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The Cinematic Series: Inspired by Luca Guadagnino

Step inside an Italian fantasy inspired by the set design of Luca Guadagnino's movies. The Italian director keeps time from passing with his nostalgia-infused interior design, redefining the concept of beauty and focusing on attention to detail.

Luca Guadagnino rises in the Italian territory within the city of Palermo. His vision grants a keen eye for authenticity and a return to the original way of movie-making. An advocate of arts, Luca reserves a true admiration for craftsmanship, choosing to collaborate with small realities and preferring high-quality creations from independent realities to decorate his sets.

The director's admiration for cinematic art sparked from an expressive necessity, transcending obligations to the material world.

Rewarded for its unique point of view, Guadagnino is also known for its careful research for powerful storytelling and attention to image, depicting with detail his beloved 60s aesthetic.

Thanks to interior design I had the opportunity to deal with three-dimensional environments, ensuring that the decorations become an essential element in the creation, and not just something that is "sewn "on it-Luca Guadagnino

Guadagnino explores a different concept of beauty, different from the one of general knowledge. He believes that beauty relies in the eye of who's watching, and often is not found in the most flashy things, but instead in the day-to-day and ordinary things. ​Navarini Rame incorporates Italian passion for food in a beautiful piece called ​Copper Chafing DDish with Zoomorphic Feet, ideal for keeping food warm during family dinners. This chafing dish in fine, bright copper is painstakingly crafted and hammered by hand. The areas in contact with food are coated in pure, certified tin without chemical treatments or heavy metal. The pierced, steam pot, tray, and cloche are all supported by paw-shaped feet.​

Fashion plays an important role in the director's set design, as he refers to it as a vehicle for actors to speak through gestures and clothes without pronouncing not even a word. Textiles in particular define an aesthetic thanks to patterns, colors, and textures. Caterina Quaranta is an artisans who follows a masterful hand-weaving process, blending 80% cotton and 20% linen to create a unique texture for the fabric. The ​Bouclé Patterned Ecrù&Off White Runner features a classic pattern

Framing time in a set design, the director treasures a vivid fascination for the old, instilling pieces of vintage furniture in every corner of the filmed spaces. Nostalgia plays also a key role in his motion pictures, as he chooses to convey a decade through set design and even fashion. The ​Nabucco is a majestic bookcase by ​Bianchini flaunting a prized and bold aesthetic. Feathered ash, walnut briar, and rosewood are used to craft its refined inlays completed by the carved decoration of acanthus leaves and cones that are covered in silver leaf to enrich the spinning top-like feet as well as the bookcase's profiles.