of Craftsmanship and Innovation by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana with the support of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and ICE. The project sees the active involvement of Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani together with Sara Maino, Federico Poletti and Luca Stoppini. The exhibition brings together a number of companies that operate in different product categories but share the same values and are able to effectively combine them to develop unique products. 

Artemest, as the online destination for the finest Italian handmade crafts, has joined this project with enthusiasm and has curated the jewelry section of the exhibition. The jewelry table displays the work of five talented jewelry designers that according to Artemest team combine perfectly craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability.

Ilenia Corti Vernissage

Ilenia Corti, is a fashion accessories designer born in a family of jewelers that dedicated their life to the creation of unique works of art since 1969. Having collaborated with different high luxury maisons worldwide, in 2010, Ilenia Corti launches Vernissage. The project finds its inspiration in the tension between a dream vision, childlike vitality and the pragmatism of the adult world. Vernissage jewelry collections are an invitation to assist to the show of frozen nature in its vital tension, an image fading in time. Each jewel crystallized into a fragment of this fragile and mysterious universe. The brand has a strong relationship with craftsmanship and with the ancient tradition of Italian jewelry, being entirely handmade in Italy by expert craftsmen according to the traditional rules of high jewelry.

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Rosalba Balsamo

Rosalba Balsamo is an innovative and eclectic Made in Italy jewelry designer. Her creations reflect the use of different techniques and are inspired by various disciplines ranging from sculpture to architecture, anthropology and fashion design. Rosalba uses methods that allow her to create unique pieces that combine technology and design to the ancient goldsmith traditions. The brand engages in the research of innovative materials and techniques, using the latest design technologies, such as Rhinoceros 3D, without ever compromising the functional features of traditional jewelry. Rosalba's ability to masterfully merge technology and goldsmith traditions has been recognized by prestigious establishments, among which Triennale di Milano Museum and the New Italian Design 2.0 exhibit. Her jewels are to be understood as sculptural creations rather than ornaments. 

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Fabio Cammarata

Fabio Renato Cammarata was born in Caltanissetta, in a family with generations of experience in creating jewelry. In 1989, he moves to Milan and having worked with some of the most prestigious names in Italian fashion, in 1994, he launches his namesake brand. Fabio Cammarata has an innate love for material and unconventional sensitivity and he is fond of experimenting with metals to remove their “immobility”. Yellow, white and pink gold, become precious fabrics. Metals are skillfully combined to produce the effect of light silk, the reflection effect of taffeta and the transparency of fine lace. Volumes become a form of architecture around the object. Fabio Cammarata jewels are a representation of Made in Italy jewelry craftsmanship and are exhibited in prestigious museums worldwide.

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Francesca Villa

WearableItalia by Roberto Ferlito Schield

Roberto Ferlito Schield

WearableItalia and Roberto Ferlito together in occasion of a special project that blends technology and craftsmanship, creating beautiful and futuristic handcrafted jewelry. WearableItalia is an innovative Italian start-up representing a new vision of the future of technology. Its goal is to successfully merge the made in Italy design with the stunning world of wearable technology. The ideas and projects developed  are highly innovative and exploit all the skills and craftsmanship that only Italy can offer. All strictly made in Italy with noble materials embodying a 50 year old experience in the field of META luxury and fashion. WearableItalia partners with designer Roberto Ferlito, who made of these wearable technology elegant accessories, bringing wearable technology to a new standard of value and beauty. WearableItalia is today a perfect combination of technology, design and pioneering spirit stepping into the future.

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