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This week explore lighting pieces and vintage furniture by Barbara Petrecca, metal design pieces by Davide Montanaro, artistic vases by Eloisa Gobbo, playful furniture by Scapin Collezioni, iconic design pieces by Memphis Milano, new in industrial furniture pieces by Frisoli, Murano glass vases by Artigianato Muranese, modern artworks by Alessandro Vinci and new in pieces by Manifestodesign.

Shop Barbara Petrecca

Introducing Barbara Petrecca. Set and costume designer Barbara Petrecca’s experience in en plein air theatre productions is the inspiration behind her bold style and eclectic collections. The perfect marriage of scenography and interior design, using a blend of theatre and tailoring techniques.

Each piece tells a story, transforming interiors into suggestive theatrical settings with a dreamlike ambience.

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Shop Davide Montanaro

Introducing Davide Montanaro. SudiodsgnLAB is an experimental design lab founded by industrial designer Davide Montanaro that seeks to combine manual skills and craftsmanship with sophisticated technologies. Born in 1972 in Cuneo, Montanaro has lived and worked in Milan since 2000, forging his professional path in the research and transfer of materials and technologies from different industrial sectors.

SudiodsgnLAB has received numerous accolades, including best product, best creativity, and the critical award at the 2018 IAI Design Award in Shanghai and the honorable mention at the Compasso d'Oro.

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Shop Eloisa Gobbo

Introducing Eloisa Gobbo. Currently based in Padua, Eloisa Gobbo is an Italian artist whose paintings, sculptures, and digital graphic artworks are notable for their exploration of color and incorporation of traditional motifs from Eastern and Western popular culture.

Winner of prestigious awards for public art installations, she has presented her pieces in solo and group exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.

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Shop Scapin Collezioni

Introducing Scapin Collezioni. Scapin Collezioni embodies contemporary design vision that pushes the limits of artisanship. The brand revisits traditional forms with cutting-edge technologies, transforming them into singular and eccentric pieces that effortlessly balance art and design. 

Scapin Collezioni collaborations with renowned artists and designers has resulted in iconic furniture and interior accessories.

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Shop Memphis Milano

Memphis Milano New In. A great cultural phenomenon founded in Milan in 1981, Memphis was established by the creative genius of Ettore Sottsass, along with a group of Milanese architects and designers. This movement was inspired by Art Deco, Futurism and Pop Art and created unique designs distinctive for colorful and abstract decorations and asymmetrical shapes, revolutionizing the concepts of living. 

Part of the Postmodernist style, Memphis influences to this day the designing world with unique statement pieces.

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Shop Frisoli

Frisoli New In. Romina and Michele Frisoli created this luxury interior design company after working in their family business, which manufactured carbon fiber parts for the aeronautical sector with the meticulous dedication of artisanal work. The aesthetic potential of industrial pieces and the ductility of their materials, exclusively developed by Frisoli, inspired Romina and Michele to create furniture and home décors.

These objects mix design and are and have come to embody the striking compromise between ingenuity and creativity.

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Shop Artigianato Muranese

Artigianato Muranese New In. The expert craftsmen at Artigianato Muranese combine the tradition of Venetian glass blowing with their experience and creativity to manufacture innovative pieces, while retaining the magic and charm intrinsic to the age-old craft.

The company has been established for over 60 years and is constantly evolving, striving to create a wide range of ingenious and versatile pieces.

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Shop Alessandro Vinci

Alessandro Vinci New In. A young artist and designer, Alessandro Vinci grew up in Syracuse, a Sicilian city rich in art and history. After graduating from the prestigious Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, he worked as a designer for a noteworthy luxury design company.

Several of his creations can be considered part of his search for a new contemporary language, where traditions are respected as they are blended with modern aesthetics.

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Shop Manifestodesign

Manifestodesign New In. Manifestodesign was founded in 2006 by highly experienced industrial designers. The word “manifesto” signals the profound intention behind each and every object the company produces. All materials are used in their most natural state, in the least invasive way possible, with a deep respect for nature and man’s harmonious coexistence with it. 

Their products are either redesigns of classic objects of unknown origin, or entirely new, and are all produced in the Marche and Romagna regions of Italy.

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