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Galleria Romanelli

Laocoonte Mask

Laocoonte Mask - Main view
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This superb decorative piece rests on a metal pedestal and reproduces in bronze a detail of the marble sculptural group entitled Laocoon and His Sons, displayed at the Vatican Museums in Rome. This piece is shaped as a mask and portraits the face of the main character, a Trojan high priest, as two sea serpents, sent by Poseidon, emerge from the waters to kill him and his two sons as a punishment for having warned his people of the trick of the Trojan horse. Exquisite details and a superb rendition of the expressions of sufferance on this face create a magnificent effect.

Product Details

MaterialBronze, MetalDimensions (cm)W 27 x D 21 x H 60Product referenceROMAFI-032Tearsheet

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