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Every week discover new artisans and handmade pieces: this week explore weaved furniture and lighting by Bottega Intreccio, design pieces by Ferrari, modern limited edition tables by Vener, wood pieces by Apulia Design, home theatre seating and luxury table games by Vismara, classic furnishings by Salda, colorful ceramics by ICS Future Village, decorative objects by Design Center 1991, wooden furniture by Dellapicca Design and high quality textiles by Pois a Righe.

Shop Esemplareunico

Introducing Esemplareunico. Established in the ‘80s, Esemplareunico is located in Cantù. This workshop of ideas, passion, and artisan expertise creates luxury packaging and design accessories, each handmade piece telling stories about its finest materials, notably refined paper, soft leather, delicate cloth, and precious wood.

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Shop Rever

Introducing Rever. Located in the heart of Italian furniture and design, Brianza-based atelier Rever In &Out Solution creates exclusive yet functional furniture marked by meticulous attention to detail. The brand uses refined materials to achieve the highest standards of comfort for its singular indoor and outdoor pieces.

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Shop Divina Project

Introducing Divina Project. Divina Project is an interior design consulting firm dedicated to high-quality Italian craftsmanship and custom-made furniture, both classic and modern. Located in Villafontana, near Verona, Divina Project interfaces with architects and interior designers, providing complete customization of furniture and accessories for residential and commercial projects.

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Shop Longhi

Introducing Longhi. Established in 1965, Longhi has introduced its interior design creations at Milan Design Week every year since, offering comfort and functionality mixed with subtle elegance. At Longhi’s, experienced craftsmen fashion luxurious pieces in the Italian artisan tradition using exclusive wood, marbles, and precious stones guaranteed by certifications of authenticity.

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Shop Braid Outdoor

Braid Outdoor New In. Embodying the art of weaving, this brand started in the ‘50s in Mogliano, a small town in the Marche region. Braid Outdoor creates timeless, sophisticated pieces crafted of synthetic fibers for maximum durability, becoming a protagonist in outdoor furniture production.

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Shop Barel

Barel New In. Crafted with care and expertise, Barel’s unique designs are dynamic transformations of glass and forged iron, poetic creations entirely “Made in Italy” by a team of skilled artisans. A unique family enterprise, Barel has been passed down three generations.

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Shop Esperia Luci

Introducing Esperia Luci. The brand’s name is derived from the Ancient Greek word referring to the Italian peninsula, hinting at the brand’s roots in local craftsmanship. Today, Esperia is led by the second and third generations, creating artistic lamps entirely made by hand that preserve cultural traditions.

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Shop Romoli Illuminazione

Introducing Romoli Illuminazione. Located in Bagno a Ripoli, near Florence, the company creates unique designs pairing exquisite metalwork (brass, iron, copper, steel, and aluminum) with carefully chosen details in crystal, leather, plexiglass, wood, and fabrics. Passion for materials, love for tradition, and dedicated craftsmanship are the key elements of Romoli Illuminazione’s success.

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Shop D3co

D3co New In. Committed to an entirely handcrafted, chemical-free and natural production process using exclusively certified materials, D3CO is a young Italian furniture company founded by Danilo Barzaghi. D3CO pieces avoid the lure of the latest trends, preferring instead to create timeless designs that reinterpret classic styles with modern sensibility.

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Shop Badari

Badari New In. Founded in Firenze in 1959, Badari exemplifies excellence. Badari is world-renowned for its skilled craftsmanship in antique chandelier reproduction and interior lighting designs, each piece created with passion and careful attention to detail. Each piece is a unique work of art that reflects the past while embodying a timeless allure that makes it suitable for modern living.

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