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Every week discover new artisans and handmade pieces: this week explore modern and versatile furniture by Modo10, steel designs by TrackDesign, lamps made of repurposed wood by Topic, new innovative furniture by Paola Paronetto, the latest artistic ceramics by Hugo Schaer, hand-tufted rugs by Ciarmoli Queda Studio, sophisticated designer furniture by Extroverso and iconic resin vases and accessories by Corsi Design Factory.

Shop Modo10

​Introducing Modo10. With an unmistakable style and eye for craftsmanship, Franco Bianchini’s company from Verona was founded in 1968 and remains today a forefront of the international market representing the Made in Italy furniture excellency.

​Modo10 produces stunning furniture pieces with a modern flair, including stunning designer beds and classic seatings with precious textiles.

Discover more modern and versatile furniture on ​Modo10 Online Shop.

Shop TrackDesign

​Introducing TrackDesign. Born from the passion for industrial design and Nordic-style interiors, TrackDesign is a family-run company that specializes in contemporary indoor and outdoor furniture designed by a future-oriented team of engineers, architects and designers.

​The absolute protagonist of their creations is corten, a multiform steel that gives a sturdy and modern feel to every product.

Discover more steel designs on ​TrackDesign Online Shop.

Shop Topic

​Introducing Topic. Davide Carnevali founded his artisanal laboratory after more that 40 years of experience in the industry, combining his strong vision with a passion for repurposing waste and giving new life to discarded pieces, creating stunning products.

​His lamps, made with waste found in nature such as unique wood parts, become one-of-a-kind home accessories perfect for any room.

Discover more lamps made of repurposed wood on ​Topic Online Shop.

Shop Vie del Marmo

​Introducing Vie del Marmo. The Tuscan brand was born combining the ancient marble tradition of the land with the passion of a team of artisans, using today the most precious raw materials sourced in the renowned Apuo-Versilian district.

​With cutting-edge technological processes and an eye for traditional manufacturing, the resulting pieces are stunning example of true marble craftsmanship.

Discover more cutting-edge marble home accessories on ​Vie del Marmo Online Shop.

Shop Paola Paronetto

​Paola Paronetto New In. Simplicity, tradition, innovation: Paola Paronetto’s ceramics are born from a never-ending experimentation that produces beautiful pieces of art with projects into paper clay, a unique material that blends natural fibers, clay and paper pulp.

​Her new pieces include her classic vases with elongated shapes inspired by trees and nature.

Discover more innovative furniture on ​Paola Paronetto Online Shop. 

Shop Hugo Schaer

​Hugo Schaer New In. After having completed his studies in Switzerland and travelled all around Europe conducting an interdisciplinary career, Hugo Schaer now collaborates with Italian factories creating unique sculpture and ceramics.

​His latest collection includes pieces highly influenced by art, ceramic plates with colorful hand drawn figures.

Discover more artistic ceramics on ​Hugo Schaer Online Shop.

Shop Ciarmoli Queda Studio

​Ciarmoli Queda Studio New In. Founded by Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda in 2009, the firm takes a holistic approach in designing and developing products and interior design solutions with its unmistakable modern and refined signature style.

​Their latest collection features three new hand-tufted rugs with geometric and sophisticated patterns, in soothing shades and natural colors.

Discover more hand-tufted rugs on ​Ciarmoli Queda Studio Online Shop.

Shop Antique Mirror

​Antique Mirror New In. Specialized in the artisanal production of flat glass, Antique Mirorr was founded over 40 years ago in the Tuscan countryside, and has distinguished itself with its constant innovation and research in the glassmaking field ever since.

​The latest collection presents a new array of stunning pieces, including mirrored trays, unique boxes with colorful accents and classic glass mirrors.

Discover more innovative glass pieces on ​Antique Mirror Online Shop.

Shop Extroverso

Extroverso New In. By interpreting its artistic vision through the lens of tradition and modernity, Extroverso creates unique design home furnishings thanks to the minds of founder Manuela Dello Strologo, joined by designer Sakura Adachi and illustrator Anna Sutor.​

​Their newest addition are stunning oak pieces including vanity desks with colorful accents and wood cabinets with elegants drawings.

Discover more sophisticated designer furniture on ​Extroverso Online Shop.

Shop Cerasarda

​Cerasarda New In. Founded in 1963 by Prince Karim Aga Khan in the iconic Emerald Coast of Sardinia, Cerasarda has made a name for itself for their exquisite work and collaboration with local craftsmen to create refined decorations with a distinctive aesthetic.

​New pieces include ceramic vases inspired by nature and cactuses in different, vibrant and unexpected colors.

Discover more traditional and artisanal ceramics on ​Cerasarda Online Shop.

Shop Corsi Design Factory

​Corsi Design Factory New In. Founded by Andrea Corsi in 2007, the Factory is a creative spaces for young craftsmen and artisans that allows them to team up with other designers to create traditional pieces following authentic artisanal methods in the production.

​Their latest collections includes numerous re-editions of iconic vases designed by Gaetano Pesce and crafted using resin, created with abstract shapes and powerful colors.

Discover more iconic resin vases and accessories on ​Corsi Design Factory Online Shop.

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