Neoclassical Inspiration

A contemporary interpretation of the elegance of the 18th century designs. With the same precious materials: marble, ceramic, wood and Murano glass the very best Italian artisans create incredible pieces inspired by the "classical" art and culture.

The neoclassical style is about elegance and sophistication. The colors associated with Neoclassical interiors consist of mild tones of beige, blue and green accented with gentle accents of gold or lustrous black to add a strong character to the overall ambiance. ​Sculptural lighting and crystal lamps enhance the interiors to add to the drama.

Inspired by Florentine traditions and heritage, ​Castorina's ornamented wall mirrors and intricate sculptures intermingle with modern elements to create living spaces that are packed with character and elegant finesse.

​Mangani 1958, is a Florentine family sculpting masterpieces from generations. Their exquisite Neoclassical porcelain decor pieces range from simple and discreet to ornate and stunning.

The striking neoclassical interiors of one of the fabulous salons of the luxurious Villa Cora in Florence.

Stunning union ​Black Tie's ​clean & contemporary ​Victoria Ar​mchair paired with​ ​Francese Carved Wood Console harmoniously sits together exuding the Mid 18th century charm. 

Explore the magnificent set of champagne glasses by ​Fabiano Amadi: decorative Murano glasses that add a dash of the unexpected.

A white marble statue stands lies on a marble column at the center of this small saloon characterized by beautifully decorated walls in plaster and gold.
Luxurious and sumptuous details of Villa Cora interiors.
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