New Arrivals: Lighting

This week explore stunning new arrivals in lighting: cutting-edge pieces by Fabbian, sculptural pieces by MacAndMary, marble sconces by Pietro Russo, artistic design by Draga and Aurel, geometric lamps designs by Servomuto and custom made pieces by Pollice Illuminazione.

Shop Fabbian

Introducing Fabbian. Founded in the 1960s and recently acquired by Luca Pellegrino, the brand has been an establishment in the lighting design world, using top-rate materials and techniques to create modern and innovative pieces sold all over the world.

Discover more cutting-edge lighting on ​Fabbian Online Shop.

Shop MacAndMary

Introducing MacAndMary. A stunning combination of art and architecture, MacAndMary’s lightning pieces are created in their workshop with the utmost attention to elegance and style. The sculptural collection features eye-catching designs that are true pieces of art, enhancing every interior with soft light and deep hues.

Discover more sculptural pieces on ​MacAndMary Online Shop.

Shop Pietro Russo

Introducing Pietro Russo. After completing his studies and experimenting with pottery, decoration and painting, Pietro Russo moved to Berlin to begin his proficient career, working with Lissoni Associati and Kartell. His home-atelier is now the center of his vast production, where he designs his unique lamps and sconces in collaboration with the best artisans.

Discover more marble sconces and lamps on ​Pietro Russo Online Shop.

Shop Draga & Aurel

Introducing Draga & Aurel. Combining fashion and textile knowledge with fine arts experience, Draga Obradovic and Aurel L. Basedow founded their studio in Como with products spanning from interior design projects to lightings and furniture. Their pieces are true objets d’art created with a modern craftsmanship approach and crafting techniques.

Discover more artistic designs on ​Draga & Aurel Online Shop.

Shop Servomuto

Servomuto New In. Born as a collaboration between Alessandro Poli and Francesca De Giorgi, graphic designer and architect respectively, Servomuto creates lampshade designs inspired by a vintage archive that spans over 50 years. Their latest collection features pendant and wall lamps with unexpected textiles and geometric shapes.

Discover more geometric lamp designs on ​Servomuto Online Shop.

Shop Serena Luxury Mosaic

Serena Luxury Mosaic New In. Michelangelo Serena is a renowned designer crafting exquisite lamps and furniture combining the prestigious filigree technique to artistic mosaic in Murano glass, the technique used by his ancestor. The newsted addition to his product line consists in beautiful lamps that double as functional decor, with mosaic details.

Discover more functional decor on ​Serena Luxury Mosaic Online Shop.

Shop Simone Crestani

Simone Crestani New In. Blurring the line between craftsmanship and design, Simone Crestany’s luminary approach to glass work is reflected in his unexpected shapes inspired by nature, always delicate and elegant. His latest collection of lightings is a combination of installations and art pieces, perfect for every interior.

Discover more flawless nature inspired designs on ​Simone Crestani Online Shop.

Shop Pollice Illuminazione

Pollice Illuminazione New In. A four generation lighting institution in Italy, Pollice Illuminazione has been creating custom made and design lighting since 1908. The newest pieces of their collection consist in geometric and essential light sculptures, with elegant materials and luxurious finishes.

Discover more custom made lighting on ​Pollice Illuminazione Online Shop.

Shop Marioni

Marioni New In. Having achieved over the years local and international success thanks to their commitment to Florentine craftsmanship, Marioni’s products combine glamorous Hollywood-like atmospheres and influences with their local charm and quality in their recent collection of table lamps with a vast array of finishes and materials.

Discover more glamorous pieces on ​Marioni Online Shop.

Shop Sigma L2

Sigma L2 New In. Founded by Simone and Francesca Granchi, Sigma L2 follows the ceramic manufacturing family tradition started by their grandfather, expanding their production into furniture as well. Crafting every piece by hand, the newest addition to their products spans from gold globe lamps to elegant brass chandeliers.

Discover more handcrafted pieces on ​Sigma L2 Online Shop.

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