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Every week discover new talented Italian artisans and designers: this week discover iconic furniture pieces by cabinet maker Torselli, bedding and bath linen by Mara Dal Cin for DFN, new in design mirrors by Portego, decorative boxes by Antique Mirror, new in cushions by Ivano Redaelli and exquisite centerpieces by Franco Lapini.

Shop Torselli

Introducing Torselli. ​Torselli’s artistic philosophy revisits classic silhouettes with innovative artistic flair that highlights the craftsmanship and character of each piece. The elegant creations are crafted using wood, leather, steel, and brass, revealing the artisanal heritage of this renowned family business based in Tuscany region.

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Shop Antique Mirror

Introducing Antique Mirror. For over forty years, Antique Mirror has distinguished itself for research and innovation in glassmaking techniques, developing oxidation and patented processes and patented processes for vintage sheets and mosaic tiles to create one-of-a-kind decorative pieces. Established in the captivating Tuscan countryside of Sovicille, Antique Mirror is eco-conscious and uses renewable energy to power its activities.

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Shop Mara Dal Cin for DFN

Introducing Mara Dal Cin for DFN. DFN introduces a collection designed by Mara dal Cin with exquisite tableware and glassware to create the perfect ambiance in a sophisticated home. These pieces are made with great care for every detail and using fine materials, such as fine porcelain, mouth-blown Murano glass, and 24k gold.

Discover more refined porcelain tableware and bed and bath linen on ​Mara Dal Cin for DFN Online Shop

Shop Portego

Portego New In. ​Portego’s products are contemporary in their aesthetic, yet maintaining classical echoes. The new collections, Elemento and Bronzino, are the perfect example of the brand's ability to combine bold, modern silhouettes with retro inspirations. 

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Shop Ivano Redaelli

​Ivano Redaelli New In. The origins of Redaelli Ricami lie in the historical tradition of the district of Como, in the years after World War II, when Piero Redaelli and his wife Iside first founded it as a hand embroidered manufacturer of linens for the home. Today, the firm's style merges clever creativity with raw materials and high Italian craftsmanship.

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Shop Franco Lapini

Franco Lapini New In. ​In 1963 Franco Lapini founded his namesake brand in Florence after studying at the Istituto D’Arte Internazionale in his hometown. After working as an apprentice in several workshops, he started his own collections, producing magnificent silver-plated objects inspired by the sumptuousness of Renaissance banquets. 

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Shop Secolo XXI

Introducing Secolo XXI. Established in 2015, Secolo XXI is a London-based design studio that bridges the gap between art and design. Secolo blends interior design with architecture to develop innovative products for sophisticated interiors. Secolo XXI’s furniture and accent pieces are characterized by their sleek silhouettes, quality materials and playful character.

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Shop Marricreo

Introducing Marricreo. Founded by Simona Novi and based in Naples, Marricreo is a home decor brand that produces luxurious pieces crafted by exceptional artisans. The collection is defined by unique aesthetics and designs, offering must-have products to enjoy at home and on the boat.

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Shop Talenti

Introducing Talenti. Talenti was established in 2004 by Fabrizio Cameli. Drawing upon his meticulous marble working skills, Cameli creates furniture with strong architectural lines and harmonious aesthetic. Today, Cameli’s children carry forward and expand the brand’s creative vision in new projects the merge traditional craft with modern living.

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Shop Mario Cioni

Introducing Mario Cioni. This brand celebrates artistic crystal artifacts and glassware that showcase impeccable craftsmanship and timeless style. In all its masterpieces, the exquisite quality of glass and crystal and the use of traditional crafting methods create eye-catching designs that bring ethereal elegance into sophisticated homes.

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Shop Fiammetta V Home Collection

Introducing Fiammetta V Home Collection. In 1818 the Duchess Maria Beatrice d’Este granted the Vanelli family the right to excavate Carrara marble. Since then, the Vanelli quarries have been providing marble for the most important European capitals. Today, Fiammetta Vanelli creates sophisticated pieces combining the thousand-year old Italian artisan tradition with the most advanced technologies.

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Shop Massimiliano Giornetti per Fiammetta V

Introducing Massimiliano Giornetti per Fiammetta V. Former creative director for Salvatore Ferragamo, Massimiliano Giornetti is the creative mind behind a 2017 capsule collection designed for a collaboration with Fiammetta V. The limited edition collection includes six pieces entirely crafted by hand using the finest materials and precious marbles from the Fiammetta V quarries.

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Shop CosmoTre

Introducing CosmoTre. This brand is specialized in lightings and furnishing objects for hotels, yachts, commercial spaces, and residences. Each product can be adapted to the customer's specific needs. CosmoTre products represent the highest quality standard in this sector.

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Shop Sonia Pedrazzini

Sonia Pedrazzini New In. In 2009, eclectic designer Sonia Pedrazzini created the project Le Morandine, inspired by still life paintings by Giorgio Morandi. is a project dedicated to the renowned still life paintings by Italian master Giorgio Morandi, these ceramic vases are handcrafted by expert artisans and painted by hand.

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Shop Gebrüder Thonet Vienna

Gebrüder Thonet Vienna New In. Gebrüder Thonet Vienna is one of the oldest furniture makers in the world. Today, Thonet continues to create new pieces, while revisiting its iconic designs and furniture made with curved steel tubes that have a sophisticated and timeless allure.

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Shop Antonio Ciulli e Figlio

Antonio Ciulli e Figlio New In. The artisanal foundry of Antonio Ciulli e Figlio was created in Florence in 1902 in the heart of the artisans’ neighborhood. Now at its third generation, the Ciulli family continues the Florentine artisanal tradition of making artistic lighting and furniture with a distinctive classic style.

Discover more one-of-a-kind furniture and lighting on ​Antonio Ciulli e Figlio Online Shop.

Shop Roberta Licini

Roberta Licini New In. Roberta Licini produces high quality textiles and pillows with a unique style. Her creative ideas are represented through the reinterpretation of classical concepts expressing Made in Italy in carded wool, cotton, and cashmere for strong visual impact.

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