New Arrivals

Every week discover new talented Italian artisans and designers: this week explore contemporary furniture by Atipico, eclectic pieces by Edi Chirumbolo, elegant serveware by Elleffe Design, lifestyle objects by Zanchi 1952, new in stunning furniture by Albedo and wooden works by Franco Mario for Icons.

Shop Laboratorio Paravicini

Laboratorio Paravicini New In. In occasion of Milan Design Week 2018, Laboratorio Paravicini introduces the magnificent Paradise Collection inspired by the colorful and elegant shapes of bird of paradise. The plates, luxurious and refined, are fully hand-made and hand-painted.

Discover the whole Paradise Collection on ​Laboratorio Paravicini Online Shop.

Shop Pier Luigi Frighetto by Black Tie

Pier Luigi Frighetto by Black Tie New In. At Milan Design Week 2018, Black Tie introduces a collection of elegant and contemporary pieces, characterized by a classic silhouettes and vibrant colors.

Explore more vintage-inspired seating on Pier Luigi Frighetto by Black Tie Online Shop.

Shop Mobilificio RBR Ebanisteria

Mobilificio RBR Ebanisteria New In. Furniture store RBR Ebanisteria combines centuries-old techniques and new materials to create timeless and luxurious furniture pieces that will bring sophistication into any interior. During Milan Design Week 2018, the workshop introduced a new stunning collection.

Discover more contemporary furniture on Mobilificio RBR Online Shop.

Shop Stories of Italy

Stories of Italy New In. The 'Macchia su Macchia' collection, introduced at Milan Design Week 2018, is a stunning addition to a contemporary home. Each piece is made in mold-blown and hand-finished Murano crystal and decorated with monochromatic effect.

Explore new beautifully crafted glasses on Stories of Italy Online Shop.

Shop Valentina Giovando

Valentina Giovando New In. These whimsical and elegant chandeliers by designer Valentina Giovando were presented at Milan Design Week 2018. The collection is meticulously crafted combining the use of the finest fabrics with different materials to bring a stunning final result.

Discover new lighting fixtures on Valentina Giovando Online Shop.

Shop Ceccarelli

Ceccarelli New In. Ceccarelli family has been producing prestigious ceramics for generations and, in occasion of Milan Design Week 2018, they have presented poetic sculptures inspired by Tuscan tradition and made by hand. 

Discover new ceramics on Ceccarelli Online Shop.

Shop Alberto Donà

Alberto Donà New In. Featured at Milan Design Week 2018, this stylish collection of chandelier is of stunning lighting pieces is designed by master artisan Alberto Donà, and entirely crafted of Murano glass.

Explore more charming chandeliers on Alberto Donà Online Shop.

Shop Albedo

​New In Albedo. Established in 2016 by a duo of professionals in the furniture industry, Albedo produces by hand unique collections inspired by light and shadows. Each piece has a striking personality and reflects the characteristic craftsmanship of “Made in Italy”.

Discover more handmade furniture on ​Albedo Online Shop

Shop Atipico

Introducing Atipico. ​The Atipico philosophy is defined by an unconventional aesthetic, creating pieces recognized for their poetic balance of decorative allure and functional quality. These collections showcase an original union of materials, from cement and iron, to textile and cork. 

Explore more contemporary pieces on ​Atipico Online Shop

Shop Edi Chirumbolo

​Introducing Edi Chirumbolo. Architect Edi Chirumbolo creates mesmerizing home décor objects by hand, combining her passion for painting and crafting with eclectic and unique aesthetics. 

Discover more one-of-a-kind products on ​Edi Chirumbolo Online Shop

Shop Elleffe Design

​Introducing Elleffe Design. Founded in 2011, Elleffe Design is a luxury home decor firm specializing in modern serveware. These products capture the elegance of everyday life through their meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. Elleffe’s trademark designs are distinguished for their versatility, perfectly suited for a range of decor styles, from ultra-modern to traditional.

Discover more refined tabletop on ​Elleffe Design Online Shop.

Shop Zanchi 1952

Introducing Zanchi 1952. ​This brand has been creating luxurious objects of refined elegance since its establishment in 1952. Each piece is a real work of art, handmade by master craftsmen with incomparable expertise.

Explore more lifestyle objects on ​Zanchi 1952 Online Shop

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