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Every week discover new talented Italian artisans and designers: this week discover sophisticated furniture by cabinet maker Fratelli Boffi, design lighting and décor by Mason Editions, artistic ceramics by Coralla Maiuri, decorative pieces in hammered brass by silversmith Zanetto, silver décor by F.A.L.A and new in ottomans by Bodema.

Shop Fratelli Boffi

Introducing Fratelli Boffi. During 1920s, Carlo Boffi was famous for being one of the best chair carves in Brianza. Today, thanks to its exquisite crafting tradition and the collaborations with famous designers, Fratelli Boffi is an established company that produces unique armchairs, tables and lamps for prestigious interiors, combining the finest materials and finishes with playful designs.

Explore more sophisticated furniture on ​Fratelli Boffi Online Shop.

Shop Mason Editions

Introducing Mason Editions. Mason Editions is a luxury interior design brand geared towards a sophisticated clientele and designed for a sustainable lifestyle. Founded by designers Fabio Mason, Martina Bartoli, Serena Confalonieri and Matteo Fiorini, this brand designs furnishing accessories, accent pieces, and light fixtures defined by a modern and spectacular aesthetic.

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Shop F.A.L.A.

Introducing F.A.L.A. Founded in 1978 by four friends, F.A.L.A became one of the leaders in Italian silver manufacturing.Characterized by an impeccable technique - rooted in traditional crafting methods - and the highest quality of all its pieces, this workshop crafts elegant silver tabletop accessories and kitchenware.

Discover more silver tabletop pieces on ​F.A.L.A. Online Shop.

Shop Coralla Maiuri

Introducing Coralla Maiuri. Coralla Maiuri is an artist who lives in Milan and Rome and whose work has been exhibited around the world. Her ceramic and porcelain creations are inspired by her passion for nature and are crafted and decorated by hand, while her collections of china comprise six series inspired by Roman Renaissance and Baroque styles.

Explore more precious and unique porcelain plates and vases on ​Coralla Maiuri Online Shop.

Shop Bodema

Bodema New In. Started in the 60s in the heart of Brianza, Bodema is a family-managed brand with an artisanal soul that creates distinguished furniture pieces with a unique style. The elegant combination of design and functionality and the meticulous attention to detail are the pillars of this incredible production. Armchairs, coffee tables and sofas are reinterpreted to express a contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic.

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Shop Zanetto

Zanetto New In. Founded in 1963, Zanetto is a workshop of highly skilled silversmiths devoted to the crafting of decorative household objects in silver, silver-plate and fine metal alloys. Their products are distinguished by a sophisticated blend of innovative design and unparalleled workmanship.

Discover new accessories and tables in hammered brass on ​Zanetto Online Shop.

Shop Vittorio Martini

Vittorio Martini New In. Established in Bologna in 1866, the Ancient Factory Vittorio Martini is still manufacturing high-precision instruments for technical drawing, computing and engineering. This award-winning workshop continues combining innovation and precision, creating multifunctional writing tools and leather accessories for the contemporary world.

Discover new wooden pencils and leather accessories on ​Vittorio Martini Online Shop.

Shop Braid Outdoor

Introducing Braid Outdoor. This brand started in the ‘50s in Mogliano, a small town in the Marche region, where Luigi Maurizi opened a workshop of handcrafted wicker products. Still preserving its values of exquisite craftsmanship and elegant design, the company is now specialized in outdoor furniture production.

Discover more outdoor furniture on ​Braid Outdoor Online Shop.

Shop La Scala Milano Wallcovering

Introducing La Scala Milano Wallcovering. Founded in 1982, this brand was one of the first to produce handmade wallpaper in Italy. Now La Scala Milano combines centuries of Italian decorative traditions with new technical materials and fine resins to ensure high-quality products. In the company workshop experienced craftsmen collaborate with leading designers to produce magnificent, entirely handmade and hand-painted wall coverings for the modern home.

Discover more modern and unique wallpapers on ​La Scala Milano Wallcovering Online Shop.

Shop Buying & Design

Introducing Buying & Design. Tuscan entrepreneur Paolo Lentucci started the brand Buying & Design in the ‘70s to introduce high-quality furniture pieces of the Italian tradition to the American market. Today, this family business crafts beautiful, hand-made and hand-painted wooden furniture with an elegant style.

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Shop Luca Leandri

Introducing Luca Leandri. Born in the town of Deruta, in Umbria, Luca Leandri discovered ceramics at a young age. Since then, he mastered ancient techniques to become one of the leading experimental contemporary ceramists in Italy. In his works, Luca Leandri explores materials and forms that combine Eastern and Western traditions.

Discover more ceramic vases, plates and sculptures on ​Luca Leandri Online S​hop.

Shop Kapitano

Introducing Kapitano. Kapitano reinvents luggage for the romantic travelers who love the ‘60s experience. Each design borrows details from vintage accessories for a sophisticated retro-chic allure, and features fine materials and stunning finishes. Kapitano’s refined and elegant bags are the perfect gifts for travel lovers.

Explore more leather bags and luggages on ​Kapitano Online Shop.

Shop Sergio Villa

Introducing Sergio Villa. The Sergio Villa brand houses a workshop located in the heart of Brianza, the famous cabinet-making district near Milan. Sergio Villa’s furniture collection boasts bold pieces that merge traditional design and contemporary functionality for a timeless and eclectic effect.

Discover more patterned furniture on ​Sergio Villa Online Shop.

Shop Camilla Carzaniga

Introducing Camilla Carzaniga. Camilla Carzaniga crafts unique light installations inspired by nature. These functional pieces, which merge design and art thanks to their incredible aesthetics, are made of pierced metal panels from which the light comes through, creating a sensorial experience.

Explore more light installations on ​Camilla Carzaniga Online Shop.

Shop Abele Vadacca

Introducing Abele Vadacca. Abele Vadacca is an award-winning sculptor and painter who devoted himself to this marvelous craft. Exploring the characteristics of marble and paint with great virtuosity, Vadacca uses deft craftsmanship to reveal lightness and dreamlike, metaphysical themes expressed in the form of feathers and other motifs.

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Shop Daniela Oldani

Introducing Daniela Oldani. Fascinated from a very young age by handmade creations, Daniela Oldani is specialized in ceramic works. Based in Milan, she developed collections of timeless décor objects defined by a unique aesthetic.

Discover Spiragli collection on ​Daniela Oldani Online Shop

Shop Touscé

Introducing Touscé. Fabiana Coalova is the young designer and artistic director behind the brand Touscé. She started her first collection in 2013 in her workshop in the heart of Milan, and since then she has combined romanticism, industrial allure, and modern aesthetic to create minimalist masterpieces crafted by experienced artisans.

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Shop Budri

Budri New In. Budri is worldwide leader in artistic italian marble inlay, with an established reputation as “Maestro dell’Intarsio”. The new, colorful Agua collection consists in a spectacular series of marble objects that enhances the shades and essence of the stone.

Explore the Agua collection on ​Budri Online Shop.

Shop Les Ottomans

Les Ottomans New In. Inspired by his love for Turkey, Betrando di Rienzo created Les Ottomans to create an exquisite home collection in which tradition and innovation come together. In occasion of Maison & Objet 2018, Les Ottomans collaborated with Stories of Italy to create an exclusive series of Murano glass vases with a luxurious allure.

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Shop Salviati

Salviati New In. Founded in 1859, Salviati remains one of the most prestigious glass manufacturers in Venice. Salviati’s timeless pieces are renowned for their original designs that merge tradition with bold aesthetics to create unique chalices, glasses and carafes.

Discover the new Mutano glass collection in partnership with La Double J on ​Salviati Online Shop.

Shop Fassamano

Fassamano New In. Based in Milan, Fassamano was founded by Cristiana Vannini and Andrea Camerana out of a desire to transform ordinary eyewear into timeless statement accessories. Inspired by the first eyeglasses dating back to the 13th century, this iconic design is now a chic accessory made entirely in Italy by skilled artisans.

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