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Every week discover new talented Italian artisans and designers: this week discover modern colorful table lamps by Les First, new in pieces by Manifestodesign, wooden furniture created using a patented slot-together system by Taxtho, exquisite ceramics by Carla Lega Ceramiche, marble tabletop accessories by Marmolove, new in lighting by Edizioni Design and new in ceramic plates by Chiara Terraneo and stunning new in furniture and lighting pieces by Brass Brothers & Co.

Shop Taxtho

Introducing Taxtho. Taxtho is a historic furniture company based in the south of Bolzano in Alto Adige. Specialized in the production of custom-made wooden furniture, this brand can create pieces that are easy to assemble and disassemble, offering modular solutions for any interior.

Explore more wooden seating on ​Taxtho Online Shop.

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Introducing Les First. Massimo Marcomini is the founder of Les First, a brand that combines Renaissance themes with the rigorous modern architecture style. His pieces are carefully made by selected manufacturers in the Lombardy and Veneto regions, combining age-old methods and sustainable technology to create dynamic, playful pieces.

Explore more creative table lamps on ​Les First Online Shop.

Shop Marmolove

Introducing Marmolove. Siblings Valentina and Alessandro come from a long tradition of family artisans, which opened the first marble workshop and passed down the tradition for four generations. Modern and sophisticated, Valentina and Alessandro’s pieces are the fruit of a constant research of new silhouettes.

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Shop Carla Lega Ceramiche

Introducing Carla Lega Ceramiche. Carla Lega started is a lusterware master who combines Faenza’s traditional ceramic techniques with a thoroughly modern and original style.Her latest creations are handcrafted using the traditional ’cartoccio’ technique, resulting in beautiful vases and plates.

Discover more ceramics vases on ​Carla Lega Ceramiche Online Shop.

Shop Manifestodesign

Manifestodesign New In. Manifestodesign was founded in 2006 by highly experienced industrial designers and it is specialized in the creation of beautiful, functional products completely crafted in the Marche and Romagna regions of Italy. All materials are used in their most natural state, in the least invasive way possible, with a deep respect for nature and man’s harmonious coexistence with it.

Discover new tables and leather accessories on ​Manifestodesign Online Shop.

Shop Edizioni Design

​Edizioni Design New In. Edizioni Design’s objects are minimalist, with shapes strongly linked to their functions, using stones and metals with different and precious finishes. The result is something that they call “naked design”: sleek pieces that are also evocative and full of emotions.

Explore new minimalist lighting on ​Edizioni Design Online Shop.

Shop Brass Brothers & Co.

Brass Brothers & Co New In. Brass Brothers & Co. is a new young brand of lighting and furnishing, a project born from ideas shared by a group of designers, architects, and artisans based in Florence. Their products are entirely made by expert artisans with over 50 years of experience. Brass Bros style is characterized by an elaborate vintage feel with a lavish and flawless contemporary air.

Discover new modern and elegant sconces on​ ​Brass Brothers & Co. Online Shop.

Shop Paola Paronetto

Paola Paronetto New In. Paola Paronetto reinterprets the ancient clay-making in an innovative way, crafting stunning and unique décor elements. Her constant experimentation is driven by the nature and the simplicity of forms.

Discover more paper-clay vases on ​Paola Paronetto Online Shop.

Shop Paolo Castelli

Paolo Castelli New In. The Castelli family started making ebony pieces in Bologna at the beginning of the 20th century. Now the brand Paolo Castelli still makes custom-made furniture using an artisanal method and creates sophisticated collections distinguished by great care for details and materials thanks to the collaboration with prestigious designers and the finest Italian craftsmen.

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Shop Vito Scamarcia

Vito Scamarcia New In. Born in Apulia, Vito Scamarcia moved to Varese, in the cabinetmaking district near Milan. Vito is a refined artist who works with wood, drawing inspiration from antique shapes and primary colors. His creations boast a vibrant spontaneity that is highly evocative.

Discover more colorful and eclectic furniture on ​Vito Scamarcia Online Shop.

Shop Chiara Terraneo

Chiara Terraneo New In. After her studies in Graphic Design and her travels around the world, Chiara Terreneo has developed a unique collection of home décor and textiles, where she combines her curiosity and her talent to create exquisite pieces.

Explore more tabletop and textiles on ​Chiara Terraneo Online Shop.

Shop Exto

Introducing Exto. Exto is a young Brianza-based company founded in 2018. This brand is specialized in the creation of timeless, sophisticated pieces that boast an heirloom quality, technological know-how, and an eye for functionality. The personalization of materials - metals, prized woods combined with cowhide, parchment, raw iron and polished steel - makes each piece unique and treasured.

Discover more unique furniture on ​Exto Online Shop.

Shop Telami

Introducing Telami. Creator of the iconic Tripolina and Director’s chairs, Telami is an Italian company specialized in exclusive handmade furniture and accessories. Fully customizable in endless combinations of fabric textures and colors, all Telami products use premium-quality materials.

Explore more iconic chairs on ​Telami Online Shop.

Shop D3CO

Introducing D3CO. D3CO, a young Italian furniture company, creates timeless designs that reinterpret classic styles with modern sensibility to perfectly complement contemporary lifestyles. Each piece is entirely handcrafted, chemical-free and made using natural production processes.

Discover more contemporary seating on​ ​D3CO Online Shop.

Shop Nodus

Introducing Nodus. Nodus is a company that produces exclusive rugs designed by innovative artists from around the world. With a collection of over 50 rugs, each piece is a work of art, entirely hand-woven, made to order, and customized per client’s specifications. Nodus prides itself on a moral production practice that provides fair work conditions and compensation.

Discover more one-of-a-kind rugs on ​Nodus Online Shop.

Shop Matteo di Ciommo

Introducing Matteo di Ciommo. Matteo di Ciommo is a craftsman that works mainly with wood. He has developed a series of temple-shaped boxes whose silhouettes embody the poetic notions of containers as treasure chests that stir a sense of wonder.

Explore more enchanting décor on ​Matteo di Ciommo Online Shop.

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