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Discover new artisans and handmade lifestyle pieces: explore stylish walking sticks and umbrellas by Walking Sticks, leather handbags and backpacks by Cuoieria Fiorentina, luxurious golf and tennis bags by Terrida, bespoke leather desk accessories and more by Foglizzo 1921, exquisitely decorated candles by Cereria Pernici 1892 and traditional stationery and briefcases by Pineider.

Shop Walking Sticks

Introducing Walking Sticks. Designing staple accessories for everyday use and collections, the brand Walking Sticks is a leader in their field combining tradition and modernity, presenting original and elegant products perfect for every connoisseur.

Discover more stylish accessories on ​Walking Sticks Online Shop.

Shop Cuoieria Fiorentina

Introducing Cuoieria Fiorentina. Founded by Tiziano Meini, Cuoieria Fiorentina has been operating for decades in Tuscany producing their classic designs using the best refined leather and materials, boasting a range of long lasting bags and leather goods with an elegant and timeless look.

Discover more classic leather bags on ​Cuoieria Fiorentina Online Shop.

Shop Terrida

Introducing Terrida. The family business now managed by its second generation is dedicated to offering the best leather goods, from travel bags and suitcases to athleisure bags, using excellents materials for a luxurious yet casual style.

Discover more luxury gear on ​Terrida Online Shop.

Shop Foglizzo 1921

Foglizzo 1921 New In. With timeless elegance and meticulous crafting, each Foglizzo piece tells the story of a long tradition of detailed production and techniques. From bespoke leather pieces custom made for yatch and cars to their latest jewelry boxes and trays, every design is ready to be personalized for the client.

Discover more bespoke pieces on ​Foglizzo 1921 Online Shop.

Shop Cereria Pernici 1892

Cereria Pernici 1892 New In. Carrying on the traditional wax manufacturing process implementing modern and innovative details, Cereria Pernici offers exquisite pieces in unexpected colors and shapes, with new additions decorated with geometric and golden patterns.

Discover more exquisitely decorated candles on Cereria Pernici Online Shop.

Shop Pinetti

Pinetti New In. Conceived as an atelier and later expanded in an international family business, Pinetti is a leathersmith company with a wide range of products including tabletop decor, side tables and a recent addition of small sophisticated cachepots and baskets perfect for every interior project.

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Shop Pineider

Pineider New In. A staple in the stationery industry since the 1700s, used by illustrious personalities such as Stendhal and Napoleon, Pineider’s writing instruments are renowned and appreciated all over the world. Their latest additions include leather writing goods, briefcases and elegant backpacks.

Discover more traditional stationery and leather goods on ​Pineider Online Shop.

Shop Fassamano

​Fassamano New In. Founded by Cristiana Vannini and Andrea Camerana, Fassamano's eyewear pieces are inspired by the first eyeglasses design from the 13th century, with round lenses and thick frames. Their latest collection ventures in the world of glasses chains, a perfect complementary accessory for their excellent products.

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Shop Tomas Than

​Tomas Than New In. Founding his brand in 2013 thanks to his profound fascination for Italian crafstmanship, Tomas Than produces exquisite handmade accessories made with the finest leathers. His utmost attention to details gives every piece a timeless and sophisticated look, reflected in his latest collection of handbags.

Discover more leather accessories on ​Tomas Than Online Shop.

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