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This week explore sculptural hand-painted vases and decorative objects by Prince of Sun Amalfi, artistic sculptures and vases by Lucia Cavalli, stunning Murano glass vases by Salviati and bold Lavagna stone and brass vases by Duecitti.

Shop Salviati

​Introducing Salviati. Founded in 1859, Salviati is one of the most prestigious glass manufacturers in Venice. The production is renowned for the bold, original designs and traditional craftmanship: each piece displays a unique level of outstanding quality and creativity.

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Shop Prince of Sun Amalfi

​Introducing Prince of Sun Amalfi. Exclusively handcrafted and painted by hand, these artistic ceramics are each a unique objet d’art and evoke the stunning natural treasure and unique architecture of the splendid Italian Amalfi Coast. 

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Shop Lucia Cavalli

​Introducing Lucia Cavalli. Born and based in Milan, ceramist, Lucia Cavalli creates one of a kind sculptures and decorative objects that are deeply influenced by Japanese art and its poetic minimalism, with beautiful 'imperfections' that make each piece truly unique.

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Shop Duecitti

Introducing Duecitti. Founded by architect Luca Cipollina and economist-turned-art collector Alice Perfumo, Duecitti conveys the expressive character of materials through the interaction of design, forms and craftsmanship. Explore their limited edition collection of bold vases crafted in Lavagna stone and brass.

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