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This week discover exquisite contemporary furniture pieces by VG New Trend, sophisticated modern lighting pieces by Sigma L2 and by Pollice Illuminazione.

Shop VG New Trend

Introducing VG New Trend. Getting inspiration from far away cultures, architectural forms, and the finest Italian craftsmanship, the functional pieces of design that VG creates are unique, exclusive, and made of precious materials. They are expressions of a refined luxury that is the result of a continuous research.

Discover more exquisite entirely hand crafted furniture pieces on ​VG New Trend Page.

VG New Trend
Fenice Rug
VG New Trend
Cortina Low Coffee Table
VG New Trend
Drummond Square Wall Mirror

Shop Sigma L2

Introducing Sigma L2. Curiosity for new materials, designs, constructions, and techniques together with the heritage of a genuine passion for Florentine culture allow the creation of unique lighting pieces.

Explore more sophisticated, modern lighting on ​Sigma L2 Page

Sigma L2
Z611 Floor Lamp
Sigma L2
CL2028 Table Lamp
Sigma L2
7199/12 Chandelier
Sigma L2
CL2063 Table Lamp
Sigma L2
7811 Chandelier
Sigma L2
CL1945 Table Lamp

Shop Pollice Illuminazione

Introducing Pollice Illuminazione. Focusing on design and custom-made lighting, Pollice is an award winning company that also teams up with some of the most renowned designers to create exquisite and timeless lighting pieces.

Discover more one-of-a-kind lighting pieces on ​Pollice Illuminazione Page.

Pollice Illuminazione
Light Gate Sconce by Massimo Uberti
Pollice Illuminazione
Cilindro Ottone Floor Lamp by Marco Pollice
Pollice Illuminazione
FC1 Sconce by Florencia Costa
Pollice Illuminazione
Screen of Light Sconce by Gio Ponti
Pollice Illuminazione
Screen of Light Sun Sconce by Gio Ponti

Shop Dalwin Design

Introducing Dalwin Designs. Using unique and whimsical hand-painted watercolors, the artisans who adorn these fine Limoges porcelain dishes create a collection of sophisticated and eccentric home décor jewels.

Explore more striking ceramic plates on ​Dalwin Designs Page.​

Shop Silvio Mondino Studio

Introducing Silvio Mondino Studio. With a background in media arts and interactive installations, Silvio Mondino started combining digital technologies with handmade objects to create one-of-a-kind lighting pieces.

Discover more handcrafted lighting functional pieces of sculptural art on ​Silvio Mondino Studio Page.

Silvio Mondino Studio
Alpi Table Lamp
Silvio Mondino Studio
Lune Tree-Light Sconce
Silvio Mondino Studio
Lune Sconce
Silvio Mondino Studio
Lune Two-Light Sconce Nickel-Plated
Silvio Mondino Studio
Grandine Five-Light Floor Lamp
Silvio Mondino Studio
Alpi Black Table Lamp

Shop Berdondini 1926

Introducing Berdondini 1926. Founded by Antonio Berdondini in 1926, each furniture piece has always been characterized by its timeless and exclusive design demonstrating Italian excellence and creativity.

Explore more unique and unrepeatable furniture creations on ​Berdondini 1923 Page.

Berdondini 1926
Italia Chest of Drawers 1944
Berdondini 1926
Due Settembre Console 1944
Berdondini 1926
Quattro Luglio Wardrobe 1941
Berdondini 1926
Ettore Square Table 1930
Berdondini 1926
Ardito Bedside Table 1941

Shop Superego Design

Introducing Superego Design. Created in 2003, Superego has collaborated with some of the most important designers worldwide,including Alessandro Mendini and Andrea Branzi, producing limited collections made of exclusive pieces in ceramic.

Discover more ceramic home décor pieces on ​Superego Design Page.

Shop Meccani Design

Meccani Design
Giotto Chair
Meccani Design
Corinto Sideboard
Meccani Design
Megaron Table
Meccani Design
Triclinia Chair
Meccani Design
Megaron Sideboard
Meccani Design
Corinto Table

Introducing Meccani Design. Created in the 50s, Meccani designs and produces home décor objects crafted using artisanal techniques that are the result of three generations of artisans at work in Cascina, Pisa, Tuscany.

Discover more modern pieces of furniture built with great respect for nature by using natural, non-toxic materials on ​Meccani Design Page.

Shop Sbigoli Terrecotte Firenze

Introducing Sbigoli Terrecotte. Founded in 1857 by the Sbigoli family, in Florence, the workshop was known for its expertise and high quality products, specializing in the production of tableware and furniture. Still operating according to the traditional Tuscan craftsmanship of Majolica, all pieces bear a Florentine style and a one-of-a-kind flair making them irreplaceable works of art.

Discover more traditional exquisite pieces on ​Sbigoli Terrecotte Firenze ​Page.

Sbigoli Terrecotte Firenze
Foglina Blu Vase
Sbigoli Terrecotte Firenze
Large Square Centerpiece
Sbigoli Terrecotte Firenze
Foglia Turchese Vase
Sbigoli Terrecotte Firenze
Large Pavone Rosso Salad Bowl
Sbigoli Terrecotte Firenze
Antique Pitcher
Sbigoli Terrecotte Firenze
Limoni Salad Bowl with Handles

Shop Fos Ceramiche

Fos Ceramiche New In. Mixing creativity and constant experimentation Fos creates contemporary, hand-decorated, unique objects whose precious materials and meticulously executed designs make them perfect objets d’art.

Discover more elegant ceramic home décor pieces on ​Fos Ceramiche Page.

Fos Ceramiche
Textured Vase in White

Shop Zanetto

Zanetto New In. Workshop of highly skilled silversmiths devoted to the crafting of decorative household objects in silver, silver-plate and fine metal alloys, Zanetto's creations are distinguished by a sophisticated blend of innovative design and unparalleled workmanship.

Explore more elegant and contemporary noble metals home décor objects on ​Zanetto Page.

Shop Elefante Rosso Produzioni

Introducing Elefante Rosso Produzioni. These elegant and eclectic furniture pieces are the result of Mauro Sargiani's creativity and taste, combined to traditional Italian craftmanship.

Discover more furniture pieces made with the finest wood on ​Elefante Rosso Produzioni Page.

Elefante Rosso Produzioni
Spinetta Console
Elefante Rosso Produzioni
Murasaki Totem Container
Elefante Rosso Produzioni
Heimat Coffee Table
Elefante Rosso Produzioni
Abebe Bikila Dining Table
Elefante Rosso Produzioni
Songlines Chest of Drawers
Elefante Rosso Produzioni
LW 20 Coffee Table

Shop La Permanente Mobili Cantù

Introducing  La Permanente Mobili Cantù. Started by a group of skilled craftsmen in 1892, its mission has always been to have constant exhibitions creating large appropriate spaces where artisans can exhibit their artifacts of interior design and properly present them to the right clientele, while maintaining the artisans’ ownership of their products.

Explore more exquisite pieces on ​La Permanente Mobili Cantù Page.

La Permanente Mobili Cantù
Natural Freecell Bookcase
La Permanente Mobili Cantù
Take Apart Armchair 1949 by Carlo De Carli
La Permanente Mobili Cantù
Zero Bookshelf by Carlo Ballabio
La Permanente Mobili Cantù
Chest of Drawers 1962 by Carlo De Carli
La Permanente Mobili Cantù
Padded Armchair 1953 by Carlo De Carli

Shop Zanellazine

Zanellazine New In. In this ceramic laboratory surrounded by the green hills around Varese, Zanellazine creates unique, handcrafted ceramic pieces that reflect the love of nature and celebrate femininity in all its variations.

Explore more delicate ceramic home décor pieces on ​Zanellazine Page.

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