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Explore new lifestyle pieces and exquisite handmade accessories: this week discover exclusive bicycles by Italia Veloce, home fragrances and candles by Festina Lente Home, traditional Florentine bookbinding by Il Papiro, exquisite leather bags by Paoli, new gaming tables by Vismara and new in leather and paper pieces by AtelierGK Firenze.

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​Introducing Italia Veloce. Born from the traditional workshop that has been producing artisanal bikes since 1909, the company was established in Parma in 2009 with the aim of elevating traditional vehicles boasting high artistic and artisanal value with refined designs and exclusive, handmade parts, vintage pieces, leathers and fabrics.

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​Paoli New In. Founded by Alessio Paoli, the company operates in Tuscany creating finely handmade trunks and luggages. With traditional methods blended with innovative techniques, each piece is a modern reinterpretation of timeless luxury and elegance, featuring exclusive materials.

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​Vismara New In. Pino Vismara founded his eponymous company in the heart of Brianza, the renowned cabinetmaking district, transforming his passion for woodworking into a collection of artisanal pool tables, game rooms and accessories with the utmost attention to details and materials.

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​AtelierGK Firenze New In. Traditional Florentine techniques meet japanese Spiritual simplicity in the company founded by Lapo Giannini and Michiko Kuwata: the atelier creates stunning bookbinding pieces and functional luxury home décor in an innovative and unique fashion.

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​Introducing Festina Lente Home. Eco-luxury home fragrances and candles for reflective moments: Festina Lente is a Latin motto meaning Make haste slowly, the founder’s mantra dating back to ancient Rome. Each scent is made in small batches in her atelier in Milan, adding the artisanal touch to these luxurious pieces.

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​Il Papiro New In. The historical bookbinding company Il Papiro was founded in Florence in 1976 by Francesco Giannini and Gianni Parenti, inspired by the long-standing tradition of decorated paper of their city and committed to the creation of stunning pieces with high quality materials.

Discover more traditional Florentine bookbinding on ​​Il Papiro Online Shop.

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