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Color Block: Two-Tone Furniture

Get energized by bold color pairings in this curated collection of furniture, lighting and home décor, where striking patterns play with primary colors to achieve an electrifying look. Brighten up your interiors by adding a touch of brightness and color blocking to your spaces.

Get inspired by color blocking in its purest form in this curated collection of pieces whose dichotomous nature creates dynamic and bold interiors. This juxtaposition has the capability of capturing light and leading the narrative in any space. Dare to add new tones to your livings with the limited-edition Bardi’s Bowl Chair by ​Arp​er or the Diamante Cabinet N°4 by ​Atelier Biagetti, merging architecture and design in a bright cobalt lacquer with a carved diamond shape.

A mix of sharp angles and soft curves with daring colors stun in ​Altreforme’s Gertrude & Alice Bench by Elena Cutolo. Fully customizable in various glass colors and metal finishes, the Alice Red Sideboard by ​​Monica​ Madotto creates a visually intriguing and sophisticated focal point in a modern home.