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This week explore unique iron objects by Stefano Robiglio, playful furniture by Rampinelli Edizioni, Aina Kari’s elegant candles, iridescent ceramics by Matteo Salsano, new in wooden pieces by Falegnameria Helmut Santifaller, decorated tapestry and wall lamps by Barbara Petrecca, exclusive boat accessories by Marricreo, sophisticated working accessories by Vittorio Martini, sideboards with a timeless aesthetic by Epocart, elegant furnishings with strong character by Laura Meroni, classic mirrors and paintings by Caiafa, innovative wallpapers by Affreschi & Affreschi, decorated vases by FC Ceramics and unique sculptures by Leonardo Bossio.

Shop Stefano Robiglio

Introducing Stefano Robiglio. Forging metal is Stefano Robiglio’s great passion. A self-taught blacksmith, Robiglio was born in Acqui Terme, Piedmont in 1988 and is currently based in Visone, where he forges his unique and exclusive creations in his studio, from traditional gates and railings to sculptures and décor pieces.

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Shop Rampinelli Edizioni

Introducing Rampinelli Edizioni. Founded in Bergamo in 2020, Rampinelli Edizioni is a furniture brand that combines the creativity of Sovrappensiero Design Studio and the know-how and technical expertise of Rampinelli S.p.A., a leader in metalworking manufacturing since 1913. Engineer Gabriele Rampinelli is at the helm of this new brand, whose first collection of steel furniture is inspired by geometric solids.

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Shop Aina Kari

Introducing Aina Kari. Aina Kari Considered Home Fragrance, an innovative sustainable brand meets a fully "Made in Italy" production process marked by a careful selection of the finest suppliers and hyper-local production. From Murano glass mouth-blown vases to hand-poured all-natural waxes to creative story-telling sustainable packaging illustrated by comic book artist Paolo Gallina.

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Shop Matteo Salsano

Introducing Matteo Salsano. Born in Cava de Tirreni near Salerno in 1959, Matteo Salsano is the epitome of the modern homo-faber, a craftsman combining love for century-old traditions with passion for experimentation. A self-taught artist, he started painting early on, worked as a ceramist, and moved to Milan where he became interested in holistic disciplines, specifically biotransenergetics.

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Shop Falegnameria Helmut Santifaller

Falegnameria Helmut Santifaller. Located by the town of Ortisei, in Val Gardena on the Dolomites Mountains, the workshop of Falegnameria Helmut Santifaller is inspired by the local wood carving tradition from this area. Experienced carpenters handcraft each piece of furniture, which is then hand decorated by expert artisans to create distinctive and timeless objects.

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Shop Barbara Petrecca

Barbara Petrecca New In. Set and costume designer Barbara Petrecca’s extensive experience in en plein air theatre productions is the inspiration behind her bold style and eclectic collections: the perfect marriage of scenography and interior design.

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Shop Marricreo

Marricreo New In. Marricreo is a home decor brand founded by Simona Novi and based in Naples. The brand name is derived from the words "mar", for sea, and the Neapolitan expression "ma' ricreo", signifying enjoyment or being reinvigorated by beauty: these two inspirations are reflected in the brand's design philosophy and pursuit of balanced proportions and sleek forms.

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Shop Vittorio Martini

Vittorio Martini New In. Vittorio Martini established the Ancient Factory Vittorio Martini in Bologna in 1866, specializing in “manufacturing high-precision instruments for technical drawing, computing and engineering". This award-winning workshop continues combining innovation and precision and has now created the MAT4+, a multifunctional writing tool for the contemporary world. These pieces are conceived with the lover of design, high quality, and refined style in mind.

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Shop Epocart

Epocart New In. Epocart was founded in the 1950s by Gino Passarin, a master cabinetmaker who learned the ancient tradition of combining quality materials with handcrafting techniques at Giuseppe Merlin’s workshop in Asparetto, a small town near Verona. Today, Epocart relies on the mastery of artisans and designers to interpret the needs of the most sophisticated clientele, translating them into exclusive design solutions destined for lavish homes all over the world.

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Shop Laura Meroni

Laura Meroni New In. This brand creates tailor-made solutions for customers who look for elegant furnishings with strong character and a perfect balance between art and design. In the heart of Brianza, a district near Milan famous for the high-quality production of furniture made in an artisanal way, skillful designers and craftsmen combine the finest wood, glass, marble and metals to fashion pieces that effortlessly blend art, design, and architecture.

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Shop Caiafa

Caiafa New In. Caiafa Studio has an illustrious family tradition dating back to the 1600s when the Caiafa were renowned carvers in Naples. Over the generations, the family refined their craft, working with architects, artisans, and visionaries across the city and Europe to create exceptional pieces that honor an almost-forgotten artistic tradition.

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Shop Affreschi & Affreschi

Affreschi & Affreschi New In. Founded by Dario Roselli in 1997, Affreschi & Affreschi is the first manufacturer of frescoes with plaster-based support in the world, made possible thanks to the innovative, sustainable and certified materials. Designed to add a sartorial effect to any interior with designs customizable in color, dimension, subject, and style, all wallpapers are made on durable sheets that feel and look natural.

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Shop FC Ceramics

FC Ceramics New In. FC Ceramics was founded in 2012 by architect Fabio Ciancaglini. After discovering his passion for ceramics, he studied painting and engraving at the Albertine Academy of Fine Arts in Turin and later worked under renowned ceramicists in Italy and France. His workshop is located in Rubiana (Turin), where he creates original works with a distinct Orientalist style -balancing functionalism and aesthetics -and experiments with high-temperature glazes.

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Shop Leonardo Bossio

Leonardo Bossio New In. Leonardo Bossio is one of the young players in contemporary ceramics and modeling. Born in 1973 in Firenze, he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and then went back to the nearby town where he set up his studio. His work is focused on our society’s bizarre attitudes and characteristics, through luminescent, surreal human figures, and an element of irony.

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