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Plump Designs

Smooth edges, round corners, and soft lines: the new trends in design are chubby and plump furniture and décor pieces inspired by the shapes popular in the 1970s. Traditional furniture elements are being reimagined adding extra upholstery, paddings, and soft textiles to achieve a welcoming and relaxing look. Discover this embracing style, which will be a trend in interior design this year, with our selection of plump furniture with soft and sinuous lines, from sofas and armchairs to poufs and ottomans made in Italy by the finest Italian artisans.

In a 1970s-inspired twist, round shapes and soft corners are making a comeback in furniture design for this year. With comfort being the absolute prerogative of this trend, oversized and upholstered seating such as sofas and armchairs are the main characters, designed to give a welcoming and relaxing look to living spaces. Using classic upholstery, extra padding, and the right textiles, each line is softened to achieve a playful and welcoming mood.
This interior design trend emerges to make interior spaces more comforting, creating a cuddling living experience. The typical welcoming furniture pieces such as sofas, armchairs, and poufs abandon the minimalist style and get upholstered with an extra soft and plump layer of cushioning, thus adding comfort and an embracing feel to the room they are in. Explore our collection of plump furniture, from classic options such as the Tarantino Lounge Chair by Ghidini 1961, poufs by Baleri Italia with a soft and cloudy feel or colorful footrest by Slide.