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Every week discover new artisans and handmade pieces: this week discover modern designs by Folthink, lighted wall and floor mirrors by Unica Luxury Lighted Mirrors, crystal décor designed by Angelo Mangiarotti, marble designs by Martina Ciaccio, ceramics by CuoreCarpenito, stunning new in cement furniture and décor by Forma & Cemento, decorative plates by Tondo Fiorentino, seating by D3CO, metallic screens by Inthegarden.

Shop Folthink

Introducing Folthink. Inspired by the folding rules of Origami, the company employs these unusual techniques to craft stunning objects that blend technology and aesthetics, where metal is the absolute protagonist.

The result is unique tabletop and home décor pieces with reflective surfaces, opaque accents and geometrical shapes.

Discover more origami-inspired décor on ​Folthink Online Shop.

Shop Unica Luxury Lighted Mirrors

Introducing Unica Luxury Lighted Mirrors. The latest UNICA project, a San-Marino based company, is Luxury Lighted Mirrors: a line of made-to-measure mirrors and lighting panels where contemporary luxury and technology meet industrial inspiration.

With endless possibilites for customization, each piece is created to fir the need of every space.

Discover more mirrors on ​Unica Luxury Lighted Mirrors Online Shop.

Shop Martina Ciaccio

​Introducing Martina Ciaccio. Artist and designer originally from Sciacca, Sicily, Martina was attracted to the world of interior design early in her career and now creates her own collection of accessories for the home.

From lamps, vases, mirrors, and side tables, Martina creates unique products to create memorable living spaces.

Discover more sculptural décor on ​Martina Ciaccio Online Shop.

Shop CuoreCarpenito

​Introducing CuoreCarpenito. A ceramic studio based in Reggio Emilia founded by Claudia Carpenito in 2012, the brand creates entirely handmade décor using traditional techniques, starting from papergres plates and modeled to form unique and colorful geometric shapes.

Claudia Carpenito proposes original and innovative art pieces, inspired by Italian design, and strongly rooted in the Mediterranean culture.

Discover more ceramic pieces on ​CuoreCarpenito Online Shop.

Shop Galleria Fatto Ad Arte

Galleria Fatto Ad Arte New In. Founded by sisters Raffaella e Francesca Fossati, the gallery celebrates the excellence of Italian craftsmanship by creating stunning tabletop accessories and home décor in a wide variety of artistic mediums.

The latest collection includes dynamic and captivating crystal vases by design icon Angelo Mangiarotti, belonging to the Sheer Nature Collection.

Discover more crystal vases and tabletop on ​Galleria Fatto Ad Arte Online Shop.

Shop Forma & Cemento

Forma & Cemento New In. The luxury décor brand was founded by architects Giorgio La Corte and Carlo Rodriguez in 2014, and is known for its distinctive transformation of materials to reveal a light and minimalistic style in its sculptures.

The latest collection features stools and tables with anthropomorphic shapes designed by Marialaura Rossiello and Studio Irvine.

Discover more cement furniture pieces on ​Forma & Cemento Online Shop.

Shop Tondo Fiorentino

Tondo Fiorentino New In. With an exclusive selection of artistic porcelain, the Tuscan brand stemmed from the traditional manufacturing of ceramic in Sesto Fiorentino creates stunning collections using antique techniques such as pressure-applied decals and oven-baking.

The themes and decoration of each individual plate recall ancient times and mythology, creating sophisticated decor pieces to showcase in your home.

Discover more decorated ceramic plates on ​Tondo Fiorentino Online Shop.

Shop D3CO

D3CO New In. Tradition and environmental consciousness combine inside D3CO, the only manufacturer in Europe with a completely natural and plastic-free production process of contemporary sofas and classic furnishing pieces, handmade in the local area.

Upholstered seatings from armchairs to sofas are the latest addition to its vast collection of furniture and seatings.

Discover more environmentally conscious pieces on ​D3CO Online Shop.

Shop Inthegarden

Inthegarden New In. Bridging the gap between art and industry, Inthegarden designs handcrafted pieces fit for every environment employing a number of innovative techniques and materials, with a technology-driven vision and passion for artisanal craftsmanship.

Their Splot project features unique vases in high-quality aluminium that would otherwise be meant for recycling.

Discover more innovative metal vases on ​Inthegarden Online Shop.

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