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This week explore lighting pieces with an organic flair by Margart, modern black and white furniture by Palmobili, elegant ceramics by White Porcelain Florence, sculptural marble décor by UpGroup, colorful and eclectic furniture by MissoniHome, unique painted velvet cushions by Anna Paola Cibin, irregular ceramics for tabletop by Arcucci Handmade and bold geometric furniture made of wood by Meccani Design.

Shop Margart

Introducing Margart. Margart is a young project by designer Margherita Sala whose mission is sustainably and responsibly using natural resources to create new design concepts for the modern home. Following a new trend of sustainable luxury design committed to protection of the environment, the brand’s continuous research into innovative natural materials gives form to unique design pieces.

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Introducing Palmobili. Founded in 1985, Palmobili mission is rooted in a rich family tradition and meticulous craftsmanship ethos. Palmobili furniture collections are entirely crafted using traditional techniques, with carvings and finishes manually applied on 100% Italian materials, from prized wood to luxury textiles.

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Introducing White Porcelain Florence. Located in Settignano, a town near Florence, White Porcelain Florence is an artisan workshop where master ceramist Nerina Martinelli creates porcelain tableware pieces inspired by the surrounding natural landscapes. Each of her pieces is meticulously handcrafted, defined by essential lines and finished with a layer of crystalline to heighten the natural porcelain color.

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UpGroup New In. Since 1998, UpGroup has distinguished itself as one of the most relevant Italian marble manufacturers worldwide. Based in Massa-Carrara, home of the most famous marble quarries in the world, UpGroup combines traditional handcrafted production on lathe with the latest technology and partners with world renowned designers and architects for their exclusive bespoke collections.

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Shop MissoniHome

MissoniHome New In. Missoni is a fashion and lifestyle brand established in 1953 internationally renowned for its couture textiles and knitwear patterns. MissoniHome is a home décor brand that envisions colorful and daring solutions to indoor and outdoor furnishings. Impeccably crafted, colors interweave with innovative and linear forms to create artistic yet functional pieces.

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Shop Anna Paola Cibin

Anna Paola Cibin New In. Venice-born artist Anna Paola Cibin studied art and design at the Institute of Art in Venice. After a brief period in London, she returned to Venice to collaborate with Murano’s glass masters, and in 1997, she began painting on velvet, a technique inspired by old Venetian tapestry tradition. Her talent, passion, and constant search for details produce entirely original and captivating art pieces.

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Shop Arcucci Handmade

Arcucci Handmade New In. Arcucci was founded in 1981, in the heart of Tuscany, via the passion and entrepreneurial design of its founder, Giuseppe Arcucci. Specializing in the production and distribution of items for the kitchen and home, the company launched an effective marketing strategy in the 90s that led to the success of the brand throughout Europe.

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Shop Meccani Design

Meccani Design New In. Meccani Design produces home décor objects, crafted using artisanal techniques that are the result of three generations of artisans at work in Cascina, Tuscany. These modern pieces of furniture express their strong link with tradition, combined with a contemporary style. Innovation and tradition meet in these objects that are built with great respect for nature and with natural, non-toxic materials.

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