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Patrizia Garganti: the Timeless Art of Light

Deeply rooted in the craftsmanship Florentine tradition, Patrizia Garganti founded her small artisan business with the aim of creating elegant, handcrafted lighting pieces. Meet Patrizia, discover her refined designs and the artisanal approach behind the creation of her one-of-a-kind pieces.

Patrizia Garganti is the creative mind behind the eponymous brand of lighting pieces founded in 1976 in Florence, the cradle of Italian art and craftsmanship. Her main inspiration has always been the research of authentic materials, hand worked and transformed into unique and refined pieces. Craftsmanship and continuous research on new techniques and manual processes are the true strengths of the brand, conceived as a small artisan business and become a representative of made in Italy lighting.

Patrizia was born and raised in Florence and draws inspiration from the artistic heritage of her city to conceive each collection, in a combination of artisanal wisdom and taste. Discover the story of Patrizia Garganti and how the brand has evolved from 1976 to today.

Your journey began in 1976 when the passion of two Florentine artisans inspired the founding of an interior lighting workshop. Tell us how your story began and how Patrizia Garganti has grown to define itself as the brand it is today.

Having the good fortune of being born in Florence, the birthplace of Italy’s foremost handcraft tradition, has undoubtedly influenced my artistic journey. Indeed, my main source of inspiration has always been searching for materials sourced from my region that I could transform into unique and distinctive pieces.My "mission" is to create singular handcrafted chandeliers, testaments to tradition and creativity, while enhancing the "Made in Italy" trademark and the talent of local artisans. The company has grown quickly, first in Italy and then internationally; part of our success is certainly due to the products’ distinctive character, which is something I have always endeavored to preserve.

Over the years, my style has definitely evolved. In fact, I started adding contemporary collections alongside historical ones with a more classic style. A crucial contribution to this aesthetic evolution has been the long-lasting collaboration with interior designer Roberto Lazzeroni, who has been with our company since 2010 and has signed some of the brand's most iconic collections.

The company has always had four key elements at its core, all of which are invaluable and indispensable: craftsmanship, attention to detail, constant research into new techniques and manual production, and customization. These values, more than mere guidelines, represent the brand's stylistic and philosophical signature, conferring it an authentic soul.

Experimentation and design are just some of the values that define your identity. Each of your pieces is shaped and decorated exclusively by hand without any industrial processing, which makes all your lighting fixtures entirely one-of-a-kind. Tell us how a new PG piece comes to life.

As I mentioned earlier, our real strong point is our continuous search for new handcrafting techniques alongside the desire to constantly reinvent and enrich ourselves, as well as to experiment with new artistic expressions. It could be described as a mix of modernity and craftsmanship. We mainly work with architects and designers, and, oftentimes, new ideas and valuable insights are born precisely when we explore solutions to their specific requests.

We strongly believe that every project has its own identity, so our tailor-made customizations are surely our strong suit. We invest a lot of time and energy in it because it’s what makes each chandelier an unrepeatable and special work of art. Lastly, our utmost attention to detail is, in my opinion, the fil rouge that unites creative vision with the perfection of handcraftsmanship.

Florence is your home as well as the cradle of your precious manufacturing. What does “Made in Italy” mean to you and how is it reflected in your pieces?

"Made in Italy" is important to us. It represents a commitment to high-quality standards and a refined, distinctively Italian design. We are proud to pay homage to our tradition and contribute to the international prestige of “Made in Italy”. We have preserved the crafting tradition yet with a modern perspective: we have integrated artisan techniques with innovative technologies, improving efficiency without compromising quality. This allows us to meet the needs of our customers, combining classical art with the contemporary world, and to have a recognizable product worldwide.

This is precisely why we invest heavily in training our workers to ensure top-tier craftsmanship skills. Thanks to this unyielding commitment, the company has achieved a level of craftsmanship akin to that of haute couture brands, positioning itself as a paragon in the world of artistic lighting. Among the handcrafting techniques of excellence, leathercrafting and weaving stand out – they are a testament to the impressive Florentine artisanal heritage. Handmade leather weaving is an art with ancient roots, handed down from master to apprentice: it confers chandeliers with an intricate and sophisticated texture and it is a tribute to the craftsmanship that distinguishes our city.

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