Nicola Tessari presents Groove

Discover Groove, the new collection by Nicola Tessari, featuring a series of handmade sculptures and décor accessories that create a synergy between surface sculpture and the natural aspects of wood. Nicola Tessari introduces the concept of fluidity, textural work and musical rhythm and translates it into artisanal objects.

​Nicola Tessari became a craftman after a career in computer engineering in factories in Northern Italy, and turned his passion into his job by creating furniture and home décor pieces designed to stand the test of time. Using natural materials crafted with attention to detail and finished mainly using hand tool, each item boasts imperfections and unique signs that are the distinctive features of manual artisanal quality.

Fort ​Artemest Virtual Craft Week, Nicola Tessari presents his new collection GROOVE, a series of handcrafted bowls and vases that focus on repetitive patterns in the texture and grain of wood. By establishing a dialogue and a game of resonances between the sculpted movements and the grain of the material, the knots, the cracks, the mold and mushroom patterns of the wood become the main features of every piece.
​Pattern and rhythm are the "groove" of each piece, with influences borrowed from African American music, and refer to 
the ability of a song to make people dance, to move the listener, thus insinuating the idea of movement, of a fluid and rhythmic form of the work.

The Collection

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