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Lakane Fossil Oak Sphere Centerpiece  - Main view


Lakane Fossil Oak Sphere Centerpiece

GBP 3,350
Ships in 1-2 weeks

Centerpiece made with a section of a fossil oak log split in two parts with an estimate date between 4000 
and 8000 years old and joined with crystal resin. The thick edges of the disc show the original shape of the 
trunk and on the surface are visible all the growth rings and all the colors that the passage of time has given 
to the wood. 
The resin casting that separates the two wooden parts gives a sensation of lightness and elegance.
The sphere-shaped recess creates a lens effect with particular light reflections. The cone-shaped base makes 
the plate rest obliquely. 

Handcrafted for you in Italy in 1-2 weeks
Shipping to United Kingdom: £10

Product Details

MaterialWoodDimensions (in)W 17.72 x D 17.72 x H 3.15Product referenceTTUOPE-021Tearsheet

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