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Chromed Design

In interior design, chrome has captured attention since its invention in the 1920s, particularly in the 1980s when "bright and bold" were the keywords that best described the trendiest style. Nowadays, however, it is still used to furnish and decorate interior spaces, even when the style is more subtle. The reflective finish, in fact, sits beautifully against natural materials and adds an interesting texture to warm spaces. Explore our selection of products with a chromed finish to find the ideal reflective piece to add an eye-catching touch to your interiors.

Whether you desire an addition to complement the bold look of a space or a disruptive piece to add a unique visual element to more clean-lined interiors, a product with a chrome finish can be the right fit. In this collection, you will find a selection of lighting, furniture, and décor pieces made of metal that combine craftsmanship, contemporary design, and feature a chrome finish to create a one-of-a-kind visual experience.
This particular metallic finish can be great when paired with bright and bold colors, as it can amplify them, catching the light on its mirrored surface. Furthermore, apart from its aesthetic appeal, chrome plating can make a metal extremely hard-wearing and durable. Browse the collection and discover some interesting pieces such as chairs and tables by Barberini & Gunnell, lighting fixtures by VeniceM, Nahoor, and Villari Home Couture, or other décor pieces handmade by our artisans.