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Every week discover new artisans and handmade pieces: this week explore textile lighting pieces by La Gallina Matta, new in sculptural coffee tables by Sebastiano Bottos, paper clay décor by Paolo Paronetto, dining tables in wood and metal by Tabula Wood, contemporary furniture pieces by Da A and marquetry decorative pieces by Tarsie Turri.

Shop Tabula Woods

Introducing Tabula Woods. Created by the four-generation family brand, Tabula Woods selects old and rare woods from all over the world to build unique tables. Their raw pieces are crafter playing with asymmetries, natural textures and shapes, enhancing imperfections and the signs of the passing of time to create authentic works of art.

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Shop Da A

Introducing Da A. Born from Alcar Industrie, a metal-mechanical company from Southern Italy, Da A specializes in furniture crafted with unexpected materials and finishes such as brass, fine-grain leather and lapis lazuli. These highly sophisticated and advanced crafts make for outstanding pieces fit for every project.

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Shop La Gallina Matta

I​ntroducing La Gallina Matta. Founded in Rome by Claudia Petruzzi Granato, La Gallina Matta is a home décor brand producing creative and modern textiles for the table in 100% pure linen, with a unique array of embroidered coasters, runners, napkins and placemats. Classic and unexpected shapes, varied colors and unique coating techniques are combined to create the perfect accessory for every setup.

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Shop Altek Italia Design

Introducing Altek Italia Design. The brand has been established in the 1920s, and has since gained an international reputation for innovative and original products suited for every environment. Their broad experience and skills with furniture is reflected in their varied collections.

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Shop Silvio Mondino Studio

Silvio Mondino Studio New In. Silvio Mondino creates stunning sculptural lighting fixtures, combining his background in media arts and interactive installations with his passion for handmade objects. In his Milan studio, he creates functional pieces of art exploring digital technologies and innovative techniques such as his latest chandelier collection.

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Shop Sebastiano Bottos

Sebastiano Bottos New In. Continuing the early 1900s tradition of his family, Sebastiano Bottos founded his furniture brand after his studies in Architecture. Focusing on research and exploration of new designs and materials, his work stems from experienced craftsmanship and an eye for innovation a modernity. His latest ventures with wood resulted in a collection of coffee tables with refined shapes.

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Shop Tarsie Turri

Tarsie Turri New In. Wood crafting is a father-daughter tradition at Tarsie Turri: Carlo and Rita have been shaping elegant panels, frames and decorations for over fifty years following the traditional manual work of 15th-century techniques. Their elegant solutions feature luxurious inlayering for a prestigious feel, as seen in their new jewelry boxes and trays.

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Shop Paola Paronetto

Paola Paronetto New In. Simplicity, tradition, innovation: Paola Paronetto’s ceramics are born from a never-ending experimentation that produces beautiful pieces of art. Her latest experimentation ventures into paper clay, a unique material that blends natural fibers, clay and paper pulp. 

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