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Tapis Rouge: Handcrafted Rugs

Sustainability and heritage are the values at the heart of Tapis Rouge production, and the careful preservation of traditional crafting techniques. Exceptional craftsmanship and eclectic inspiration converge to give life to distinctive artistic rugs.

Born 20 years ago, Tapis Rouge is today a worldwide known rug brand, with their headquarter in Milan. The brand was born with the aim of preserving the traditional art of rug making, an ancient heritage coming from Persia, where this tradition was inspired by spirituality. Today Tapis Rouge production’s heart is in Nepal, a region where this legacy is part of the local culture and where the artisans meticulously hand-knot sustainable fibers to give life to amazing artworks.

Each rug is an expression of their commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the local communities’ tradition. This historic culture of production is complemented by new contemporary designs in a synergy that makes each piece truly timeless. Discover the story of Tapis Rouge and enjoy their colorful collections of handcrafted precious rugs.

For twenty years Tapis Rouge has been working in the production of hand-crafted rugs, with the aim of preserving the incredible heritage of this art. Tell us your story from the very beginning.

Our journey as a luxury rug company originates about 20 years ago from the aim of preserving remarkable heritage of traditional rug-making of ancient Persia where spirituality, tradition, and exceptional craftsmanship converged together. 10 years ago we began to combine these ancient traditions with contemporary practices, inspired by latest, expressive languages, designing new meanings in the interior design experience. We experiment with different shapes and create pieces that adapt to every requirement, actively involving in everyday life rituals.Our rugs are meticulously hand-knotted in Nepal ensuring sustainable practices. Each rug is an expression of our commitment to preserving local communities' traditions while embracing the demands of innovation purposes of the future.

One of your core values is the respect for nature and taking care of the ecological and ethical impact of each collection designed. What is your sustainable approach to production?

At Tapis Rouge, the value of sustainability permeates every aspect of our work, reflecting our unwavering dedication to ecological and ethical practices. Our foremost priority is ensuring that our collections have a minimal environmental impact; to achieve this, all of our rugs are carefully hand-knotted, carved, and washed by our skilled team in Nepal, using only eco-friendly tools and techniques and sustainably sourced raw materials.

We exclusively employ materials derived from nature. From natural wool, silk, and bamboo-silk to Alpaca, we ensure that no synthetic or plastic materials find their way into our rugs. By adhering to this principle, we demonstrate our deep concern for our planet's well-being and preserving its precious resources.

Many recognitions contribute to convalidate our continuous efforts in using recyclable and biodegradable materials and adopting environmentally friendly production techniques. We try to contribute to a brighter and more responsible future by prioritizing our work's ecological and ethical processes. Our dedication to sustainability goes beyond creating outstanding rugs; it is an integral part of our ethos, resonating with conscious consumers who share our values. We invite you to explore our collection, knowing that every rug you choose embodies our commitment to preserving the beauty of our planet for generations to come.

Tapis Rouge mixes ancient craftsmanship techniques with creative designers’ ideas. In this way each rug results precious and unique. Tell us about the creative process behind the making of one of your signature pieces.

Our designers draw inspiration from various sources, be it nature's enchanting beauty, architectural masterpieces, or research into the rich tapestry, fabric archives, and cultural heritage. This initial stage is accompanied by a deep understanding of the desired narrative achieved with exploration and research. We sketch a lot, using different techniques, from pencils to watercolors; our approach it is usually hand made from the beginning, especially when giving a shape to the desired design concept.

Then later, we translate each rug design into a map that contains all the information we want to keep in the final product by translating the visual ideas into real coordinates to be read by our artisans. The careful selection of materials and colors plays a pivotal role, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity and choosing from an almost 2500 colors palette the combination that will make our rugs unique.

Skilled in the traditional techniques passed down through generations, our artisans begin the journey accuracy weaving hand-knotted, intricate patterns and textures; this time-honored technique imbues the rug with a tactile allure, a testament to the human touch and the intrinsic value of artisanal craftsmanship. Also, our design department can bring any vision to life by recreating a piece from our extensive collection in any size, shape, or color. We believe in the flexibility to customize and personalize. The boundaries of creativity are transcended, enabling to create a unique piece that embodies our customers' distinct aesthetic sensibilities and desires, culminating in a genuinely bespoke masterpiece.

Tratto collection includes statement pieces characterized by strong accent shades based on an intuitive perception of colors. What inspired the collection?

Tratto is one of our latest collections which consists of various irregular-shaped rugs crafted to fill any interior with vibrant color accents. The word "tratto" in Italian describes the act, single or repeated, of producing lines and brush strokes while drawing, sketching, or painting. Tratto collection also draws inspiration from the mesmerizing hues that surround us. For example, Viola, Azzurro, and Magenta pay homage to their color palette's sources.

The powerful color scheme and unusual shape overturn the rules of the stereotypical idea of interior design, emphasizing the project's dynamism and strengthening the connection between the furniture pieces. The interplay of colors recalls light and shade, magnetic patterns.

Today, rugs are essential components to complete the look of any environment. In your opinion, what is the added value that one of these pieces can give to interiors?

Every object tells a story; even more, the carpet always has been telling stories: of civilization, religion stories, or social life. Today, it narrates our aesthetic, which is also the result of our narrative and psychological paths and origins... it holds our ambitions, needs, and desires.

A carpet can fill a space with meaning even on its own; it can be the point of connection between different furnishing pieces of an interior or be the distinctive character that makes a project more dynamic. It transmits the personality of those who live on it. A hand-knotted carpet is a very long-lasting object adaptable for different spaces and ambiances. It can be passed down from generation to generation.

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