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Every week discover new talented Italian artisans and designers: this week explore Apulian ceramics by Marco Rocco, colorful decorative tabletops and mirros by Danila Bonito, stunning furniture by Veblén, sideboards and cabinets by EmmeBi, luxurious new in furniture and lighting pieces by Arcahorn, design seating by La Cividina, marble kitchenware by Studio Lievito, sculptural jewelry by Giulia Barela and new artistic vases by Bitossi Ceramiche.

Shop Veblén

Introducing Veblén. Each Veblén piece is distinguished for its meticulous hand-crafting process, high-quality materials, and exclusive style. With over 40 years of experience and unparalleled know-how, this brand is specialized in bespoke collections with a unique appeal and the most high quality materials. 

Discover more sophisticated furniture on ​Veblén Online Shop.

Shop EmmeBi

Introducing EmmeBi. Managed by two sisters who follow the path started by their father, EmmeBi creates furniture in collaboration with various and renowned designers. Using wood as primary material, EmmeBi bookcases, sideboards and tables are charming pieces that suit any home.

Explore more wooden furniture on ​EmmeBi Online Shop.

Shop Arcahorn

Arcahorn New In. Arcahorn handcrafts luxury furniture and accessories that are instantly recognizable for their unique aesthetic. This brand crafts each piece using centuries old techniques passed down for generations, resulting in exclusive and sophisticated collections.

Discover new elegant side tables, seating and accessories on ​Arcahorn Online Shop.

Shop La Cividina

La Cividina New In. La Cividina makes furniture pieces that are a perfect mix of functionality and aesthetic. Their distinctive designs, the use of artisanal methods and modern technologies, and the fine materials selected produce pieces that are timeless and long lasting.

Discover new eclectic seating on ​La Cividina Online Shop.

Shop Marco Rocco

Introducing Marco Rocco. Born in Grottaglie, Apulia, known for its ancient ceramic traditions, Marco Rocco is a fifth-generation ceramicist, carrying on the creative legacy started by his great-great-grandfather. Today his works are internationally recognized for their exceptional manufacturing and elegant style.

Explore new unique table lamps and pendants on ​Marco Rocco Online Shop.

Shop Studio Lievito

Introducing Studio Lievito. Interior design firm Studio Lievito was founded in 2010 by artists Laura Passsalacqua, Francesco Taviani and Jacopo Volpi. Characterized by its ability to reinvent traditional objects into appealing and multifunctional creations, Studio Lievito meticulously handcrafts each piece in Florence.

Discover more marble kitchenware and lifestyle accessories on ​Studio Lievito Online Shop.

Shop Bitossi Ceramiche

Bitossi Ceramiche New In. This historical brand was founded in 1921 in Montelupo Fiorentino by the Bitossi family, which has manufactured ceramics since 1871. After being guided by Aldo Londi during the ‘50s and establishing a successful collaboration with architect Ettore Sottsass, today Bitossi Ceramiche keeps creating unique, handmade collections of splendid ceramics.

Explore new decorative vases on ​Bitossi Ceramiche Online Shop.

Shop Danila Bonito

Introducing Danila Bonito. Danila Bonito created the Tatà project to design and craft one-of-a-kind decorative table tops and mirrors. Working with precious stones antique objects, she creates unique products inspired by mandalas and their combinations of elements and colors.

Explore more decorative pieces on ​Danila Bonito Online Shop.

Shop Giulia Barela

Introducing Giulia Barela. After a career in International Relations, Giulia Barela founded her eponymous brand to create timeless handmade jewels. Her collections are crafted primarily of bronze and silver, using the ancient sculptural technique of lost-wax casting. The final result is eye-catching jewelry defined by fluid lines and fashionable aesthetics.

Explore more sculptural jewels on ​Giulia Barela Online Shop.

Shop Bodema

Introducing Bodema. Started in the 60s in the heart of Brianza, Bodema is a family-managed brand with an artisanal soul that creates beautiful furniture pieces with a unique style. The elegant combination of design and functionality and the meticulous attention to detail are the pillars of this incredible production. Armchairs, coffee tables and sofas are reinterpreted to express a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic.

Discover more furniture on ​Bodema Online Shop.

Shop BBB Italia

Introducing BBB Italia. Founded in 1949, BBB Italia built a link between experimentation and tradition, creating a modern and minimalist style that is in constantly evolving and always elegant. The brand collaborated with renowned designers, offering collections of superb pieces for the modern home.

Explore more modern seating on ​BBB Italia Online Shop.

Shop Alba Gallizia

Introducing Alba Gallizia. Architect, artist, and sculptor Alba Gallizia designs stunning pieces that are meticulously researched and handcrafted using sculptural volumes and lines. Elegant lamps and light fixtures are creatively inspired by the innovations of modern art and nostalgic aesthetic, becoming a sophisticated addition to any room.

Discover more captivating lighting on ​Alba Gallizia ​Online Shop.

Shop MM Lampadari

​MM Lampadari New In. Created in 1966 in the Veneto region, MM Lampadari has grown to be one of the most important interior lighting companies in the world. This brand designs and crafts timeless pieces with a modern and elegant allure, mixing different materials such as Murando glass and iron.

Discover more unique lighting on ​MM Lampadari Online Shop.

Shop Atelier Caruso

Atelier Caruso New In. Atelier Caruso is a family business specialized in home textiles and upholstered furniture. In their workshop, they produce luxury fabrics for vintage-style sofas and armchairs that are always distinctive for their high quality and the use of the finest materials. These unique pieces are the perfect balance between glamour and timeless elegance.

Discover more vintage-style furniture on ​Atelier Caruso Online Shop.

Shop Mosaici Ursula Corsi

Introducing Mosaici Ursula Corsi. Ursula Corsi crafts artistic mosaics characterized by rich and colorful patterns. Tiles of different materials, such as marble, glass, pearls and gold pieces are mixed together to create magnificent textures and designs, that will add a unique touch to a contemporary home. Ursula collaborates with different artists and designers to develop stunning collections inspired by nature and architecture.

Discover more mosaic panels and tabletop on ​Mosaici Ursula Corsi Online Shop.

Shop Casarialto

Casarialto New In. Casarialto introduces a new exquisite line of teapots and cups fully handcrafted in mouth-blown glass, using traditional techniques of manufacturing. These charming products will enrich any table with their elegant design and whimsical aesthetic.

Explore new teapots and cups on​ Casarialto Online Shop.

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