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Every week discover new artisans and handmade pieces: this week discover chic marble bottles by Editions Milano, new in stainless steel kitchenware by KnIndustrie, lovely jars and centerpieces by Gumdesign, unique champagne gold cutlery by Casa Bugatti, unconventional glasses by Stella Orlandino, eclectic vases by Natalia Criado, new in crystal whiskey glasses by ​RCR Cristalleria Italiana, Le folk decorative plates by Botteghe Su Gologone, and outstanding stonework by Salerno based Alfaterna Marmi.

Shop KnIndustrie

Introducing KnIndustrie. An innovative and eco-sustainable brand by Francesco Zani and Pintiinox, historical manufacturers of stainless steel kitchen components. A rich collection of top-quality, high-performing cooking tools that become elegant serving pieces, and traditional decorative objects that can be used on gas or in the oven.

Explore more elegant tabletops on ​KnIndu​stri​e Online Shop.

Shop Editions Milano

​Editions Milano New In. The talented designers at Editions Milano view traditional Italian craftsmanship through the lenses of the chic, urban, Northern Italian aesthetic embodied by the city where they live and work: Milan. They create colorful, bold, and timeless pieces of home decor that reinterpret the iconic Made in Italy in a contemporary way, celebrating innovative volumes and traditional techniques.

Discover timeless pieces on ​Editions Milan​o Online Shop.

Shop Gumdesign

Gumdesign New In. ​Laura Fiaschi and Gabriele Pardi are the founders of Gum, a design studio with a broad disciplinary focus ranging from industrial and graphic design to art direction for companies and events. Gumdesign’s work stems from functional forms and concepts. Collaborations include the Biennale of Venice and Up Group. Gum is also the recipient of numerous awards, among which the Best Communicator Award 2014.

Explore contemporary pieces on ​Gumdesig​n On​line Sh​op.

Shop Natalia Criado

​Introducing Natalia Criado. Drawing inspiration from art, fashion, and her own life experiences, Natalia Criado creates her pieces in her Bogotá-based studio using assorted metalworking techniques. She produces delicate and unique pieces of jewelry and accessories characterized by a multicultural, eclectic, yet sophisticated style.

Discover more pieces by ​Natalia Cria​do Online Shop.

Shop StoneLab Design

StoneLab Design New In. ​Designers Dario Martinelli, Stefano Pasotti, and Pietrluigi Molteni of StoneLab Design create timeless and exquisite everyday objects crafted in the finest marbles. The veins in the stones make each piece a one-of-a-kind treasure that is light, elegant, and a precious addition to any home for generations. 

Explore the innovative and customizable works on ​StoneLa​b Design Online Shop.

Shop Stella Orlandino

Introducing Stella Orlandini. Having worked in the field of product and industrial design since 2011, her innovative works are characterized by rigorous and essential forms inspired by the world of food, conviviality, and play. Currently living and working in Sicily, her latest collection includes unique handmade pieces that combine tradition and innovation.

Explore unconventional tableware on Stella Orlandi​ni Online Shop..

Shop Casa Bugatti

Casa Bugatti New In. Distinguished by the unique style in which high technology blends with Italian taste for shapes and details; links with the territory and craft tradition live together with contemporary values. Bugatti produces small and large treasures for the home that interpret changing desires and enrich life’s habits and environments.

Explore unique cutlery on ​Casa B​ugatti Online Shop.

Shop RCR Cristalleria Italiana

RCR Cristalleria Italiana New In. Inspired by the millenary crystal-crafting tradition, RCR designs are luxurious and eco-friendly, boasting classic and contemporary styles. From designing and creating the molds to finishing each piece, every step of production is executed in-house by a team of experts, employing 100% renewable energy to create eco-friendly crystals that are prized by more than 100 countries worldwide.

Discover stunning crystal crafting traditions on ​RCR Cristalleria Itali​ana Online Shop.

Shop Alfaterna Marmi

Introducing ​Alfaterna Marmi. Relying strongly on the integrity and quality of its craftsmanship while exploring and experimenting with new forms, Alfaterna specializes in thematic and curatorial projects, involving designers, artists, and experts and relying exclusively on local artisans and small businesses to carry out their masterpieces.

Explore a range of stonework on ​Alfaterna Mar​mi Online Shop.

Shop Le Botteghe su Gologone

Introducing Le Botteghe Su Gologone. Art collector and painter Giovanna Palimodde founded Le Botteghe Su Gologone, a unique workshop in the land of art and culture of inner Sardinia. Giovanna creates stunning works of art, notably handcrafted cushions, embroidered or painted bed runners, and fine ceramic tableware and glassware.

Explore the exclusive collections that celebrate the tradition and culture of Sardinia on ​Le Botteghe Su Gologon​e Online Shop.

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