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Every week discover new talented Italian artisans and designers: this week explore design pieces by Edizione Limitata by Simone Fanciullacci, new in carpets by Illulian, furniture and mirrors in glass mosaic by Davide Medri, seating and tables by Notempo, new in furniture pieces by Ulivi Salotti, Murano glass décor by I Muranesi and more.

Shop Edizione Limitata by Simone Fanciullacci

Introducing Edizione Limitata by Simone Fanciullacci. After almost 10 years working in design studios, Simone Fanciullacci founded an art consulting firm in 2017 and currently curates Edizione Limitata (“Limited Edition”), a collection that keeps traditional Italian craftsmanship alive with bold, functional objects perfect for modern homes.

Explore contemporary décor on ​Edizione Limitata by Simone Fanciullacci Online Shop.

Shop Davide Medri

Introducing Davide Medri. Davide Medri is renowned for his masterful approach to glass mosaic art. In 1997, he established his eponymous brand to create furniture, floor and wall lamps, and sculptural pieces, using iron, stainless steel, and his trademark glass mosaics.

Discover more stunning pieces on ​Davide Medri Online Shop.

Shop Illulian

Introducing Illulian. Established in 1959, Illulian is a luxury design brand renowned internationally for its commitment to craftsmanship. Currently, this family-run company produces works of art with a distinct heirloom quality, such as exquisite rugs created with globally renowned designers.

Explore more handmade rugs on​ Illulian Online Shop.

Shop Notempo

Introducing Notempo. Notempo is a design furnishing firm established by three Sicilian architects. Guided by their passion for the wealth of the Italian manufacturing sector, the founding architects focused on craftsmanship and assembled a team of skilled artisans to translate their modern designs in tradition-inspired pieces.

Discover more colorful and modern furniture on ​Notempo Online Shop.

Shop Ulivi Salotti

Ulivi Salotti New In. This Tuscan brand has been creating sofas and chairs since 1972, mixing new technologies and artisanal methods and using the finest leathers and woods. Ulivi’s timeless pieces are crafted with a great attention to the environment and feature sophisticated silhouettes.

Discover new marble coffee tables on ​Ulivi Salotti Online Shop.

Shop I Muranesi

I Muranesi New In. Giampaolo Barbini belongs to one of the most ancient families manufacturing Murano glass artifacts since the 17th century. Each object in these limited series of mouth-blown vases and bottles is functional and decorative at the same time.

Explore new Murano glass décor on ​I Muranesi Online Shop.

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