New Arrivals

Meet our new artisans and discover our unique selection of furniture and home decor. This week explore Fratelli Basile striking chests and sideboards, Gio Minelli's brass wall lamps, precious Murano glass mirrors, chandeliers and furniture by Arte Veneziana and contemporary home decor pieces by Nicola Falcone.

Introducing Fratelli Basile One-of-a-kind Furniture

Luxurious furniture pieces with an elegant and contemporary charm. Discover Fratelli Basile one-of-a-kind functional objet d’art- a perfect combination of design, millenary artisanal techniques and precious materials.

View more on ​Fratelli Basile Page.

Fratelli Basile
Gallery Tall Chest
Fratelli Basile
Lorsky Coffee Table
Fratelli Basile
Gallery Sideboard
Fratelli Basile
Cubo Tall Chest
Fratelli Basile
Cubo Short Sideboard
Fratelli Basile
Eileen Chair

Introducing Gio Minelli Brass Lighting and Vases

Unique brass wall lamps and original vases in copper and brass. Explore our selection of products designed by the talented Milan-based designer Gio Minelli and produced by highly renowned craftsmen based in Lombardy.

Discover more on Gio Minelli Page.

Gio Minelli
Sacred Geometry Shield Lamp
Gio Minelli
Sacred Geometry Drum Lamp
Gio Minelli
Sacred Geometry Aster Lamp
Gio Minelli
Walnut Vase
Gio Minelli
Low Cut Vase
Gio Minelli
Cutting Height Vase

Introducing Arte Veneziana Murano Home Decor

Precious Murano glass chandeliers, mirrors and incredible furniture in Murano glass, ebony and marble. Expert use of materials and sophisticated decorations distinguish these splendid home décor pieces that effortlessly combine classic and modern appeal.

Preview our favorite here or view more on ​Arte Veneziana Page.

Arte Veneziana
Bastille Bar Cabinet
Arte Veneziana
Tour Eiffel Sideboard
Arte Veneziana
Next Déco Console
Arte Veneziana
Doge Mirror
Arte Veneziana
Next Déco Armchair
Arte Veneziana
Wise Sideboard

Introducing Nicola Falcone

Contemporary furniture and decorative pieces designed by Italian architect Nicola Falcone and designer Ludwig Hartmann. Flamingos, dears, atoms and medieval goblets – inspire this striking line of contemporary furniture that combines multiple materials such as brass, iron, glass and alabaster.

Visit ​Nicola Falcone Page to view more.

Nicola Falcone
Battistero Table
Nicola Falcone
Collana Mirror
Nicola Falcone
Bird Alabaster Table
Nicola Falcone
Atomo Small Table
Nicola Falcone
Y Chandelier
Nicola Falcone
Crown Coffee Table

Roberto Cambi New In​

New striking contemporary ceramic sculptures by the renowned ceramic artist Roberto Cambi.

Preview a selection of our favorite new in or visit ​Roberto Cambi Page to view more.

Roberto Cambi
Interweave Vase Sculpture
Roberto Cambi
BOSCH 1 Vase
Roberto Cambi
Between Ceramic Sculpture
Roberto Cambi
Krypton Holiday Sculpture

Pestelli New In

Discover the striking new in silver placeholders, salt and pepper bowls, decorative objects and cufflinks in quintessential Pestelli style.

Discover more on ​Pestelli Page.

​Introducing Corsi Design Factory

Our assortment of stunning vases grows with the beautiful designs by Gaetano Pesce, Campana Brothers and Alessandro Mendini, all crafted by Corsi Design Factory.
See their complete collection on the ​Corsi Design Factory page.​

​Introducing Picta Lab Wallpapers

Come discover Picta Lab's one-of-a-kind hand painted wallpapers. Elegant water color paintings that fill any room with poetry and beauty.

Discover more on ​Picta Lab Page.

​Introducing Dale Italia

Modern pieces reinterpret traditional styles to create an interior décor designed to be touched, where objects blend in with pure matter. Dale Italia harmoniously mixes artisanal tradition, industrial experimentation, and customization to create furniture that features a great variety of high quality materials.

Preview our favorite here or visit ​Dale Italia Page.

Dale Italia
Chicago Sideboard
Dale Italia
Firenze Table
Dale Italia
Verona Sideboard
Dale Italia
Dublino Chair
Dale Italia
Venezia Wall Unit
Dale Italia
Madrid Sideboard

​Introducing Mangani 1958

Hand-decorated ceramic creations- real works of art produced in a district near Florence specialized in fine ceramics that has an inestimable patrimony of original molds dating back to 1958.

Preview our favorites here or visit ​Mangani 1958 Page.

Mangani 1958
Uovo Box
Mangani 1958
Leaves Centerpiece
Mangani 1958
Gold Lamp
Mangani 1958
Gold Centerpiece
Mangani 1958
Green Desk Lamp
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