New Arrivals: Ceramics

Discover the beautiful world of Italian ceramics: this week explore new in tabletop, lighting and décor ceramic pieces crafted by a selection of ceramists, including: Giovanna La Falce, Paola Paronetto, Cerasarda, Ceramiche Santa Lucia, Casa Del Mar, Ceramiche Artistiche Giannini.

Shop Cerasarda

Introducing Cerasarda. Since its inception, Cerasarda has distinguished itself for the exquisite work of local craftsmen whose vibrant enamel colors and refined decorations evoke the iconic landscape of Sardinia's Emerald Coast. Cerasarda interprets the richness of Mediterranean culture and nature through a sophisticated and homogeneous aesthetics.

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Shop Ceramiche Santalucia

Introducing Ceramiche Santalucia. Michele Santalucia began working as a ceramist in workshops in Abruzzo in 1994 and refined his craft in Seville working with local historical workshops. In 2006, he returned to opened his own atelier, where he incorporates influences of the classic Andalusian ceramics and the Abruzzo ceramic tradition.

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Shop Casa Del Mar

Introducing Casa Del Mar. Deeply embedded in the Sardinian ancient ceramic tradition, master ceramist Sandro Serra founded Casa del Mar in 2009. His artistic creations are distinguished by predominant glass blue colors with textured, engraved, and embossed surfaces to obtain unusual decorations.

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Shop Ceramiche Artistiche Giannini

Introducing Ceramiche Artistiche Giannini. Laura Giannini established Ceramiche Artistiche Giannini in Bresso, near Milano, in 2015, born out of her passion for porcelain and ceramics. In her atelier, she crafts each object by hand, using locally sourced materials and applying precious finishes like gold, bronze, and platinum.

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Shop Paola Paronetto

Paola Paronetto New In. Paola Paronetto innovative interpretation of ancient clay-making is rooted in her experiences in Gubbio, Deruta, Faenza, Florence and Vicenza where she honed her craft. Her constant experimentation is driven by the beauty of nature and the simplicity of forms.

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Shop Giovanna La Falce

Giovanna La Falce New In. A unique artist who lives and works in Milan, Giovanna la Falce started as a painter more than 20 years ago. Inspired by movement and the human body, she ventured into three-dimensionality with sculpture, using bronze and iron, till she started using clay and exploring the Raku technique.

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