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Every week discover new artisans and handmade pieces: this week explore new seating by L'Abbate, wool rugs by designer Chiara Terraneo, contemporary metal furniture by Mingardo, new in murrina pitchers, glasses and candles by Wave Murano Glass by Roberto Beltrami, handpainted wall lamps by Luci Di Seta, minimal décor by Capperidiseta, contemporary sculptures by Alessandra Seria and design furniture and décor by Pasut Design.

Shop L'Abbate

    L'Abbate New In. Blending traditional and innovative materials, color, and technology to create a collection that represents Italian excellence in furniture. This collection combines art, elegance, and luxury and displays different designs approached with a common denominator: fulfill real demands in a creative and effective way.

    Discover versatile pieces of furniture by L'Abbate ​Online Shop.

    Shop Capperidicasa

    Introducing Capperidicasa. This impeccable furniture brand is inspired by vintage design and auteur modern antiques from Italy and Scandinavia. The brand is distinguished for its unique sculptural pieces, namely vases, lamps, and iTotem. All pieces are superbly fashioned of fine ceramics, marble, and wood by a team of expert artisans.

      Explore treasured vintage pieces on Capperidicasa Online Shop.

      Shop Mingardo

      Mingardo New In. Over the years, the company has collaborated with architects, starting with Carlo Scarpa, and Museo del Novecento in Milan, Parco della Musica in Florence and the Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari. The brand combines exquisite craftsmanship with contemporary design, and the pieces feature a minimalist approach.

      Discover minimalistic pieces by specialized artisans on Mingardo Online ​Shop.

      Shop Pasut Design

      Introducing Pasut Design. Luciano and Matteo Pasut established Pasut Design in 2019 in Porcia, near Pordenone. This father and son duo created the atelier to design furniture alongside architects, designers, and artists, each piece comes to life through noble materials, such as rare leather, exotic wood, marble, precious metals, and stones masterfully rendered by skilled artisans. 

      Explore captivating decor pieces on Pasut Design ​Online Sh​op.

      Shop Chiara Terraneo

      Chiara Terraneo New In. While traveling the world, Chiara Terraneo started a career as freelance visual storyteller, using different mediums to express her unique point of view. In her collection of home textiles, she combines her curiosity and her talent to create exquisite accents for modern interiors.

      Explore exquisite accents for modern interiors on Chiara Terraneao Online Shop.

      Shop Wave Murano Glass

      Wave Murano Glass by Roberto Beltrami New In. Founded in 2017, Roberto Beltrami brings innovation into antique practices established over centuries. Today he is the youngest glass master in Murano, working closely with a design and production team, dedicated to customized projects all over the world and turning any request from architects and designers into a unique and finished product.

      Explore Murano glass marvels on Wave Murano Glass by Roberto Beltrami ​Onlin​​e Shop.

      Shop Luci di Seta

      Luci di Seta New In. Based in Venice, Luci di Seta is a workshop specialized in handcrafted lampshades exclusively made using traditional techniques and the finest natural materials. Luci di Seta’s lighting creations are one-of-a-kind, elegant, and timeless objects that add warmth and a contemporary flair to any interior and can be customized to suit any customer’s need.

      Explore a range of bespoke lampshades on Luci di Seta Onl​ine S​hop.

      Shop Alessandra Serina

      Introducing ​Alessandra Serina. After studying sculpture in Carrara, Alessandra Serina began collaborating with Italian and international artists. Currently an Artistic Director for major restoration projects of marble monumental works, her sculptures have been presented at Milano Brera Design Week and other important exhibits. She creates artistic objects using stones and metals in her laboratory in her hometown of Crema, their voluptuous colors and pure lines conveying an emotional connection with their raw energy.

      Explore unique sculptures on ​Alessandra Serina Online Shop.

      Shop Meroni & Colzani

      ​Meroni & Colzani New In. As two third-generation, family-run companies operating in the cabinet making district of Brianza near Milan, Meroni & Colzani eventually merged to unite their tradition and sartorial expertise into one brand. Using the finest wood, leather, and fabric coupled with the latest technologies they produce sophisticated modern pieces for the home.

      Explore elegant furniture on ​Meroni & Colzani Online Shop.

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