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This week explore colorful wallpapers by Texturae, graphic rugs and elegant furniture by Ilaria Toueg, silver home décor by Franco Lapini, new-in wooden furniture by Dale Italia and Meccani and new leather accessories by Pinetti.

Shop Ilaria Toueg

Introducing Ilaria Toueg. The first collection by Ilaria Toueg, Cali Collection, is an exclusive capsule range of hand- knotted rugs made of fine silk and premium wool, inspired by the Hollywood glamour of the 30’s. As complimentary pieces to the collection, she created a series of fine furnishings, all made using the authentic skill of Italian artisans and the highest quality of materials.

Explore more sophisticated rugs ans furniture pieces on ​Ilaria Toueg Online Shop.

Ilaria Toueg
Pop Palms Rug
Ilaria Toueg
Geometric Vision Rug
Ilaria Toueg
Golden Palms Rug
Ilaria Toueg
Vonnie Coffee Table
Ilaria Toueg
Vonnie Lamp
Ilaria Toueg
Rose Bench

Shop Texturae

Introducing Texturae. The revolutionary designs recreate spaces that open a window onto fantastical new worlds: transcending mere wallpaper by creating new perspectives that seduce the imagination.

Discover more colorful wallpapers on ​Texturae Online Shop.

Shop Franco Lapini

Introducing Franco Lapini. Producing magnificent silver-plated objects inspired by the sumptuousness of Renaissance banquets, Franco Lapini creates beautiful trays, centerpieces, bowls, and candleholders that enrich the table setting of exquisite homes, luxury hotels, and restaurants around the world.

Explore more silver-plated objects on ​Franco Lapini Online Shop.

Shop Meccani Design

Meccani Design New In. Created in the 50s, Meccani designs and produces home décor objects crafted using artisanal techniques that are the result of three generations of artisans at work in Cascina, by Pisa, Tuscany. 

Discover more modern pieces of furniture on ​Meccani Design Online Shop.

Meccani Design
Large Circle Table
Meccani Design
Liana Bookcase by Ettore Sottsass
Meccani Design
Medium Circle Table

Shop Dale Italia

Dale Italia New In. Harmoniously mixing artisanal tradition, industrial experimentation, and customization to create furniture that features a great variety of woods such as walnut, oak, and alder along with steel, glass, marble, leather, and fabric, these modern pieces reinterpret traditional styles to create an interior décor designed to be touched, where objects blend in with pure matter.

Explore more striking furniture pieces on ​Dale Italia Online Shop.

Dale Italia
Dale Bookshelf
Dale Italia
Kansas Table
Dale Italia
Two-Seater Sofa
Dale Italia
Italy Secretary Desk
Dale Italia
Panama Sideboard
Dale Italia
Design Chair

Shop Pinetti

Pinetti New In. These pieces, characterized by exquisite artisanal craftsmanship and constant research, can be seen in the most exclusive homes and boutique hotels in the world and received international awards, among which are Design Plus and Wallpaper Design.

Explore more leather home décor pieces on ​Pinetti Online Shop.

Shop Eredi Marelli

Introducing Eredi Marelli. Specialized in contemporary and vintage furniture, this innovative brand mixes exquisite artisanal craftsmanship, design, and masterful handmade techniques using the finest woods.

Explore more striking wooden furniture pieces on​ Eredi Marelli Online Shop.

Shop Maurizio Navone Restart

Introducing Maurizio Navone Restart. A brand that produces sustainable objects in limited series with a minimalist and sophisticated taste, perfect for a contemporary home.

Explore the essentially beautiful lighting pieces on ​Maurizio Navone Restart Online Shop.

Maurizio Navone Restart
Alla Black Table Lamp
Maurizio Navone Restart
Bettina Black Lamp
Maurizio Navone Restart
Victoire Black Floor Lamp
Maurizio Navone Restart
Alla White Table Lamp
Maurizio Navone Restart
Bettina White Lamp
Maurizio Navone Restart
Victoire White Floor Lamp

Shop Augusta

Introducing Augusta. Augusta lives and works in Milan and her passion for jewelry started when she was still a girl, each cufflink is crafted by the best jewel-makers and artisans in Milan who follow every step in the making of the pieces with attention to every detail.

Discover more one-of-a-kind cufflinks on ​Augusta Online Shop.

Shop Servomuto

Servomuto New In. Designing and producing lampshades taking inspiration from vintage forms researched from an archive that dates back more than 50 years, Servomuto reinterpret the old style of the lampshades adding unusual trimmings and salvaged materials.

Explore more exquisite lighting pieces on​ Servomuto Online Shop.

Guinea Green Wall Light
Guinea Blue Wall Light

Shop Hannau Roma

Hannau Roma New In. The production of Hannau Roma is characterized by elegant art déco designs, high quality, and the use of precious materials that allow the creation of sophisticated furniture pieces.

Explore more unique furniture pieces on ​Hannau Roma Online Shop

Shop Margherita Burgener

Margherita Burgener New In. These creations are the result of a family’s century long tradition as goldsmiths, in Valenza, the hometown of high-class Italian jewelry, combined with the incomparable taste of the Burgener's.

Discover more precious jewels on ​Margherita Burgener Online Shop.

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