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This week discover decorative textiles by Luisa Longo, Murano glass pieces by Stefano Morasso, ceramic pieses by Lab Design, precious tabletop accessories by Casarialto, mouth-blown Murano glass pieces by Carlo Moretti, elegant tabletop pieces by IVV - Industria Vetraria Valdarnese, colorful hand-dyed fabrics by Lisa Corti and nature inspired ceramics by Ceramiche Edelweiss.

Shop Luisa Longo

​Introducing Luisa Longo. Longo combines these versatile textiles with water-based colors, special acrylics, and powder pigments for a striking see-through effect, transforming her pieces into decorative objects and fashion accessories.

Longo draws inspiration from symbolism and expressionism, her pieces a constant exploration of the cosmos, nature, and music.

Discover more decorative textiles on ​Luisa Longo Online Shop.

Shop Stefano Morasso

​Introducing Stefano Morasso. Born in 1962 on Murano Island, master glassmaker Stefano Morasso’s innate talent and extensive experience in glassmaking from an early age in his father’s lab paved the way for his professional success.

In the 1980s, he developed a new technique uniting the iron tube  from lampworking with the furnace techniques, resulting in singular pieces that merge tradition with modernity. 

Discover more Murano glass pieces on ​Stefano Morasso Online Shop.

Shop Lab Design

Lab Design New In. Based in the coastal city of Naples, passion and constant innovation characterize Lab Design’s production, created in collaboration with local artisans and custom-made using a wide selection of materials, such as ceramics, terracotta, natural stone, and continuous surfaces.

Mediterranea is the latest collection of hand-decorated ceramic tableware inspired by the colors of the Mediterranean that permeate the city’s cultural fabric.

Discover more ceramic tabletop accessories on ​Lab Design Online Shop.

Shop Casarialto

Casarialto New In. The Casarialto home accessories line, founded in 2008 is based on a concept of creating products that express high quality and sources small industries to produce in the craftsmanship-rich area of Veneto, with Italian inspiration and manufacturing.

An education from the French Fashion Institute in Paris, and working with leading luxury brands equipped Catherine Urban with a precious know-how linked to the culture of luxury and taste for details.

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Shop Carlo Moretti

Carlo Moretti New In. Established in 1958 in Murano, Venice by brothers Carlo and Giovanni Moretti, this brand combines the century-old craft of mouth-blown Murano glass with contemporary Italian design.  

Clean lines, modern decorations, and clear surfaces are the distinctive traits of Carlo Moretti’s creations, which embody the union of the two souls of this versatile material: solid and liquid.

Discover more mouth-blown Murano glass pieces on Carlo Moretti Online Shop.

Shop IVV - Industria Vetraria Valdarnese

IVV - Industria Vetraria Valdarnese New In. IVV - Industria Vetraria Valdarnese was founded in 1952 in San Giovanni Valdarno, located in the heart of Tuscany, by a group of master glassmakers. The constant research on materials, design, traditional artisan techniques, and process control gives life to objects  capable of reinterpreting and renewing spaces and tables.

Today the brand represents a well-established European company in the production of blown and handmade glass.

Discover more elegant glass tabletop pieces on ​IVV - Industria Vetraria Valdarnese Online Shop.

Shop Lisa Corti

Lisa Corti New In. Lisa Corti’s established her eponymous Home Textile Emporium in the mid-‘80s in her home in Milan. In 2005, she moved the atelier to a 17th-century former-convent to use both as a store and a creative workshop: a symbolic convergence of Western World and Indian and African influences.

All pieces are woven using cotton spun on a wooden loom, then hand-dyed using the ancient manual block print technique.

Discover more colorful hand-dyed fabrics on ​Lisa Corti Online Shop.

Shop Ceramiche Edelweiss

Ceramiche Edelweiss New In. Francesco Morlin founded Ceramiche Artistiche Edelweiss in 1970 and, since then, the Morlin family has kept artisan ceramic tradition alive by crafting unique and modern pieces inspired by nature.

The workshop is located in the town of Nove (Vicenza), known as the “City of Ceramics” for its internationally established tradition of high-quality ceramic production.

Discover more nature inspired ceramics on Ceramiche ​Edelweiss Online Shop.

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