Plump Furniture Designs

Smooth edges, round corners and soft lines: the new trends in design are oversized and plump furniture and décor accessories inspired by 1970s shapes. Traditional pieces are being reimagined adding extra upholstery, soft paddings and textiles to achieve a welcoming and relaxing look. Discover our selection of plump furniture with arched angles, from classic sofas and armchairs to unique poufs and ottomans.

In a 1970s-inspired twist, round shapes and soft corners are making a comeback in furniture desing, filling our interior decorations with plump pieces. With comfort being the absolute prerogative of this trend, oversized and upholstered seatings such as sofas and armchairs are designed to give a welcoming and relaxing look to living areas. Using classic upholstery, extra paddings and the right textiles, each line is softened and ondulated for a playful yet versatile mood.

Explore our collection of plump furniture, from instant classics such as paired armchairs and poufs by Secolo with a soft and cloudy feel, to colorful options such as bright red oversized seatings by Amura.

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