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Culture of Sustainability by Manifestodesign

Meet the Tonucci family, founders of Manifestodesign in the heart of Marche. The brand is committed to the conscious use of natural materials, designing excellent handcrafted pieces and favoring the harmony between man and environment.

Founded in 2006, ​Manifestodesign is a family company, born with the aim of contributing to the development of sustainable production in the design field. The Tonucci family pursue the ideal of mutual respect and harmony between man and naturesince 1970, when Enrico Tonucci began his design activity in collaboration with major Italian and foreign companies, developing a broad vision on the furniture design and crafting.

Entirely made in Italy by the wise hands of master craftsmen, each piece is an emblem of Manifestodesign ethical culture. From excellent reworkings of famous anonymous projects of design history, to new examples of modern design, Tonucci’s furniture explores the deep connection between individual and space, standing the test of time and trends. Meet the family and discover more about Manifestodesign collection and limited editions.

Manifestodesign is first and foremost a family business, committed to creating superior products with a unique design. How has this passion for beauty passed down from generation to generation to the point of becoming a way of life?

The passion for beauty and design is a way of life that has been passed down from generation to generation through a natural course of action, by osmosis.

How did the idea of reinterpreting famous anonymous projects from the history of design in your collections come about?

The well-established familiarity with the great Masters of design likely played an important role in this choice, as well as the study of these and other great anonymous artists that my father conducted when he attended the Magistero d’Arte in Florence.

Respecting nature and the healthy interaction between man and object is undoubtedly a fundamental part of your design culture. How do these ideals influence the creation of Manifestodesign pieces?

The respect and love for the environment, humankind, and labor – which should be the basis for everyone and fortunately today are perceived more than before – influence Manifestodesign’s production in all its choices: from the selection of natural materials, the "zero kilometer" philosophy (i.e. processing using locally sourced materials), and its production that remains niche.

"Speciali" is a collection of limited edition pieces characterized by a unique and exclusive style. Which piece among them most represents the value of uniqueness the collection intends to convey?

Probably Sedialunga, a piece we found in an attic that was brought back from the war in Africa by one of our great-great-grandfathers and we redesigned ad hoc: too beautiful and comfortable to be forgotten. Sure enough we called it "numero uno” (number one).

The production of Manifestodesign furniture is carried out in artisan workshops located between the Marche and Romagna regions. What does Made in Italy mean to you and what added value do you attribute to craftsmanship?

For us, Made in Italy – along with our creativity – is all we have and we must protect it in order to continue preserving and recreating that which is beautiful and good in our country. The added value of artisanal production is in the great emotion it stirs and its closeness to the imperfect perfection of man.

One of the key factors that sets you apart from most furniture manufacturers is your background. The Manifestodesign brand was established in 2006 as an extension of the Tonuccidesign design studio. How does your previous experience influence the production of furniture pieces?

Our past and present collaborations with Tonuccidesign likely represent an enrichment for our company from a design point of view and likewise for the studio that carries out projects and consulting for other companies.

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