New Arrivals: Lighting

Discover stunning new in lighting pieces by exclusive Italian brands including: Norlys, FerroLuce, Interia, Contardi Lighting, Artemisia, Luci Italia, Fontana Arte, Paolo Castelli and many more.

Shop Norlys

​Introducing Norlys. Modern design meets functionality: Norlys creates outdoor lighting solutions made of high quality and extremely resistant materials, using industrial features such as steel, aluminum and copper.

​Ranging from timeless shapes to innovative pieces, each collection is carefully researched and planned according to outdoor requirements and long-term usage.

Discover more outdoor lightings on ​Norlys Online Shop.

Shop FerroLuce

​Introducing FerroLuce. The Friuli-based company was established in 1982 with the intent of creating an all-Italian manufacturing process of handmade ceramic lamps and lighting accessories, providing a wide range of colors and finishes.

​Each piece carries both a timeless feel and artisanal traditions combined with a contemporary flair, and ultimately fully customizable.

Discover more ceramic lightings on ​FerroLuce Online Shop.

Shop Artemisia

​Introducing Artemisia. With exceptional artistic heritage combined with skilled craftsmanship, Artemisia creates one-of-a-kind Venetian glass chandeliers deeply rooted in the Italian manufacturing culture.

​Each piece reinterprets traditional chandelier shapes, from classic to contemporary, finely decorated by hand in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Discover more Venetian glass chandeliers on ​Artemisia Online Shop.

Shop VG New Trend

​VG New Trend New In. The company from Treviso founded in 1991 is a fine example of eclectic Italian craftsmanship, working with numerous artisanal techniques to create unique functional pieces as a result of continuous research and innovation.

​Using precious and refined glass, the latest collection features elegant and sophisticated floor lamps with sinuous silhouettes and opaque hues.

Discover more floor lightings on ​VG New Trend Online Shop.

Shop Laura Meroni

​Laura Meroni New In. In the heart of one of the most famous Italian districts for artisanal furniture, Laura Meroni founded her company to provide modern solutions for high-end spaces, inspired by art and traditional craftsmanship production.

​New additions to the company’s collection include floor and table lamps with essential and tubular shapes for a modern look.

Discover more elegant light pieces on ​Laura Meroni Online Shop.

Shop Contardi Lighting

Contardi Lighting New In. Based in the Brianza area, a vibrant craftsmanship district in Northern Italy, Contardi creates stylight lighting solutions merging aesthetics and functionality for the private and contract sector.

The latest collection includes a series of outdoor lamps in high-quality materials and elegant finishes combined with the newest LED technologies.

Discover more outdoor lights on ​Contardi Lighting Online Shop.

Shop Interia

​Interia New In. The company, guided by a strong passion for lighting and creativity, produces high quality statement pieces with modern qualities in collaboration with renowned designers and incredibly skilled artisans.

​The new collection includes linear floor lamps enriched with glass and gold, and futuristic pendant lamps in black metal.

Discover more modern lighting pieces on ​Interia Online Shop.

Shop Luci Italia

​Luci Italia New In. Traditional hand-blown Venetian chandeliers and lighting handcrafted by Giorgio Valobra and Riccardo Ongrato, a master jeweler and a famed glassblower whose families have been working for the prestigious Venetian society for generations.

​With elegant shapes and gold finishes, the new collection of chandeliers is a perfect example of traditional Venetian flair.

Discover more glass blown chandeliers on ​Luci Italia Online Shop.

Shop FontanaArte

​FontanaArte New In. A symbol of Italian design and the history of quality craftsmanship, FontanaArte has been internationally acclaimed lighting pieces since 1881 and has seen Gio Ponti as their artistic director for years.

​The new collection includes collaborations with important names of the contemporary design scene such as Max Ingrand and Stefano Boeri.

Discover more designer lightings on ​FontanaArte Online Shop.

Shop Paolo Castelli

Paolo Castelli New In. Beginning their history producing ebony pieces in the 20th century, the Castelli family is now run by Paolo, focusing the production on artisanal collections of seatings and lighting pieces.​

The latest collection features upholstered chairs, sofas and beds and a series of timeless lamps with gold accents.

Discover more traditional furniture and lighting on ​Paolo Castelli Online Shop.​

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