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Discover our Sardinia based artisans and their handmade pieces infused with the traditional craftsmanship of this beautiful island. Ceramics, wood carvings, weaving, ironwork, leather goods and knife making, the island of Sardinia is rich in arts and crafts that reflect the wild beauty and unique charm of the Sardinian culture.

Traditional Sardinian craftsmanship is a varied discipline that has become popular as a form of cultural importance thanks to its loyalty to popular traditions and unique productions.

Sardinian objects and accessories have risen to meet the daily needs of its inhabitants, with domestic use and work in the countryside being the core inspirations for traditional activities. Baskets, weaving, metal and woodworking were initially activities that grew in popularity thanks to the production of sophisticated tools to use in daily life, and that progressively gained sophistication and flair and turned in true forms of arts.

In Sardinian craftsmanship, raw materials and precious textiles are all locally sourced from the region, infusing every piece with the atmosphere of the coasts and depth of the internal areas. Coral, gold, wood and metals are also employed for the production of jewelry, preserved and handed down from generation to generation.

From linear ceramics baked and glazed in natural colors and the renowned weaving tradition that creates stunning rugs made in vertical or horizontal looms, each objects embodies the tradition and history of this stunning island.

Mariantonia Urru

Mariantonia Urru opened her workshop decades ago in 1981, using the Sardinian textile traditions that have been passed down for generations to craft raw and authentic pieces with striking patterns. While rediscovering tradition, the brand constantly focuses on reinventing the ancient art of making fabric with an innovative and modern approach.

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Bam Design

Bam Design, Bottega Artigiana Metalli, carries its mission in his name: a goal of elevating traditional metalworking incorporating elements of modern designs in a family tradition that started in the mid-1800 and is continued today by Tonino Bruno and his sons. Working with wrought iron, copper, brass, cork, fabrics and glass, Bam Design creates metal sculptures and home accessories searching for beauty and quality.

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Founded in 1963 by Prince Karim Aga Khan in the iconic Emerald Coast of Sardinia, Cerasarda has made a name for itself for their exquisite work and collaboration with local craftsmen to create refined decorations with a distinctive aesthetic. The stunning pieces in their collection include ceramic vases inspired by nature and cactuses in different, vibrant and unexpected colors.

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AV Metal

Brothers Alessio and Antonello Vilia founded AV Metal to preserve the family tradition of metalworking crafts, combining ancient iron techniques with modern technologies and quirky metal lapwings of various heights inspired by nature. Their production is deeply rooted in Sardinian culture, honored with traditional patterns and details.

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Manca Italian Luxury Knives

Manca Italian Luxury Knives was founded by Massimo Manca and offers unique handmade knives embellished with precious stones, horn and prized materials. The traditional crafting process takes place in the Pattada studio, near the city of Sassari. At the heart of the company is the concept of complete customization, offering the utmost personalization to each client following personal preferences.

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Artigiantessile was founded as an interior decor atelier in 1964 by Anna Maria Spiga and passed along to her son Davide, with the intent of keeping alive the ancient waving technique of “pibiones”, the sole tradition in Italy of artisanal carpet making. Using sustainably-sourced cotton and weaved on a loom by hand, Artigiantessile creates stunning rugs with traditional motives and intricate patterns.

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Arianna Leoni

Arianna founded Ceramiche Leoni Arte in an effort to convey artistic creations and traditional pieces that are reminiscent of Sardinia, her land of origin, inspired by marine life and resulting in accessories resembling sea urchins, jellyfish and coral. Her ceramic pieces are all crafted and painted by hand, and her collection spans from artistic tabletop to lamps, vases and bowls.

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Eugenia Pinna

​Eugenia Pinna creates stunning rugs and carpets keeping alive the ancient Sardinian tradition of handknotting, executing every piece with the utmost attention to details and choosing only high-quality materials from the local area. Combining innovative crafting methods with her distinctive personality and a refined sense for colors, her carpets trascends from their usual decorative purpose to become a unique and statement piece with incredible character and purpose.

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Casa Del Mar

Casa Del Mar was founded as a small workshop in the heart of the Gallura region by master ceramist Sandro Serra in 2009, and his entire collection is an ode to Sardinian beauty and its sea: glass creations in deep blue colors are embellished with glazes, engobes, ashes, sands, rock dust, and glass to obtain unusual decorations that resemble the tones and hues of enchanting shores. 

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Le Botteghe Su Gologone

Le Botteghe su Gologone is a unique workshop founded in inner Sardinia by art collector and painter Giovanna Palimodde, the atelier works with skilled local artisans that carry the tradition of weaving and textile work to create authentic handmade accessories. Its latest collection includes new, colorful embroidered cushions, that double as works of art and celebrate the tradition and culture of Sardinia.

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NF Design

NF Design was founded by Nicola Filia, who was first introduced to the tradition of Sardinian ceramics during his university studies. He later devoted himself to designing pieces for B&B Italia while holding lessons on craftsmanship at the University of Florence. His objects, created with utmost care and using local raw materials, are displayed in numerous museums around the world and in the most sophisticated private collections.

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Marino Secco

Marino Secco was born in 1990 in Ozieri into a family of artisan upholsterers, from whom he inherited his passion for crafstmanship and artisanal tradition. He returned to his region after graduating to create a collection of furniture that includes cabinets, lighting fixtures and seatings conveying the splendid colors of the natural Sardinan landscape in the pure lines of his pieces.

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Giorgio Cubeddu

Giorgio Cubeddu transitioned from his industrial design background to interior design and art to follow his passion for traditional sculpure, merging the lines between functionality and beauty to create stunning objects for luxurious projects. Living behind his motto "Between shape and color", he embodies a minimalist design philosophy where forms, textures, and light interact to reveal new hues and volumes resulting in one-of-a-kind lighting fixtures.

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