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2022 Trends

Get set for 2022 and discover the design trends that will define the new year: groovy Seventies vibes, conscious design, curves all around, Grandmillenial patterns and playful experimentations. Be inspired by a selection of standout pieces curated by our trend editors, featuring Elli, Memphis, MissoniHome, VGnewtrend, Altreforme and more.

​Groove Encore

Time travel to the groovy 70s with furnishing and décor recalling the hues and lines of these vintage designs. Emerald greens, psycadelic patterns and warm wood are the ideal ensemble to channel the good vibes of a golden funky era, bringing joy, freedom and a pinch of creativity.​


Rich in history, quality and color this trend pays homage to marvelous interiors typical of everyone's favorite eccentric grandmother. Floral patterns, striped textiles and hearty lampshades are joint with the Millennial's taste, making for a harmonious and joyful living, rich in color and bizarre pieces.​

​Child's Play

Free your inner child and gamble through a series of products designed to stimulate one's fun and creativity. The bright oranges, yellows and pinks will enable your primitive senses, transforming every room of your home into a playful space where to experiment with imagination and follow your wildest dreams.​

​Conscious Design

This new year calls for a better consciousness of production practices and care for sustainable materials. Begin your journey with  towards sustainability by increasing your awareness of ecological designs and a zero-waste commitment. Recycled wood and eco-cashmere make for an exquisite selection of eco-luxury pieces ideal for your livings.​

​Rounding Edges

Twisting the norms of linear design, these pieces of furnishing and décor set new rules on shaping matter. All edges are rounded, as fluid and sinuous forms take over golden mirrors, white marble tables and soft textiles armchairs. This new trend will surely endure the comfort inside your home and make it your favorite place to stay in.​