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Every week discover new talented Italian artisans and designers: this week explore decorative panels, masks and décor by Mutaforma, new-in lighting by Silvio Mondino Studio, original candles by Candle Store, pastel summery glassware collection by Mun, steel side and coffee tables by Fucina Design, ceramic vases and candle sticks by Marco Rubini, new-in hand-painted ceramic plates by Laboratorio Paravicini, decorative vases by Zanellazine and hand-knotted rigs by Kristiina Lassus.

Shop Mutaforma

Introducing Mutaforma. Mutaforma is a brand specialized in “augmented materials” created with innovative nanotechnologies, such as the "picotessera", with endless applications in design and architecture.

Discover stunning decorative panels, masks, sculptures and trays on ​Mutaforma ​Online Shop.

Shop Fucina Design

Introducing Fucina Design. ​Fucina Design's workshop is located in the old and charming factory in the heart of Brianza, where skilled artisans create unique and contemporary furniture pieces in steel and metal.  

Explore more modern furniture on ​Fucina Design Online Shop

Shop Marco Rubini

Introducing Marco Rubini. ​ Since 2016, architect and designer Marco Rubini creates stunning decorative objects entirely crafted in the region of Umbria, maintaining century-old artisanal skills alive. Rubini creations are contemporary and elegant pieces for modern interiors.

Explore more minimalist decor on ​Marco Rubini Online Shop

Shop Mun

​Introducing Mun. Each handmade object by Mun is crafted by the hands of skilled artists. These pieces made of glass and wood are a contemporary interpretation of traditional silhouettes with stunning textures and elegant pastel hues.

Discover more colorful glasses, bottles, carafes and bowls on ​Mun Online Shop

Shop Candle Store

​Introducing Candle StoreThis brand creates elegant candles conceived as an essential element to decorate an interior.  Combining light, colors and scents, Candle Store creates unique and sophisticated candles.

Discover more decorative candles on ​Candle Store Online Shop

Shop Silvio Mondino Studio

​Silvio Mondino Studio New In. Silvio Mondino started combining digital technologies with handmade objects, specializing in handcrafted lighting fixtures that are functional pieces of sculptural art. 

Discover new lighting on ​Silvio Mondino Studio Online Shop

Shop Laboratorio Paravicini

​Laboratorio Paravicini New In. Ceramist Laboratorio Paravicini handcrafts original decorative and functional dinner plates with hand-painted exquisite design to complement any table.

Discover new dessert plates on ​Laboratorio Paravicini Online Shop

Shop Zanellazine

​Zanellazine New In. Giovanna Zighetti, ceramist and set designer, and Lucia Zamberletti, fashion consultant, creates unique, handcrafted pieces that reflect their love of nature and celebrate femininity in all its variations.

Explore more artistic vases on ​Zanellazine Online Shop

Shop Kristiina Lassus

​Kristiina Lassus New In. Kristiina Lassus is a world-famous interior architect and product designer. Since 2007, she deisgns high-end, hand-knotted rugs, inspired by her love for materials, colors, and nature.

Explore new elegant rugs on ​Kristiina Lassus Online Shop

Shop VG New Trend

​VG New Trend New In. VG New Trend production is inspired by far away cultures, architectural forms, and the finest Italian craftsmanship. The functional pieces of design that VG creates are unique, exclusive, and made of precious materials. 

Discover more luxurious furniture on ​VG New Trend Online Shop

Shop Espidesign by Paola Speranza

Espidesign by Paola Speranza New In. After collaborating with her family business of marble processing and restoration, Paola Speranza started designing her own collection of minimalist and bold objects in marble in 2016.

Discover more marble tabletop on ​Espidesign by Paola Speranza Online Shop.

Shop Nicola Falcone

​Nicola Falcone New In. Nicola Falcone designs collections of contemporary furniture, created by skilled Tuscan craftsmen and sold throughout the world. These pieces are made in materials, such as brass, iron and marble, that are strictly linked to the history of Florence.

Discover more elegant furniture and décor on ​Nicola Falcone Online Shop

Shop Sabrina Landini

Sabrina Landini New In. Sabrina Landini creates her unique objects in her atelier in the heart of Tuscany. There she designs and handcrafts one-of-a-kind, whimsical pieces of functional décor using high-quality materials.

Explore new colorful lighting on ​Sabrina Landini Online Shop

Shop Stories of Italy

Stories of Italy New In. ​Stories of Italy was born with the aim of sharing the excellent craftsmanship that distinguishes Italy as one of the most unique countries in the world. Their inspiration comes from the rich heritage of Italy, producing everyday objects that are aesthetically beautiful and functional. 

Discover more Murano glassware on ​Stories of Italy Online Shop

Shop Meccani Design

Meccani Design New In. Meccani Design produces modern pieces crafted using artisanal techniques that are the result of three generations of artisans at work in Tuscany. These objects are created with great respect for nature and in a sustainable way.

Explore more contemporary home décor on ​Meccani Design Online Shop.

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