Pastel Palette

With the arrival of spring, the season of soft hues and fresh sensations begins. Explore this curated selection of furniture and décor in natural color, light blue, pastel pink and soft yellow and discover the calming effect of pastel shades in your interior: from elegant and classic pieces by Porte Italia to the glamourous seating of Lorenza Bozzoli Design.

Natural Palette

The natural color is one of those primary colors that glow if paired properly with the right light and hue. A statement shade for any pastel palette worth its salt, this color is both soft and soothing and gives a classic and sophisticate touch to your interior. This selection includes, among others, a unique elegant armchair by ​Antonelli Atelier, a precious marble vase by ​Carrara Home Design and a leather stool with a clean, essential design by ​Giobagnara

Pastel Pink Palette

Warm and feminine, pastel pink can be sophisticated and very youthful at the same time, lighting up every environment with a discrete look. It can be an accent or a main character in your rooms because it pairs beautifully with a large variety of neutral. Explore our collection: from the delicate allure of ​Bitossi Ceramiche’s vase, to the chic combination with brass of ​Linee Studio’s and ​Lalabonbon’s pieces.

Light Blue Palette

Perfect to create a serene and calming space, light blue color is a timeless choice for interiors. Also known as powder-blue, this is a fresh, fun and relaxing shade that refers to Provencal houses and blooming atmospheres. Easy on the eyes and good for the spirit, light blue can be combined with warm and cold hues to create the perfect color match. Our selection features: a vase inspired by classic Italian art designed by ​VGnewtrend, sculptural and eclectic seating by ​Testatonda and classic pieces with blooming details by ​Porte Italia.  

Soft Yellow Palette

Soft yellow is the perfect hue to brighten up a space while maintaining a discrete look. Yellow may sound like a bold color choice at first, but it is actually super versatile. This color evokes sunny and fresh atmospheres, bringing a touch of joy in any interior and making you room bright even in the rainy days. Our curated selection is made of furniture and décor pieces designed by the best Italian artisans to refresh and brighten up your interior: from unique decorative plates by ​Coralla Maiuri, to the statement yellow chair by ​Tura and the delicate flower vase designed by ​Coki.

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