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Every week discover new artisans and handmade pieces: this week explore handcrafted felt blankets and tapestries by Sara Massidda, upholstered seatings and woodworks by S&L Interni, hand painted ceramics by Pierpaolo Gaballo, bespoke rugs by Sirecom, modern furniture pieces by Alma Design, Murano glass lighting by Luce Vetro, sculptural marble décor by Mondo Marmo Design, new solid wood and brass piece by Il Pezzo Mancante and more.

Shop Sara Massida

Introducing Sara Massidda. Sara Massidda was born in 1980 in Corinaldo, Ancona, and began her approach to craftsmanship with metalwork, later approaching a new material, felt, crafting tapestries, blankets, seat coverings and also cloaks, jackets and coats.

Through her work with hemp or silk threads, the artist creates effects of light and shadow on the felt to give depth and emotion to every facet and every object.

Discover more handcrafted felt blankets and tapestries on ​Sara Massida Online Shop.

Shop S&L Interni

Introducing S&L Interni. The company was launched in the 1970s by Eugenio Cassina with the intent of connecting luxury furniture and home accessories with expert craftsmanship. In 1996, architect Luca Cassina and Stefano Padoan have joined the company in Meda of Monza and Brianza. 

Carrying on the project with the constant commitment to implement the idea of Italian elegance, the collection includes exquisite upholstered pieces and prized materials.

Discover more upholstered seatings and woodworks on ​S&L Interni Online Shop.

Shop Pierpaolo Gaballo

Introducing Pierpaolo Gaballo. A skilled ceramist living and working in Lecce, Apulia, Pierpaolo Gaballo creates simple geometric shapes that are transformed to give life to faces, animals and objects with metaphorical meanings. 

In a perfect fusion of manual art, tradition and design, furnishing accessories that combine aesthetics and functionality, his line consists of handcrafted plates with modern decorative elements.

Discover more hand painted ceramics on ​Pierpaolo Gaballo Online Shop.

Shop Sirecom

Introducing Sirecom. The company founded in 1976 has specialized in the production of bespoke and custom-made rugs, using local and historic knotting methods to create stunning statement pieces that can completely transform any room.

From geometric shapes and fine lines running all over the surface to different combinations of the same color in different hues, every rug is an interpretation of passion and traditions.

Discover more bespoke rugs on ​Sirecom Online Shop.

Shop Alma Design

Introducing Alma Design. Alessandra Marchina founded her company in 2007 with a desire to promote Made in Italy design throughout the world, through attention to quality and the search for innovation, today with the help of her daughters Francesca and Lorenza Mazzoleni.

Chairs, tables, coffee tables, sofas, armchairs and complementing furnishings with a contemporary taste are executed combining quality, functionality, and aesthetics.

Discover more modern furniture pieces on ​Alma Design Online Shop.

Shop LuceVetro

Introducing LuceVetro. The stunning lighting fixtures created by LuceVetro are the product of the vision of founder Cecilia Cenedese, who brings to the project the Cenedese family's extensive experience in the field of lighting and glass craftsmanship.

The absolute protagonist of the LuceVetro collections is Murano glass, together with its remarkable history, resulting in abstract and ethereal shapes.

Discover more Murano glass lighting on ​LuceVetro Online Shop.

Shop Mondo Marmo Design

Introducing Mondo Marmo Design. With prized marbles as the absolute protagonists of the collection, the Verona-based company draws from its decades of experience in the stone industry to create stunning home accessories and lighting fixtures.

Thanks to the collaboration between the protagonists of the architecture sector and skilled craftsmen, each piece is a perfect blend of tradition and visual innovation.

Discover more sculptural marble décor on ​Mondo Marmo Design Online Shop.

Shop Il Pezzo Mancante

Il Pezzo Mancante New In. Il Pezzo Mancante, translated as "The Missing Piece", is a Tuscan atelier by Cosimo Terzani and Barbara Bertocci where unique designs meet the workmanship of “noble” materials like brass, solid wood, and marble. 

Inspired by the nuances, warmth, and feel of the raw materials, the latest collection of lighting and furniture pieces is a reflection of authenticity and uniqueness.

Discover more luxury furniture on ​Il Pezzo Mancante Online Shop.

Shop Le Porcellane

Le Porcellane New In. A deep passion for the craftsmanship around white porcelain inspired the dynamic brand Le Porcellane, located in the heart of Florence since its foundation in 1948, creating lamps and decorative objects are minutely handcrafted by skilled artisans.

The latest collection includes lighting fixtures such as chandeliers and pendant lamps with intricate gold patterns that resemble the decorations found on antique palaces.

Discover more white ceramic lightings on ​Le Porcellane Online Shop. 

Shop Alessandro Iudici

Alessandro Iudici New In. Alessandro represents the ninth generation in a family of ceramists, carrying the illustrious tradition of the craftsmanship art since a young age, taught by his family and inspired by his own creativity.

His classic ceramics décor pieces are featured in his new collection that includes anthropomorphic and zoomorphic shapes in stunning colors.

Discover more ancient ceramics traditions on ​Alessandro Iudici Online Shop.

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