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Every week discover new artisans and handmade pieces: this week explore refined porcelain pieces by Stella Fatucchi, colorful tableware sets by Ilaria I, minimal tabletop designs by Stilleben, glass home accessories by Mun, new in animalier decorative plates by Grand Tour by Vito Nesta, new creative ceramics by Coralla Maiuri, the latest sustainable serveware by KnIndustrie, and new painted ceramic plates by Arcucci Handmade and more.

Shop Stilleben

​Introducing Stilleben. From the German word meaning “still life”, Stilleben is inspired by the world of common objects by masters like Giorgio Moranti to create a simple yet refined collection of everyday tabletop accessories fit for every kitchen and table.

​From ceramic bowls for soup and pasta and cake stands with wooden details, these handmade pieces carry the Made in Italy traditions to the modern table.

Discover more minimal designs on ​Stilleben Online Shop.

Shop Stella Fatucchi

​Introducing Stella Fatucchi. The artisanal workshop in Arezzo was founded by Stella to restore her decades-old family tradition of ceramic and porcelain craftsmanship, creating stunning tabletop with gold, platinum and colorful finishes inspired by antique designs.

​With intricate patterns and linear decorations, her pieces carry a timeless look and are the perfect addition to a classic table setup.

Discover more refined porcelain pieces on ​Stella Fatucchi Online Shop.

Shop Prince of Sun Amalfi

​Prince of Sun Amalfi New In. From the stunning Amalfi coast in Southern Italy, Prince of Sun creates exclusively handcrafted ceramics for the table inspired by the splendour of the islands of Ischia and Capri, conveying the seaside life and warm atmosphere into its pieces.

​A light breakfast set, a coffee carafe and hand painted ceramic bowls are part of their latest collection, decorated with colorful lines and geometric features.

Discover more Southern Italy designs on ​Prince of Sun Amalfi Online Shop.

Shop Carlo Moretti

​Carlo Moretti New In. Brothers Carlo and Giovanni Moretti have been preserving the ancient Venetian technique of mouth-blowing Murano glass since the establishment of their workshop in 1958, creating limited edition crystal pieces for fine art collectors.

​Hand decorated crystal pitchers in different colorways, elegant candle holders with a punch of color and refined cake stands are all part of their latest collection of home accessories.

Discover more mouth-blown Murano glass pieces on ​Carlo Moretti Online Shop.

Shop Giberto Arrivabene

​Giberto Arrivabene New In. A true Venetian raised in Palazzo Papadopoli, surrounded by the beauty and the traditions of the city, Giberto Arrivabene took the unique aesthetics of his upbringing and translated them into his glass making business.

​Starting with a watercolor sketch for each one of his pieces, Giberto creates stunning glassware and decor accessories according to ancient techniques.

Discover more Venetian tabletop and sculptures on ​Giberto Arrivabene Online Shop.

Shop Grand Tour by Vito Nesta

​Grand Tour by Vito Nesta New In. VIsionary Designer Vito Nesta creates functional accessories with classical decorations translated into contemporary aesthetic, playing with different medium such as textile, ceramics and porcelain sculptures.

​His latest collection, Animalia, consists in a series of coordinated tabletop accessories inspired by the natural world, with floral patterns and wild creatures in stunning colors.

Discover more animalier decorative plates on ​Grand Tour by Vito Nesta Online Shop.

Shop Ilaria I

​Introducing Ilaria I. Ilaria Innocenti has been creating stunning ceramic tabletop pieces since 2010 inspired by her personal vision of “Only beautiful things”, that consists in freehand decorations transferred onto porcelain with a quirky but elegant style.

From playful catch phrases to traditional floral decorations in soft colors and unique lines, her tabletop collection is an act of love towards Italian craftsmanship and simplicity.

Discover more colorful sets of plates on ​Ilaria I Online Shop.

Shop Gala Rotelli Decor

​Introducing Gala Rotelli Decor. After launching in 2015 her jewelry brand in Milan, Gala Rotelli developed a passion for elegant and simple decor pieces, releasing a collection of delicate tabletop accessories using hand-blown glass as the main feature.

​Inspired by her jewelry background, her hand-blown bottles carry a playful look with different clovers in flashy colors.

Discover more fun yet minimalistic accessories on ​Gala Rotelli Decor Online Shop.

Shop Mun

​Mun New In. With an incredible selection of handmade tabletop accessories in Venetian glass, Mun creates contemporary interpretations of artisanal pieces with varied textures and elegant pastel hues with the utmost attention to quality in every single piece.

​Different combinations of candleholders, torsé water glasses and home fragrance sets are all part of their latest timeless collection.

Discover more glass tabletop accessories on ​Mun Online Shop.

Shop Taitù

​Taitù New In. The Milanese flagship stores offers a wide range of functional decor and home accessories inspired by the mission of bringing joy and passion to the table, breaking traditional schemes with colorful and striking tabletop pieces.

​Their latest Emotion collection features mugs, espresso sets and plates with bold floral decorations in collaboration with Silvia Cabassa.

Discover more unconventional tabletop on ​Taitù Online Shop.

Shop Coralla Maiuri

​Coralla Maiuri New In. Experimental and hand-decorated ceramics inspired by nature and dynamic universes: Coralla Maiuri’s work is often unexpected and always striking, recognized around the world for its one-of-a-kind visual elements.

​Her latest collection of unique centerpieces uses silicone, crystals and porcelain to recreate cracked designs that become the focal point of a dinner table.

Discover more creative ceramics on Coralla Maiuri Online Shop.

Shop Arcucci Handmade

​Arcucci Handmade New In. Founded in 1981 by Giuseppe Arcucci because of his passion for handmade designs and kitchen accessories, Arcucci Handmade is now internationally renowned for the artisanal quality of its glass and porcelain collections.

​With a selection of charger plates and ceramic trays, Arcucci ventures into stunning hand painted designs with classical decor in its latest collection.

Discover more hand painted ceramic plates on ​Arcucci Handmade Online Shop.

Shop Mario Cioni

Mario Cioni New In. From refined tumbler glasses to eye-catching design that showcase impeccable craftsmanship, Mario Cioni creates timeless tabletop and glassware pieces perfect for a home with refined and sophisticated aesthetics.​

​Its unique decorative patterns are a fine example of traditional artisanship that reflects in the new collection of crystal decanters and water glasses.

Discover more crystal tableware and decor on ​Mario Cioni Online Shop.

Shop Geminiano Cozzi Venezia 1765

Geminiano Cozzi Venezia 1765 New In. With a history of over 200 years, the antique Venetian workshop founded by the visionary Geminiano Cozzi was recently relaunched by entrepreneur Antonio Tognana that recognized its unique talent for craftsmanship.​

​The latest collection includes ceramic sets of dishes with hand painted floral motifs inspired by traditional and authentic Venetian decorations.

Discover more traditional Venetian ceramics on ​Geminiano Cozzi Venezia 1765 Online Shop.

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