Sicilian Atmospheres

Discover our Sicilian Atmospheres collection featuring colorful ceramics and splendidly intricate decorations for you to bring home a touch of sunny Sicily.

Escape the cosmopolitan chaos, and indulge in our Sicilian inspired decor that reveals bright colors, and stunning pieces; recreating the warm Mediterranean ambiance. The island of Sicily is home to beautiful ceramic traditions characterized byintricate detailing, spectacular colors, and finishes. Studio Le Nid, through its maiolica tiles, tells honest stories of Sicilian traditions and folklore.

The iconic ​Stefania Boemi vases are modern interpretations of by the Moor Heads: characters of the traditional Sicilian folklore. Entirely handpainted in bright colors, bold panels of gold foil add vital playful character to the vases. On the other hand, ​Alessandro Iudici's interpretation of the Moor Head pots is more realistic, just as they are found in Sicilian homes where blooming plants grow inside.

Displaying rich blues and greens, with sculptural fish adorning the top edge, the range of ​Alessi Ceramiche bottles, bowls and centerpieces retains the flavors and essence of Caltagirone, the region where the artist comes from.

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