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Glass Artworks of Light by Multiforme

Splendid chandeliers, elegant ceiling lamps and pendants in shiny glass: discover the precious and timeless creations handcrafted by Multiforme, a lighting company based in the heart of Veneto region. These charming lights are true artworks and manifestations of manufacturing excellence and artisanal Italian heritage.

​Multiforme is an artisanal glass workshop in the heart of Veneto region, a chandelier factory where the precious Murano glass is worked to give life to true artworks of exquisite beauty. These unique and exclusive objects represent manufacturing excellence, from the sourcing of the highest quality materials to the design of each lighting fixture.

The handcrafted soul of Multiforme production is one of their strenghts and each piece is the result of a process aimed at excellence, with a strong attention to detail and a constant search for exclusivity. Meet the artisans and discover the story behind Multiforme's unique approach to glass working.

Tell us about Multiforme's story.

Multiforme was established in 2009, uniting the professional experience of its two founders who share a common ideal of beauty and creativity: Renata, with her background in artistic lighting and glass, and Alessandro, who comes from the world of planning and interior design. Since the very beginning, Multiforme has endeavored to provide support to designers in the pursuit of bringing to life their ideas for custom and bespoke projects. Today, thanks to the contribution of designers and creatives with this shared vision, Multiforme launches itself on the market with a catalog of ever-evolving products. The company has grown over the years, becoming an independent and well-rounded brand that relies on a team of more than twenty people to oversee all the aspects of design and production for customers all over the world.

Your manufacturing is entirely glass-based. What are the most fascinating features of this material?

Glass is our preferred medium because it is a living material, warm and dynamic, recyclable, and timeless. It can be crafted using several techniques, and consequently fulfills many project needs. Moreover, due to its "magical" and unpredictable nature, we still discover new ways to use it every day. It is a stimulating material that favors a degree of freedom and experimentation in terms of techniques, colors, shapes, dimensions and finishing through new technologies that often arise from international trends and cultural exchanges. The handcraftsmanship also highlights the human factor - the manual skills of the artisans - thus elevating the exclusivity of each handcrafted product. For all these reasons, glass lends itself to such a versatility that enables the creation of objects that are one-of-a-kind, highly valuable, durable, captivating, and above all are meant to be cherished over time.

How does a Multiforme chandelier come to life? What are the crafting techniques that make your creations unique?

Multiforme creations always start from a captivating idea that is then transformed into a project. Our know-how allows us to model and study new technological and aesthetic solutions and ultimately utilize a wide range of manufacturing processes on glass, metal and other materials, including the lighting features such as LED and more. Individual crafting techniques are instrumental to the realization of specific products: a lot of time is dedicated to developing new technologies and brand-new manufacturing techniques to be able to give the client exactly what they desire. Last, but not least, is the care we pour into every single phase of production to achieve a level of excellence for both the final product and our brand’s development. Our strength lies in our team and the meticulous process that allows us to approach complex projects whereby the human “artisanal” factor work side-by-side with “modern” technological and communication tools.

You are based in Trebaseleghe, a small town in the Veneto region. How has your territory of origin influenced your work?

Our production could not be possible anywhere else. We are between the provinces of Treviso, Padua and Venice, in the heart of the Veneto’s Light District, not too far from the Isle of Murano. Since the mid-1900s, this territory has cultivated a rich culture of production and industry, the factories, brands and people in the region contributing to Italy’s history of glass manufacturing. It is, therefore, a place filled with memories and great talents, that is at an intersection of experiences and artisanal skills relentlessly commitment to satisfy the requests of global clientele.

How important is tradition and the connection with the past?

One of our mantras is “Tradition in Transition”. The ties with our past are very strong and based on reverence; while we live in the present, we envision enthusiasm, style, and creativity for our future. Our goal is to write our story inspired by quality, innovation, and beauty so we can continue our artisanal enterprise that has existed in our region for centuries.